The Author Cixin Liu Did It Again, An Astounding Sequel To The First Book — The Dark Forest Is Definitely Carrying A Truly Dark, Warning Message For Humanity

About 95% done with listening to The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu, and I could see the possibility of an endless, empty dark space.  The Dark Forest is the second book in the trilogy series of Three Body.  The beginning of this second book could be said a very slow start.  It takes a big, boring slow start.  Nonetheless, after a strange start, it turns into a brilliant sequel.  The sequel keeps getting better as it approaches the near ending of the second book.

In this second book, space elevator, underground futuristic cities, space fleet, and various other science fiction kinds of stuff got introduced.  Nonetheless, these cool sci-fi elements are only there to be the fillers, but the mother concept of it all is the sociology of cosmic civilizations.  It is Lou Ji, the weirdest wall facer who is tapping the least amount of earth resources so far in both books — the first and the second book of Three Body trilogy — who thinks that sociology of cosmic civilizations is important even though the whole universe looks rather empty.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you and so I won’t reveal much of the second book of Three Body trilogy, but just imagine the weirdness of seeing one of the main characters decides to study civilizations of space when space shows no sign of civilization besides the Trisolarans’ one.  Furthermore, keep this strange bit in mind as you’re approaching the near 100% completion of listening to this book on Audible!  For me, I almost agree with the understanding why Lou Ji is thinking in such a manner in the regards to creating a branch of education for the sociology of cosmic civilizations.  It’s like studying a future when a future has not yet even sure to have existed.

In any case, I think I should stare into space at night time whenever I smoke my cigarette and appreciate why we are alone!  After all, it’s quite peaceful to be thriving alone then having to “you know what” when you get the gist of the problems the humans are facing in Three Body trilogy.  I think I’ve said enough just to almost not giving up the whole farm in regards to not wanting to spoil the fun for you.  So, if you haven’t read or listened to the second book, I highly recommend you read or listen to the second book of Three Body trilogy.  You can listen to this book on Audible.

Forgiving Is Not The Same As Forgetting (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

On the day a son died in war,
then a father weeped evermore,
his body was lost to the war,
then a mother grieved evermore.

As he left on that day to war,
his daughter was still in a womb,
on the day he was forever lost to the war,
a cute baby cried for milk, no longer in a womb.

Years later, a grandmother remembered her son,
as his body was recovered by mere accidence,
a grandfather rekindled good memories of his son,
and the granddaughter was stirred by the incidence.

The war that killed her father was historic to her,
a father who she could only picture in a war history,
grandparents’ undying love memories reminded her,
a father she never had was more than just mere history.

The war once waged began to be forgotten,
yet a newer one was brewing, nearing a boiling point,
as she was remembering a father who was forgotten,
history was about to repeat a boiling point.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
although she forgave how her father was dying,
she could not forget a father who never was in her history.

As newer conflicts were brewing,
a granddaughter was all grownup and about to be married,
a baby was kicking inside her every morning,
here she prayed for never seeing her man to be buried.

Her praying went unheeded by the gods,
conflicts turned into war, repeating a history she knew,
she had yet to be married to her man under the gods,
here a war came, threatening to burry a man she always knew.

Her unborn son might have to forgive his father’s war,
but she swore in having her son picturing his father well,
as she kissed her man goodbye, sending him into war,
she would pray to the gods to treat her man well.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
here she prayed for her man’s returning,
while her son cried for a father who repeated a history.

Bookworm: “The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System” By James Rickards

The main stream and alternative media alike had been buzzing about the $400 billion natural gas deal between Russia and China.  These media described that this huge natural gas deal between these two huge countries could eventually undermine the dollar reserve currency status.  Whether this will be true or not for some time to come, nobody will know!  Nonetheless, one could tell that China and Russia are diversifying their dollar reserves into something else such as this $400 billion natural gas deal.  These two huge countries are hedging against the dollar, thus either these two huge countries will trade with each other in other currencies other than dollar or spending their dollar reserves to materialize their dollar reserves into something more tangible such as the $400 billion natural gas deal.

With all the talks of the dollar is losing reserving status either gradually or slowly reaching a tipping point where an avalanche of events will drive the demise of the dollar reserve status at a breakneck speed, I’m getting more interested in being more informed about this whole shebang.  It was no surprised when I got a whiff of the new book “The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System” written by James Rickards, I was eager to purchase this very book on Amazon Kindle Store.  Yes, I purchased this book in dollar!  Anyhow, I’m going to read this book now, but by the time I finish this book I might be able to write a blog post or two about my reading of this book.  It will not be a review of sort, but it will be more of what I think I’ve learned by reading this book.


Giving My Machine A Beating (Poem By Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Before us we would walk,
  • for miles on end in the rain,
  • cold and wet we wouldn’t care,
  • as long we could walk,
  • we would walk for miles on end,
  • till we couldn’t walk no more,
  • till a sleepless inn begged us,
  • till a home greeted us,
  • being tired but we smiled,
  • the old way died hard,
  • still it died out anyway,
  • nowadays we would drive,
  • drive we would to anywhere,
  • rain or cold could not stop us,
  • we would drive for miles on end,
  • stopping by restless inn for pleasure,
  • then we would drive many miles more,
  • till we felt the satisfaction,
  • till we got no destination,
  • till a home greeted us,
  • driving upgraded our way,
  • we became less patient,
  • since driving got us around faster,
  • what took us days to walk,
  • now we could drive in hours,
  • why the wait we would say,
  • till we felt the jam,
  • traffic stuck encouraged road rages,
  • the animal inside us surfaced,
  • another road rage we would say,
  • nonetheless we got upgraded,
  • so too them horses,
  • no longer they slaved for nothing,
  • now they would be pampered,
  • pampering for men’s games,
  • then came the plane,
  • flew up high like a God’s chariot,
  • without feathers yet it flew,
  • with metals which could kill,
  • yet it flew and flew high,
  • yet it flew and flew fast,
  • it flew faster than most birds,
  • and it flew us around,
  • many times faster than we’d drive,
  • we’d say we’d fly,
  • and so we did it,
  • we thought that would be the limit,
  • god’s chariot indeed,
  • until the Internet arrived onto the scene,
  • shaming the fastest speed we’d boasted,
  • what took the plane a day,
  • Internet took less than a second,
  • to transmit data around the globe,
  • such a speed is near thought,
  • and only thought could match the light,
  • as they said light would be the fastest,
  • yet the sun took eight minutes to shine earth,
  • thus all speeds did have a limit,
  • however fast a speed took,
  • however short a speed’s strip,
  • it was all relevant,
  • and it is all relative,
  • till one day I sighed,
  • as I watched minutes passing by,
  • waiting on for fifteen gigabytes,
  • to transmit between the wires,
  • from one room to another,
  • though the data traversed the local area,
  • though the data avoided the world wide web,
  • yet minutes would fly by,
  • while I could just walk across the room,
  • and give my machine a beating.

Take That Road

Just finishing watching “The Road (2009)” film on Netflix, and I had this urge in writing a poetry for it.  Enjoy the result right after the break!

  • Glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • we may know not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • to wherever may be.
  • The campfire glows,
  • sizzling embers,
  • beautiful good evening sky,
  • lukewarm waves attack the shore,
  • sticky sands,
  • lovely bare feet,
  • yonder over the many waves.
  • Here we be,
  • whoever we want to be,
  • god or his nemesis,
  • angel or demon,
  • human with love,
  • human without love,
  • we’re bold.
  • Still we know not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • don’t look back.
  • Today we smile,
  • we may cry tomorrow,
  • today we hold dearer,
  • as the campfire goes,
  • sizzling embers,
  • beautiful good evening sky,
  • we know it’s a beautiful today.
  • Still we know not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • one beautiful day at a time.

Poetry Is In The Heart Of Life

Just a short poetry that I came up with, but its meaning is very poetic.  Enjoy!!!

  • Music is poetry to my ears,
  • Poetry is music to my eyes,
  • They empty my cup of tea in no time,
  • Life is neat when I have poetry in my life.