Predictions of A Near Future: A More Connected World, Less Racist, And More Prosperous

As countries around the world are trying harder to modernize and become more prosperous, the modernity will no longer be something the developed countries can keep secret.  As developing countries get wealthier, the more money these countries got to expand operations of all sorts.  Thus, the demands for a more connected world will become even more urgent.  I think any country which decides to shut-out the world as we’re moving into the future would become a perfect case study of how not understanding the real trend which could lead to a disaster on a national scale.

So, I mentioned that the urgency for a more connected world is very real, but why is it the case?

For an example, China is growing ever stronger and bigger, and historically no other country could achieve China’s scale of rapid growth in term of economic prowess in a short duration in history.  Furthermore, China can no longer depend only on a few big countries to supply Chinese economic thirst, and so China is planning to expand economic operations across the world through Belt Road initiative, going abroad strategy, building up Africa while extracting African minerals, and so forth.  Only through opening China’s economic doors wider, the Chinese could make their economy more resilient.

To achieve of opening up economic doors for more connectivity from outside-in and inside-out, the Chinese government is probably going to encourage the world to be even more connected.  In this way, the flow of money can fuel and keep the Chinese economy growing.  As the world is ever more connected and as long the Chinese production prowess is humming along strongly, China can export goods without slowing down too much.  As the Chinese people are getting wealthier, they are going to splurge their wealth abroad and at home, further fueling the flow of money within the connected world.

I think China understands that by helping developing poor neighbors and farther away countries, China can grow friends, respect, and business opportunities.  Wealthy friends can always have real money to splurge on your goods.  This will keep China’s export market strong.  Besides exporting goods, China is modernizing other branches such as technology, science, military, culture and so forth to keep China strong and China’s economy healthy.

Somewhat long, but China is one of a very good case to explain why the world is still going to be very connected, and this will probably be the case for a foreseeable future.  Not only China, but other developing countries are racing ahead to develop one’s own country, and so our future is all about being more connected to create more opportunities and more of sharing experiences for learning and advancing and innovating.

In such a world, supremacy is going to be a very hard thing to achieve.  It will be a much more competitive world.  Thus I predict that our future will be either very competitive or very lazy — because automation will out-compete humans, but this is another story within the whole mix all together.

I think we will continue to see big, powerful countries such as China, United States, Russia, and so forth dictate terms to the world in our competitive, hard to achieve supremacy future.  Nonetheless, these powerful countries won’t be able to supremely dictate terms in an ultimatum manner easily as we’re moving forward into the future.  More countries are going to be more prosperous, and so their demands and ambitions will grow too.  These countries won’t easily be swayed by supreme might, and these countries can try to play nice with China and Russia to fend off the United States’ aggressiveness or vice versa.

In a more connected world, I think it’s supremely stupid for any single entity to try to declare something as we’re supreme!  I predict China won’t announce to the world that they’re the baddest and strongest, but instead we will see a China which will use actions to demonstrate power while silently signaling that they’re the baddest and strongest.  So, in a way, I think China will try to achieve supreme without becoming a Hitler.  Thus, China will try to win more friends instead of invading them.

If you have heard something about the Chinese history, then you probably have heard of a tributary system that sometimes worked rather well for the ancient Chinese dynasties.  This tributary system might make a comeback.  Because, if the modern China becomes the baddest of us all, China might just as well modernize some of the features within a tributary system to achieve the Chinese futuristic ambitions.  I think the Chinese love to look back into what worked well within the Chinese, and non-Chinese histories to guide their ways toward the unknown future.  Thus, I don’t think China will repeat Hitler’s mistakes.

Through Belt Road Initiative, China will build more friends and grow a modern tributary system in the long run.  I don’t think the soon to be baddest China will declare supremacy but will try to encourage a more connected world to respect a stronger China.  A more connected world means any entity which tries to declare supremacy and go solo will face a very strong headwind.  Also, any entity which tries to look inward and ignore the connected world all together will face backwardness and isolation.

In a very connected world, the rest will rise, and any single entity which tries to use racism as a fuel for strength will face the utter destruction.  By this I mean a connected world will have a near zero tolerance for racism.  So, I think as the world gets ever more connected, whatever movement that promotes racism will become the next Hitler and will face a certain doom.  In a more connected world, racism will become the ideal of the cavemen.

I could be wrong about everything because in Hitler time the world had gotten to be quite connected and yet Hitler was able to use supreme ideology to recruit believers and enlarge his army.  If I’m not wrong Hitler believed in a pure race (i.e., his race), and he encouraged his army to eradicate Jewish people/faith.  In Hitler time, people got cars, radios, television, cruises, airplanes, telephones, and other modernities.  Thus, Hitler’s time was also a very connected world.  Still, as I mentioned previously, Hitler was able to promote racism and genocidal practices.

Basically, the future is very unpredictable, but I like to believe in facts.  The facts tell me that the second Hitler won’t have an easier time than the first to go to promote and achieve supremacy.  The facts tell me that racism would be an unwise thing to be promoted in the future.  Whoever practices racism will find only doom in the future!  Facts tell me that not everyone will be the winner of a future, but many will become ever more prosperous, that is if we know how to not let automation/AI ruins us all and use automation/AI as only the tool and not as our master.


A World of Tomorrow Will Not Embrace A Racist!

When people try to turn everything into a racist thing, it becomes so obvious and distasteful.  What worse is that such behavior can only divide up people into them versus us mentality and such behavior would not solve any problem.  As the world is getting evermore connected as we speak, there is no going back to the caveman era whence you could just draw a border around your cave without being fear of being discovered.  Nonetheless, when you are so obviously being a racist, it’s worse since you’re instigating one ugly hatred (a caveman idea indeed).  Basically, the world of tomorrow will not embrace you if you’re a racist.  Why not?  Imagine this (but it’s a reality so don’t try to imagine too hard) — not all, but some foods (e.g., fish, pork, chicken, beef) you eat may also be prepared by another country with people who do not speak English and with different skin colors.  It calls product chain I think.  The chains of products that get around the today markets are quite complex and skin color tolerant.

I’m ranting on about skin deep because I’m watching a YouTube video which shows that a woman demands for only a white doctor in a Canadian clinic.  If she doesn’t like any other doctors with any other colors unless the doctor’s skin color is white, then she should have made it less obvious even though she is a racist.  Nonetheless, she makes it so obvious that as if her demand is a statement in which it’s a promotion of racism which could divide people up in an evermore connected world.  It’s a dangerous thing to do!

Remember Rwanda?  Even people with same skin color could kill each other enmasse, and yet today we’re seeing people who are trying to divide people up according to skin deep beauty.  Furthermore, history has shown that civilizations rise and fall, and none shall stand forever.  Thus, each civilization may harbor a people of a majority that comes with a specific skin color.  Never make racism so obvious, because you never know if your group would decline into the abyss and the opposite would be otherwise for the people with a skin color that you hate.  I don’t have to say more, because you would know it won’t be easy for any group to have to kowtow to another group ever!  Put yourself into the shoes of other people so you can be a better person and a more constructive self for the world.  The world is large, and history is very generous to different parts of the world according to the tides of time, and without a decent mind and a tolerant doctrine, no such group of people can ever grow into a more prosperous and wise civilization.

Anyhow, for goodness sake, this is the 21st century, it’s time for people to be evermore united and stopped all the hatreds.  Even with different beliefs in religious matters, people should be more tolerable.  Racism, of course, should be recognized as a caveman practice, because it’s full of hatreds and a tool to divide the world up into groups.  Some people even act as if the world is so mysterious that wars happen all over.  Well, duh, because there are people with mentality of us versus them and skin deep racism.

Back to the topic at hand, imagine if your child is about to die for whatever ailment and you want to be choosy about which doctor you need according to your skin deep bias; you must be insane — your child will die without any proper medical procedure.  I’m sure even an average doctor with a skin color that you don’t like knows more about medical procedures than you will ever do in your whole life.  While you’re playing with the devil, your child could be whisk away by the reaper himself.  So, I think it’s not OK for you to be a racist when it comes to the people who could save your children’s lives and probably your own life.  To be wise, I think you should avoid inject racism into the services that you urgently need such as a doctor that you need, a cook that you need, and so forth.  Otherwise, besides you’re being a racist, you could very well be a stupidest person in the world.

Take my advice and you should be fine in the world of tomorrow.  Don’t be so hateful and the world of tomorrow may embrace you in a big way.  Go 21st century!

I Want To Be Neenja – Me Think No Racism Here, But Just Stupidly Funny

I’m Asian, and I don’t find “I want to be Neenja” a racist thing.  To me, it’s a stupidly funny video.  I cringe a lot whenever I see Jennifer Murphy’s fake Chinese (or whatever) English accent, because it’s so cringeworthy and funny.  What is with fake Chinese accent wanting to be a Ninja?  Chinese are not Japanese you know!  Some of them are hating each other, because of WWII history you know!  Anyhow, I can’t find the original “I want to be a Neenja” music video of Jennifer Murphy, because it was deleted.  Luckily, I found a reaction video to Jennifer Murphy’s “I want to be Neenja” music video, and you can watch Jennifer Murphy performs how she wants to be a ninja in the video right after the break.

Vitiligo Is The Situation (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • There is this condition,
  • Vitiligo is the situation,
  • turning thee into white,
  • it’s depigmentation might!
  • Instead of millennia long,
  • for evolution to grow strong,
  • Vitiligo has done a miracle,
  • thy lifespan is just credible.
  • As Ferguson erupted,
  • a nation is divided,
  • black and white fight,
  • you’re wrong and I’m right!
  • Oh, the misery in Missouri,
  • nobody has yet said sorry,
  • the confusion grows the more,
  • even I feel confusing evermore.
  • If you’re white in a fight,
  • they say white power’s rights,
  • if you’re black in anger,
  • they say you’re pretender.
  • As the confusion gets grander,
  • the truth is lost among the strangers,
  • instead of getting lost in a tale,
  • we need to hammer down the nail.
  • (nail stands for truth — getting to the truth)
  • Don’t be bothered by skin color,
  • don’t divide neighbors by color,
  • for Vitiligo is the miracle,
  • black and white in one is credible!

Superiority Is Forever Lonely (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • I know you want to reach for the sky
  • and tell yourself that you can fly,
  • feeling superiority and all,
  • flying above and will not fall,
  • among the clouds I come along,
  • in your eyes I’m not so strong,
  • how can there be this me,
  • without your superiority to be,
  • scratching your head in the clouds,
  • my presence isn’t making you so proud,
  • with a superiority will you have,
  • promising to yourself that you’ve to adapt,
  • an ethos of the superiority,
  • here up high you shall cleanse me,
  • helplessly, I fall down to the ground,
  • my end is destined as I’m falling down,
  • one less me is cleansed from the clouds,
  • perhaps in this moment you feel more proud,
  • and on you go cleansing others,
  • just so your superiority is the charter,
  • perhaps one day you have no equal,
  • by then what will you do with your ethos,
  • as you feel so proud with your superiority,
  • yet without an ethos you feel so empty,
  • among the clouds without me and others,
  • color blindness has become the order,
  • here up high among the clouds,
  • you’ve no longer feel superior and proud,
  • gone the days when the clouds were colorful,
  • now here up high everything is too sorrowful,
  • it’s now too late for you to regret,
  • as nothing you can do to repaint the rest,
  • just because of your superiority,
  • color blindness order is forever into the infinity,
  • an order that goes so bland,
  • and now you don’t feel so grand,
  • your superiority has wiped out the evolution,
  • ending the many billion years old revolution,
  • with a new revolution, here and into the infinity,
  • you shall forever be lonely.

Could It Be That Racism Had Occurred Since The Dawn Of Human Existence?

Could it be that racism had occurred since the dawn of human existence?  According to Business Insider’s “DNA Of Ancient Human Spawns New Theory Of Why Europeans Became White” article by Dina Spector, ancient humans from specific parts of the world began to lose dark skin pigments for they had switched to a diet which contained more grains, thus they (researchers) assumed losing dark skin pigments helped ancient humans to synthesize vitamin D from the sun more readily.  I don’t think this is right!

Personally, I myself know nothing about this field of science, and I don’t have any awesome knowledge in related areas.  Nonetheless, I have opinion in regarding to this study.  For me, I like to borrow Darwinism’s bits and pieces, thus I like to think that in the ancient time the natural selection had created few skin anomalies (e.g., white skin, yellow skin, red skin, brown skin) in ancient human population.  These ancient skin anomalies had allowed the ancient humans to become racist and stick to similar skin groups.

As time progressed, ancient people with same skin color began to populate more and more, thus they had weened out the ancient people who shared the minority skin colors in a specific ancient human group.  Moreover, different skin color groups (e.g., white skin, black skin, yellow skin, red skin, brown skin) traveled farther apart from each other, and so they developed earliest unique customs, living conditions, traditions, and so on.  I surmise much later on they began to meet up again, and thus we had the so called “the clashes of ancient civilizations” of people who did not share same skin colors.  Obviously, these cases were true only when such occurrences had occurred for the very first time for each unique “clash of ancient civilizations” which could depict the clashed of different skin color groups (i.e., clans).

In conclusion, I don’t think we can know for sure what had happened which allowed the ancient humans to develop different skin colors.  Obviously as time progresses and the advancing of technologies, we might come up with an even better answer than what we have had in regarding to this specific quest.  My assumption on the development of skin colors of ancient people might be off the mark by a gazillion miles, but this is my own opinion and explanation to why ancient people began to develop different skin colors.  I can’t agree with the article which I had mentioned in the very first paragraph.  If I understand this article correctly, it assumes that ancient humans could morph to white skin and shed their dark skin pigments at will.

Source: (link)