DiRT Rally Gameplay Episode 1 (4K – PC)

I do play racing games, but I’m not hardcore for this game genre.  Nonetheless, I’m giving DiRT Rally some of my gaming time, and I have to say the game is pretty fun.  To tell you the truth, the game is so easy to play, but it’s so freaking hard to win.  What I’m talking about?  Well, if you have a gamepad, all the standard buttons for a racing game are there.  Pressing them buttons on your gamepad and your race car would fly around the track.  The problem is that getting top scores for lap time is hard, because other gamers are very competitive in squeezing out better scores than you.  In this video, you see me try the hardest to squeeze out a good score for a lap time, but to tell you the truth I could only make into the 5th position.

I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  I have the game’s graphics settings at Ultra.  I have MSAA at 8X. Still though, inside a car, I could see some jagged shadows.  Weird!  With everything is at Ultra graphics settings in 4K resolution (Vsync enabled), I get around 40fps.

PC spec:
i7, Titan X, 32GB RAM, 4K monitor

Superiority Is Forever Lonely (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • I know you want to reach for the sky
  • and tell yourself that you can fly,
  • feeling superiority and all,
  • flying above and will not fall,
  • among the clouds I come along,
  • in your eyes I’m not so strong,
  • how can there be this me,
  • without your superiority to be,
  • scratching your head in the clouds,
  • my presence isn’t making you so proud,
  • with a superiority will you have,
  • promising to yourself that you’ve to adapt,
  • an ethos of the superiority,
  • here up high you shall cleanse me,
  • helplessly, I fall down to the ground,
  • my end is destined as I’m falling down,
  • one less me is cleansed from the clouds,
  • perhaps in this moment you feel more proud,
  • and on you go cleansing others,
  • just so your superiority is the charter,
  • perhaps one day you have no equal,
  • by then what will you do with your ethos,
  • as you feel so proud with your superiority,
  • yet without an ethos you feel so empty,
  • among the clouds without me and others,
  • color blindness has become the order,
  • here up high among the clouds,
  • you’ve no longer feel superior and proud,
  • gone the days when the clouds were colorful,
  • now here up high everything is too sorrowful,
  • it’s now too late for you to regret,
  • as nothing you can do to repaint the rest,
  • just because of your superiority,
  • color blindness order is forever into the infinity,
  • an order that goes so bland,
  • and now you don’t feel so grand,
  • your superiority has wiped out the evolution,
  • ending the many billion years old revolution,
  • with a new revolution, here and into the infinity,
  • you shall forever be lonely.

Grid 2 Noob Gameplay (September 3, 2013)

My very first time playing Grid 2, and in the video right after the break I briefly play the game and talk about how I like the game or not.  Enjoy!!!