The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Episode 46 (Dueling) – 4K Resolution

Just another episode of my gameplay for ESO in 4K resolution.  Although I’m not in PvP gears, I was able to beat somebody who tried to duel me.  I’m not into 1v1 PvP kind of thing in ESO, but sometimes I do duel in 1v1 PvP.  I do a lot many vs many PvP battles in legendary PvE gears though.  I need to farm for PvP gears soon.  Then make them all legendary too!

Evolve Gameplay (Lazarus Skirmish – PvP Episode 2)

In this episode, I’m playing as Lazarus (a medic role) with a unique way of keeping the team alive while hunting down monsters.  In this episode, I’m playing in skirmish battles for PvP matches.  Enjoy!!!