App Inventor Will Multiply Gazillion Android Apps, The Things That Are Mashable

Google has released App Inventor to the public.  What’s on earth is App Inventor?  App Inventor allows you and your cat to create applications for Android without touching a single code.  Oh, please disregard about the cat that can program an app, I just want to be cute like a cat!  Anyway, all you have to do is to be creative and have a mental image of how you want to approach in formulating an application for Android.  For an example, you want to allow a sound to play when someone taps on an image as to tell your little application to display the next image, you can do just that without touching any code using App Inventor.  App Inventor developers boast that they have had created image versions of the codes for just about anything, and so you can mash the mashable objects together to form a complete Android application.

Yes, coding will always be a better form of poetry, but App Inventor is one quick way to form up an Android App without being too geeky!  Imagine using App Inventor as a way to create a new whole puzzle from standard bits and pieces of the older puzzles.  It’s way more flexible than a puzzle literally, because bits and pieces from real puzzles cannot be mashable unless those are from the same puzzles.

In a way, I don’t think App Inventor will allow users to create better Android applications.  To create the more sophisticated applications, one has to get down and dirty by coding days and nights away.  Writing poetry is not cake!

Even if all has failed, I still adore App Inventor for one reason only, and the reason is that it allows people without the knowledge of coding to form limitless number of  Android applications that are uniquely compatible to the creators.  Just a head up, don’t even try to avoid similar Android applications that will be produced by App Inventor factory.  It will be a hopeless mission for you!

Give App Inventor a try here!  To clarify, I have not used App Inventor yet, and so my words on this new thing are for show!  Have a merry active mind in creating Android applications!  Source.