Google Cloud Print

Google has a service where it can allow you to print anywhere using Google Cloud Print.  From my rough understanding of this cool service, you have to have a Google account to be able to use it.  Google promises to work with developers of wide array of mobile platforms and computing platforms so there will be more apps that utilize Google Cloud Print.  This means Google is hoping that Google Cloud Print will be a sub feature in various major apps and platforms, so the next time you use whatever apps that have the potential for you to print anything, as if by second nature you will be able to use Google Cloud Print to print anything you browse on the web or in the apps at anywhere right on your various devices.  The trick is you have to allow your printer to be connected to Google Cloud Print service.  I’m not clear how to do this yet since my Mac refuses to connect to my printer, because my printer is an odd model that is no longer supported by its own vendor and Mac even though it’s relatively new.  Perhaps, Chrome browser isn’t yet supporting Mac to use Google Cloud Print service, and that’s explain why Chrome crashes when I try to set up Cloud Print Service on Mac through Chrome browser.

For your information, you can access Cloud Print Service on Chrome browser through go to Chrome >> Preferences >> Under The Hood >> scroll way down to the bottom where it says Google Cloud Print.  Anyhow, Chrome latest browser which is 11.0.6 plus has now allowed you to connect to Google Cloud Print service, and I don’t think that was the case with older versions of Google Chrome browser.  Before, you can use various apps or Google extensions to print, and printing your email in Gmail through Google Cloud Print service, but now Chrome browser is also allowing you to do this directly.  I think you should try this feature out and let me now how it’s go eh?  Check out various YouTube videos I’ve found on Google Cloud Print service right after the break!