Google Updates Stable Version Of Chrome Browser To 13

If you’re using Google Chrome browser, then you need to update/upgrade it to latest stable version which is Chrome 13.  According to PCWorld, Google patched 30 bugs in Chrome browser.  New features of Chrome 13 are Instant Pages and Print Preview for Windows and Linux users (Mac users will have this soon).

To my understanding, somewhat flimsy though, that Instant Pages for Chrome browser will dispatch an algorithm which tries to guess what results would be in fact the results that you most likely to click on, and when you actually click on the results that Instant Pages had it right, then the webpages you are trying to load will load way faster!  In a way, it’s as if Google is trying to read your mind and load the webpages that you want to load sooner or later beforehand.  Well, at least that how it looks like as Google tried to explain in the video below.  For how it actually works, I doubt I know, but I can see that Google might want to learn an individual’s search behaviors such as how each of us would click on what type of things on a search result page.  Nonetheless, like I said, I’m not entirely sure what sort of magic Google has concocted for Instant Pages to work or how Google will improve it to the point of mind reading its users.

Enabling Instant Pages by going to Chrome >> Preferences/Options >> Basics >> Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.  I think we have been experiencing part of Instant features such as instant results from Google Search for quite sometimes already, but Instant Pages is a newer feature which allows us to load websites way faster, but I’m not 100% sure this is the case!  Anyhow, I guess when enabling Instant feature in Chrome browser, you and I will get faster results from search and loading websites.

Print Preview is something Chrome browser has been missing, because people like us have gotten used to previewing print pages on Microsoft Office and Open Office and so on that we kind of feel somewhat uncomfortable when Google Chrome isn’t allowing us to do something simple as previewing the pages that we want to print!  The wait is now officially over for Windows and Linux users who use Chrome browser, because Print Preview will work for them now when using Chrome.  Unfortunately for Mac users, they have to use beta version of Chrome to enjoy the feature, because this very feature is still in testing phrase for Mac users.