Will There Be A Day That We Can Say POVERTY IS NO MORE?

Picture of siblings living in extreme poverty ...

Picture of siblings living in extreme poverty in El Salvador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although the “Poor Us:  an animated history – Why Poverty?” video which I embedded in this post doesn’t have an answer which can address poverty of the world, it certainly does heighten the awareness of an interesting topic which seems to never be out of sight and out of mind of earthly citizens since the dawn of time.  The video cherry picked few well known historic events and myths to narrate the story of historic poverties.  It also touched on few near contemporary historic poverty events.  It does not actually providing enough insight into why we humans could not get rid of poverty, but it’s understandable since we humans could not find out how to get rid of poverty once and for all yet.  Nonetheless, it does raise a point in that it recognizes many people since the historic pasts have been knowingly acknowledged the idealism of — if everyone is rich, nobody would want to do the dirty works.  Is it an ideal to hold dear to heart by us?  I certainly hope not, because this ideal is so readily promoting that fews should rule and the rest should toil away as slaves.  I think, instead of holding this ideal dearly to heart, one must strive on to find a real solution to poverty even if there isn’t one, and only by doing this the world would be a much nicer home for us all.

As technology advances faster than I could dream, here come the ideal of having machines to do the humans’ dirty works.  Will this address poverty as the human timeline moves ahead?  Then there is a very real problem at hand, and this problem is not going to be easy to swallow.  Which?  I’m talking about the explosion of populations around the world.

China is implementing one child policy still, but the government there is having a second thought about this policy as its society is now facing the problem of having more men than women, in term of population wise in correlation with the stability of a society.  Everywhere else is living a higher standard than the historic pasts for healthcare had improved greatly, therefore peoples’ lifespan is now much much better.  In short, the world that we know today has a population that is much much larger than any population of the pasts.  The kick is that as we move ahead into the future, the world is striving to have even bigger population.  It is easy to understand why this is so!  It is so, because today living standard is not going to suddenly slip back into the medieval living standard (i.e., living standard of medieval period).  Of course, I did disregard about the possibility of having the world going insane, did I?  Such insanity would be another world war (i.e., nuclear war) and the likes.  Such insanity might destabilize the current growth rate of the world population, but it certainly will never be a solution to extreme poverty.  In fact, if such insanity and the likes to occur on our future timeline, only stricken griefs and poverty can be seen even more at large, around the world.  So don’t even bet on such insanity, OK?

My point is that, although living standard of today is higher, but poverty is still too real to ignore.  Perhaps, higher living standard might make life a lot harder for people who are living in extreme poverty?  You know, the saying goes that if you’re a millionaire, you might as well spend like a millionaire… I think higher living standard might put some strains on the people who are living in stricken poverty.

Another point I want to make is that as technology improves to the point that everything can be automated, machines might make humans become jobless bunches.  When there is a will there is a strength to deploy machines to do human works.  After all, efficiencies must be met and cost saving strategies must be carried out in order for any business to make bigger profits, right?  As the rate of growth of world population explodes, I think the advancing of technological automatons might become the double edge sword — it cuts to kill and it also slices to feed.

Please enjoy the “Poor Us:  an animated history – Why Poverty?” video right after the break.

Do We Have To Fear Or Even Worry About What Might Be An Overpopulated Earth?

World human population (est.) 10,000 BC–2000 AD.

Image via Wikipedia

Human population is now over 7 billion and counting.  I think human population tends to grow quicker when overall number is huge, and over 7 billion is rather huge indeed.  So, the bigger the number for the human population, we can assume there will always be a large group of people that rather produces offsprings than not, and there will always be a small group of people that prefers produce offsprings late or not at all.  With such a knowledge, we can furthermore assume there will always be more people who might want to produce more offsprings in general, and so the future population might continue to explode unless something odd would happen.

I’ve a feeling that something odd might be overpopulation, and so jobs would be harder to come by for most people.  To a certain point, the most necessary jobs that keep the basic needs flowing for the human population might be so scarce, scarce to a point that people might not be able to find jobs in the basic need sector.  Service sector might still be able to employ more people, but by then I think even service sector finds to be overcrowded and competitive.  Unfortunately, technology might make the situation worse by becoming smarter and replacing human beings in certain jobs.  I dare to speculate as far as technology might be able to replace human beings in most jobs.

My curiosity begs the question of when there are more mouths to feed than more jobs to apply for, what might happen then?  We can hope that technology is going to be so smart and advance that it will totally replace all human jobs and produce everything in abundance so the humans never have to lift a finger ever again.  Of course, such technology requires infinite amount of energy to compensate for almost limitless amount of resources and goods.  Such scenario might happen, but we can never be too sure that it will happen.  Let not forget greed might enter and the fairness of the distribution of the basic needs and other materials might not occur, and so some people in some parts of the world will continue to go on starving.  If technology isn’t going to be at the level where everything could be produced limitlessly, we human beings might fight over resources and wars would dwindle down the size of the human population.  Such a scenario would be unthinkable as unheard sorrow, grief, sadness, and so on would ensue.  We definitely won’t want to see such a scenario plays out, right?  So what can we do to prepare for such a future?

I think, we have two options.  Of course there might be more options other than the two that I will propose, but my tiny brain could not come up with more at this particular moment.  The first option which involves in finding a safe but limitless source of energy or energies and becoming innovative to a point that would allow technology to automate most things and replace all human beings at their jobs.  OK, you might think this is crazy, because if such a scenario ever happens, how the humans feed themselves without being able to find a job, right?  Not to be worried much, because I think if technology is able to produce almost limitless amount of products, goods, resources, and energy, we humans might never have to experience a day without food, shelter, and technology ever again.  Nonetheless, this scenario requires the best of minds to outdo themselves in ways that they never would have dreamed of.  Of course, this very scenario might not happen since it’s almost as if something is out of this world.  The second option is for the whole human race, regardless of their skin colors, to explore the new frontier which is space.  Space is vast, and I mean vast.  Vast to a point that we cannot know if space has edges or not.  We know planet earth has edges or boundaries (i.e., relatively speaking of earth’s round globelike container or sphere), and so we can escape its edges or boundaries.  How about space?  We don’t know, but we welcome its vastness.  Space so vast that it has plenty of galaxies and phenomenons that humans can explore.  With such a notion in mind, I think the space or the universe itself may be able to help the humans from avoiding the overpopulation matter.  Space encourages the ambitious humans to explore.  When humans have more things to explore, we might not have time to kill each other.  We humans might only want to outdo, outshine, out-mine, and out-whatever one another in space, right?

In summary, I know pondering on overpopulation might be rather dreamy, but mathematically speaking it’s possible to overpopulate earth.  With that being said, sometimes overpopulation isn’t all about how many more human beings earth can house, but it might be more about how many more mouths earth can feed.  It’s a serious thought, because the overall complexity of having ever growing population is evermore complex.  Yep, this train isn’t going to slow down folks!  Individual complexities might become insurmountable if the human population cannot slow down.  To name a few individual complexities, these might be edible foods, clean water, diseases, viruses, jobs, energy, and global warming.  Of course, we humans have compassion and intelligence, therefore we must not kill each other for resources; instead, we must innovate our way out of the obstacles.  Even if certain obstacles are insurmountable, we humans still have to try to overcome such obstacles with the right attitudes.  Such attitudes have to be about using our compassion, intelligence, and other well known valuable human morals (i.e., doing the right things).  Unfortunately, I fear we humans cannot do away with greed and foolishness that we might kill each other over resources and what not.