I Just Released Twinkle In Your Eyes Music Single (Dance/Pop/Electronic)

I just released a new music single known as Twinkle In Your Eyes.  It’s now available for downloading on CDBaby.com.  As always, it’s $0.99 a download.  Nonetheless, you can listen to Twinkle In Your Eyes on my music blog, VinhCanDoMusic.com, for free for a limited time.  Twinkle In Your Eyes got exciting dance beats, and I think it’s great for clubbing and party.  If you like Twinkle In Your Eyes while listening it for free on VinhCanDoMusic.com, please help me spread awesome words about the single, OK? Thanks in advance…  Hopefully, it won’t take long for Twinkle In Your Eyes to become available for online music services such as Spotify, because by then you can listen to this track freely if you have a subscription account with these online music services.

Twinkle In Your Eyes Music Cover Art