Grandiose Human (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Here I stand,
on a simple road,
a stretch of no man’s land,
yet I want to be on this road.

The sky is glorious,
the sun bakes the steamy path,
everything, in my being is serious,
feeling as if I can take on a future wrath.

Self delusional of grandiosity,
here I stand to profess my own elements,
elements of humanity,
and nothing else is relevant.

Meanwhile, the sun retreats slowly,
darker days are coming,
a black hole is swallowing up entire universe slowly,
here I am, a grandiose human, humming.

To Fly Or Not To Fly, It’s One’s Own Decision (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Here I spread my wings, preparing to fly,
by my side, she felt dire,
I asked her “My dear, are you ready to fly?”
she said “Why, me why?”
I told her “It’s a different world up high,”
but she said she got a different world inside,
I asked her “Why don’t you fly?”
She said “You don’t know me inside,”
my wings were spreading wide,
her wings were nowhere in sight,
to up high I flew high,
staring down, seeing her looking up at the sky,
finally, her world and mine were different in height,
but I could feel she was so happy inside,
thus I knew I was forcing her inside,
one should only fly when wings spread wide,
otherwise one could be just all right!
Her world and mine were never meant to collide,
my wings spread wide up in the sky,
she ran hard on the ground just to see me flew up high,
I flew hard and mighty high,
she ran hard with a hearty smile,
it was me forcing her inside,
but she was fine all along, on the ground and inside.

Christmas Is Out, And The New Year Is In (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Christmas is wonderful,
unless you’re sorrowful,
then it ain’t for you.

If you have to celebrate it,
when you’re not ready to face it,
then you must be ready to have a fit.

Christmas is a time for gossips,
oh how lovely those lips,
spilling secrets over a heap.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, and lovers,
to gather for uncles, aunts, fathers and mothers,
as grandparents grab onto their canes in laughters.

Christmas tree lights up the living room,
tick tock, clock hits 12, liven up the living room,
how many presents have you got in the room?

A year has already flown by,
Christmas is here to tell you why,
thus you must be ready for the new year night.

Personal agenda can be put on ice,
on a Christmas night there will be no fight,
sure, vices come to light, but things will be alright.

No matter how lonely you are,
no matter how cold a personality you are,
Christmas might just change the way you are.

Christmas spirit lights a fire in you alright,
warming you up with those shiny Christmas lights,
while you’re in a daze of not knowing why.

There’s always an exception to the rules,
Christmas might not be able to please you,
but at least it’s here to let in a new year into you.

As Christmas goes away to let a new year in,
some folks from far away must go back to their closer kin,
sorrowful or not, Christmas is out, and the new year is in.

The Stars Had Grown Tired (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

A beautify night sky, up high above,
forever dotting with stars over the yonder,
as if the party in the night won forever love,
under the sky, the night stretched on a wonder.

Loud critters rudely chirped in the night,
inviting themselves to a party of a wonder,
forever lovers confessed, drank to the night,
and the stars above twinkled on forever.

High on love, truth belied,
lie belied, giving false hope,
no matter, lovers danced into the night,
letting lie belied, giving false hope.

When a night became cloudy,
lie belied, giving false hope,
thus stars were ditching the party,
nevertheless, lie belied so there was hope.

As clouds started to clear up high,
truth belied, lovers delighted, dancing under the stars,
staying forever young, dancing into the night,
lie belied, a night to be forever dotted with stars.

Forever young night refused to die,
lovers refused an uncertain tomorrow,
so they danced till the stars grew tired,
truth or lie, it wasn’t matter till tomorrow.

Here they breathed and drowned in love,
certainly, humankind would last on forever,
letting lie belied, they stayed truth to hope,
certainly, their love would last on forever.

It was a beautiful night till the sun was up high,
dancing stopped, stars went into hiding,
albeit the day was beautifully bright,
uncertainty grew out of its hiding.

Would their love outlast humankind,
if the night was forever young as lie belied?
Would their love outlast humankind,
even though the stars had grown tired?

Forgiving Is Not The Same As Forgetting (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

On the day a son died in war,
then a father weeped evermore,
his body was lost to the war,
then a mother grieved evermore.

As he left on that day to war,
his daughter was still in a womb,
on the day he was forever lost to the war,
a cute baby cried for milk, no longer in a womb.

Years later, a grandmother remembered her son,
as his body was recovered by mere accidence,
a grandfather rekindled good memories of his son,
and the granddaughter was stirred by the incidence.

The war that killed her father was historic to her,
a father who she could only picture in a war history,
grandparents’ undying love memories reminded her,
a father she never had was more than just mere history.

The war once waged began to be forgotten,
yet a newer one was brewing, nearing a boiling point,
as she was remembering a father who was forgotten,
history was about to repeat a boiling point.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
although she forgave how her father was dying,
she could not forget a father who never was in her history.

As newer conflicts were brewing,
a granddaughter was all grownup and about to be married,
a baby was kicking inside her every morning,
here she prayed for never seeing her man to be buried.

Her praying went unheeded by the gods,
conflicts turned into war, repeating a history she knew,
she had yet to be married to her man under the gods,
here a war came, threatening to burry a man she always knew.

Her unborn son might have to forgive his father’s war,
but she swore in having her son picturing his father well,
as she kissed her man goodbye, sending him into war,
she would pray to the gods to treat her man well.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
here she prayed for her man’s returning,
while her son cried for a father who repeated a history.

Heroes (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • There is this Nile River,
  • that fed on some ancient cultures,
  • and yet it too was a generous river,
  • that had fed these ancient cultures.
  • As history had clearly run its course,
  • the Nile witnessed the rises of empires,
  • rising just so they could be fallen in due course,
  • fallen they were, yet heroes fought for their empires.
  • Too many heroes had died by their swords,
  • because they believed a will to change the world,
  • as they bled to sharpen their swords,
  • dying by their swords, had they changed the world?
  • Nonetheless, whether dying by a sword or a pen,
  • these heroes believed they had changed the world,
  • as we glanced at history we could sense,
  • it was the will of the Nile that had changed the world.
  • Nonetheless, could we be so wrong,
  • as without our heroes our world would be so different,
  • whether the Nile’s will was strong,
  • our heroes bled by their tools till the world was so different.
  • Albeit, not a single hero could completely change the world,
  • one by one, they had left their legacies for us to adorn,
  • inspiring by their legacies we would vow to bend the world,
  • one by one, we would vow to make history for others to adorn.
  • Whether the Nile’s will was strong,
  • whether the weather was fair,
  • our heroes sieged the throng,
  • shaping history when others wouldn’t dare.