Advancements In Technology May Dehumanize Us All? No Fear! There Is An Off Button Right Here!

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I’m impressed how Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt replied to a woman who feared technology would move so fast to a point technology will dehumanize humans by holding up his cellphone and saying it has an off button.  According to Physorg, Eric Schmidt isn’t shying away from saying the future we have imagined all along is coming sooner than we think.  He implied people might be able to visit places without being there — even if people want to go places, they don’t really have to necessary to manually do so as driverless cars will drive them places.  How about the ability to send robots to events and so you might be able to enjoy such events without being there?  Hologram technology to be widely used?  You can see, Eric Schmidt is confirming the idea of having such future might be here sooner than we think!  Hopefully though, just like Eric Schmidt defiantly answered the woman, we all will have an off button for such technologies in the future so the humans will be able to take a break from all things digital and rekindle with mother nature from time to time.


China Launches New Free 3D Channel On China New Year, Pushing Demands For 3D TVs, 3D Commercials, And Whatever Else Chinese Want To Have

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China is smartly moving into 3D TV trend and trying to stay ahead of the pack so even when its economy might slow down for any odd number of reasons, China is still likely to attract advertisers like crazy so more inflow of profits can flow in.  According to Physorg, Chinese think that the new 3D channel might increase demand for 3D TV sets.  If more Chinese people buy up 3D TV sets, there will be more money to be made for 3D TV makers.  If we look at a much bigger picture though, more 3D TV sets in more Chinese homes might create even more opportunities to make even more money for advertisers and companies alike.

It’s well known that China has a biggest population in the world, numbering in a billion plus, and so it’s also likely now a richer/wealthier China presents a special circumstance where more Chinese are hungry for better, bigger, and more advanced whatever.  My guess is that Chinese might become even more hungry for consumptions than how Americans are.  This is why I think it’s a smart move for the Chinese government to allow test launch of 3D TV channel.

According to Physorg, the channel is free and will be officially launched on January 23rd, coinciding with Chinese New Year.  The new 3D TV channel launch is a move to encourage Chinese people to consume more 3D TV sets, but let not forget that more Chinese might buy more products when they see more awesome 3D commercials.  Perhaps, the Chinese government is thinking by driving their people to consume more whatever, there will be more demands for everything, and this includes more employers seek out for more employees so their companies can be even more productive in producing more goods.  Consequently, the trend might encourage Chinese economy to grow even bigger or prevent a slowing down of Chinese economic extraordinary growth rate.

Then again, we have to ask what if Chinese are driving to consume to a point of overconsumption, would this be a foresight to how more Chinese will spend beyond their means?  If overconsumption might become a big problem for future China, might we see a second United States?  After all, more people within the United States are spending beyond their means, and so we’ve seen how hard it’s for the people within the United States to regain their financial strengths during a recession and post recession era.  Nonetheless, if China is willing to consume, the world might also be more prosperous since Chinese people might want to import more luxurious foreign stuffs from countries such as the United States.  This means countries that are doing business with China might have to ramp up their exports in the near future.

Regardless how China will demand for consumptions, I think large pools of wealthy Chinese will drive up the demands for foreign goods.  Chinese government is helping to push the demand for consumption further by encouraging their people to consume more.  What’s better to do that by allowing people to watch more 3D TV commercials and entertainment shows?  By the way, I’m just speculating from one opinionated angle, therefore you have to take my idiotic, bold assessment of how China will go for consumption through 3D TV trend with a grain of salt.  It’s obvious that a country is complex as China, we can never pinpoint on one thing and say this is how China will behave.  You can say this post is for your entertainment only!