Should Custom White Balance Be Unnecessary When Shooting In RAW?

When taking pictures with a DSLR camera, you can totally preset a white balance to give your pictures a uniquely distinctive look.  Nonetheless, with nowadays photo editing software on the rise, although the good ones such as Adobe Lightroom 4 are too expensive for many people, it’s totally possible to change the white balance of photos without using custom white balance (i.e., preset white balance).  Of course, you have to shoot photos in raw to have effectively change your white balance, because only in raw format you won’t lose important details when photos go under major change (i.e., major editing).  Still, I think I like the idea of taking great photos first before editing great photos after, because when great photos get to be edited — we can either enhance it even better or make it worse and the former which is definitely the goal.  So, by presetting or doing a custom white balance from the get go is definitely an ideal in my opinion.  Also, going through a custom white balance method at least once, one gets to know how white balance works a little better; this might help one improves post processing process in regarding to doing white balance in photo editing software.  This is why I don’t think it’s unnecessary to do custom white balance beforehand even though one shoots in raw format.  Anyhow, you should check out the YouTube video I found (i.e., not mine but I found on YouTube) as this video will be an excellent guide in regarding to doing custom white balance.  Enjoy!!!

Amazing Lumia 920 Camera Settings

I’ve just found out that you can actually change ISO, White Balance, Exposure Value, and other sophisticated settings on Lumia 920 camera.  This is new to me since I had not been able to do something like this on other smartphone cameras.  This level of smartphone camera sophistication in regarding to manual control of these settings is definitely rare in the world of smartphones.  Of course, if you use a DSLR camera, you have much more control in term of the camera sophistication level, and it’s to be expected like that for many DSLR cameras.  This is why it’s a big deal for me to find Lumia 920 actually has mimic some sophisticated camera settings from DSLR cameras.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break to see me go into the details in regarding to how awesome it’s that Lumia 920 actually allows you to control how you take pictures/photos in a much more sophisticated way than the usual smartphone camera.  Enjoy!!!

What About Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera? (Personal Experience)

Video Basics with DSLRs: Lighting a Scene @ ME...

Video Basics with DSLRs: Lighting a Scene @ MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego (Photo credit: MACSD)

Got to play with my Nikon D3200 DSLR camera for couple weeks already, and so I made a video to describe my personal experience with it.  The truth is that I’m a brand new DSLR camera user, and so D3200 DSLR camera would be my very first DSLR camera ever.  Nonetheless, with D3200 DSLR camera, I think I will go far with photography in general.  So, don’t be shy and check out my video right after the break, OK?

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – My Sister And Her Son (November 23, 2012)

My Sister And Her Son (November 23 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

My Sister And Her Son (November 23 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

Just thought it would be sweet to capture the moment when my nephew traced his mother’s bottom lip as she fed him some milk from a milk bottle.  The room was very dark, and so the photos came out OK only.  Anyhow, you can check out ’em photos if you take a quick hop over to  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Smoke Photography (Amateurish Attempt)

I was playing with fire and smoke, because I wanted to capture smoke in photos.  It called smoke photography!  Anyhow, I’m an amateurish in term of being a photographer, and even way more amateurish in term of capturing smoke in photos.  Nonetheless, I did it anyway, and the results were some photos with smoke in them.  With ’em smoking photos, I got to play with ’em in Lightroom 4, and the results are some cool looking smoke photos (and more might be coming soon) and a smoke photography video (amateurish way).  Check the video and the photos out right after the break!  Enjoy!!!