Lily Camera Is A Futuristic Camera For Everyday People

I see drones!  Oops, I mean camera.  Check out a YouTube video which promotes a new type of camera known as Lily Camera in the bottom of this blog post.  Don’t forget to let me know how exciting you are about the technology in the comment section, OK?

This is not your typical camera in which you have to actively take snapshots and videos.  In fact, it’s not your typical camera at all, because you don’t even have to pay attention to what it is doing.  It seems the video suggests that Lily Camera will just automatically follow you around and take snapshots and videos as how you have instructed it to do so.  In fact, Lily Camera is a waterproof drone in which you throw it in the air and let it be free.  Free to follow you.  Free to take snapshots of you.  Free to take crazy video moments of you.

The specs for this camera/drone are 20 minutes flight time, 2 hours charge time, waterproof, video resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second, video resolution of 720p at 120 frames per second, photo resolution of 12 Megapixels, front-facing camera, bottom-facing camera, and a whole lot more features such as GPS.

I think once you order this thing you also get a tracking device that you can wear on your wrist.  This is to control the camera/drone’s flight path and whatnot.  According to the article “Lily Camera Is A Drone That Automatically Follows You (link) on, Lily Camera would also record the audio from the wrist’s tracking device so it can add the audio to the video which records by the drone’s cameras.

According to the article that I just mentioned, this neat gadget will be released for the mass in February 2016 for $999, but you can pay for less, roughly around $499, if you are going to preorder Lily Camera now.

It’s cool to have Lily Camera follows you around and takes pictures and videos of you, but I’m worrying about the safety of this device for the owner and the bystanders.  Of course, I think the maker of Lily Camera is also looking at addressing all safety concerns in relation to this gadget before the release, and I do hope the maker of Lily Camera will address all safety issues before Lily Camera gets sold to the mass.

For an example, I’m worrying that something can go really wrong to the bystanders when the battery runs out completely while Lily Camera is still in flight.  Will the drone allot itself enough time to land before the battery would be completely drained?  Another worry of mine about Lily Camera is that you never know the drone can get glitchy and injure the owner’s hand as it lands badly onto the owner’s hand.  Of course, my concerns are not based on facts since nothing like what I have described has yet to occur.  I think Lily Camera is awesome, and I do hope that the maker of this gadget will be able to address all safety issues before the device goes phenomenal.

By the way, 20 minutes flight time is not long enough in my opinion.  I prefer to have a camera drone that is at least 3 hours or more flight time.  The longer the flight time, the better it is in my opinion.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Christmas 2012 Gathering

Christmas 2012 Gathering Sneak Peek Photo

Christmas 2012 Gathering Sneak Peek Photo

Just posted like almost 600 photos onto Flickr.  These photos were captured during Christmas of 2012.  I couldn’t really post process these photos one by one in Lightroom 4 since there were too many of them.  Nonetheless, I did use few Lightroom 4’s default filters to enhance the colors and sharpened up the photos.  I also added 25% noise reduction to reduce noise in the photos since I took these photos at ISO 3200.  Enjoy these photos by visiting my photo blog, or you can just check out the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Tips To Protect Your Photos For A Very Long Time To Come

If you want to keep your photos for a very long time to come, you definitely need to take measures in protecting your precious photos.  Something as hard drive failure to accidental deletion can definitely erase the awesome picture moments that you had captured.  Of course, you don’t really have to be a fanatic with photography for you to take extreme measures to protect your photos, because protecting photos isn’t that hard as long you are willing to take some steps in giving you the chance to recover the lost photos.  Within the video right after the break, I give some tips that might be helpful to you in regarding to protecting your photos for a very long time to come.  Please enjoy it!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Another Round Of I See I Take Them Photos (December 1st, 2012)

Another Round Of I See I Take Them Photos (December 1st, 2012)

Another Round Of I See I Take Them Photos (December 1st, 2012)

On December 1st of 2012, I was out and about.  Trying to get lost intentionally!  I stumbled onto a building which built with Chinese architecture taste, and so I had no idea what it was for.  I asked a Chinese friend to take a look at the photo I had captured of this very building, and he told me it is for a buddhist temple.  Anyhow, as the day went on, I got lost some more and took more pictures.  At the end of the day, exhausted but happy as I knew I had some nice photos.  Enjoy them photos by clicking on the sneak peak photo within this blog post or just watch the slideshow.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – My Sister And Her Son (November 23, 2012)

My Sister And Her Son (November 23 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

My Sister And Her Son (November 23 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

Just thought it would be sweet to capture the moment when my nephew traced his mother’s bottom lip as she fed him some milk from a milk bottle.  The room was very dark, and so the photos came out OK only.  Anyhow, you can check out ’em photos if you take a quick hop over to  Enjoy!!!