Could You Be Truly Free? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Could you be truly free,
on the first day you born,
they called you a cute baby?

Could you be truly free,
while you spread your wings and flew,
knowing not a wing could break away?

Could you be truly free,
away from society, hiding in the wild,
knowing a hunter could become a prey?

Could you be truly free,
at the highest peak, nobody could reach,
yet you could not reach anybody?

Could you be truly free,
caring not for hearsay,
under the sun, hearsay found you?

Could you be truly free,
caring not for money,
free you thought, starving to death?

Could you be truly free,
as you turned away from love,
through loneliness, you became you?

Could you be truly free,
vices you had none,
but you could not deny you’re perfect?

Could you be truly free,
even in death you thought you could,
but could you tell me how free you were?

Alice Would Know?

Just another essay I had written on the question of life and death.  Enjoy!!!

Dark, uncomfortable thought entered my mind.  It was not earth shattering thought, or the end of the world kind of thought.  Nor it was personal or a cry out for help of sort at all.  Nonetheless, it was a thought of being just another human being.  I bet at least once in our lifetime that most of us have thought of death.  Yes, this word, death, isn’t everyone’s favorite word.  It’s a mother of all disgusted kind of words since who would want to leave life for death unless one is very troubled within.  Nonetheless, since the dawn of human time, who had ever escaped death?  Sure, there were legends that some beings had escaped death through various means; resurrection as one example of such means… but really?  Instead of believing a fairy tale, we know very well that if we aren’t the stuffs of a legend we are sure to have an expired date for each and everyone of us.  The expired dates for all of us won’t be the same, but nonetheless they are ticking down regardless… till time will really run out and that’s that for us being a human.  It’s not like time will run out for the world, but time sure will run out for each of us as our specific expired date counts toward that expiration.  An expiration of being a human, and what comes after would be death.  A cold corpse that lies underneath the soil, rotten away as the bugs gnaw at the corpse’s once precious, silky, smooth skin.  Everything would be rotten in the end.

I know not how a story would end for you or me.  Nonetheless, I do know that all of our stories would have an ending.  It’s unavoidable that there was preordained end to a story of being me or you, but how such a preordained ending would turn out is not something you and I would know unless you or I — are/am is arrogantly enough to think writing our own story is just a trivial task.  Not to belittle your arrogant spirit or my own, the truth is that writing one’s own story is easy to be said than done.  Just for an example, one would thought that one could carry out a morning routine as planned, but there would always be something that would slightly steer a morning routine off course.  Only the lucky fews could be arrogantly guessed right how their story would unfold till the very end.  Would that be fun for such lucky fews?  I do not know, but would you want to know how your story would unfold to the very end?

Some people’s endings could be laughable with laughters, not to mock but to reminisce the good old time.  Some people’s endings were meant to be celebrated in silence for they were respectable ones who had lived among us.  Some people’s endings were so terrible that their endings deserved to be forgotten forever and never to be spoken again from anyone’s tongue, but such endings could never be forgotten since they were too terrible to be locked away.  How Hitler had killed himself on his last day, well at least that was what I had learned of his ending, deserved to be retold, again and again, as a lesson for newer generations to learn that being ruthless dictatorship might deserve a very bad ending.

I do not know how yours or mine would unfold, but I do know each of us will have an ending to be told.  How do you like your to be told?  How do I like mine to be told?  To be honest, I like to imagine my own ending will be a joyous, respectable, and glorious one, but as the story goes, one can never know where the rabbit hole ends or how deep it is… one just has to go through it to know what lays at the end.  Alice would know?

Philosophical Speaking Me, Someone Had Used Math To Start A Big Bang

In this blog post, I like to be philosophical.  So let me begin with saying that we all know math is a universal language right?  If I’m wrong, then please pardon me.  I believe in my deepest core that math is a universal language, and I sometimes imagine even aliens out there somewhere in different parts of our universe might be speaking in math, whether their math is more advance or otherwise.  We can use math to see how our universe works, and so in a sense we can safely assume math is universally universe within this universe.

Going to the extreme scales, math works as well.  Whether the scale of the universe or the scale of quantum universe, we know math will work when we really apply math to solve problems in the contexts of such impossible scales.  Even if a scale is infinitely large or infinitely small, we know infinite is possible with math!  How?  We can’t really discount that infinitely large or small is the impossible, because it’s all about what comes after the infinite.  Just imagine this, in the days without plane and jets and rockets, when we stared up into the sky, we could only think it as infinitely far.  Then one day we got ourselves beyond those clouds with technology, suddenly the next infinite boundary would be the universe itself.  So, we can see that infinite is not really infinite if we try, and infinite is really infinite by nature is super rare.  We can say this in another way that infinite is the same as finite, because finite becomes infinite and infinite becomes finite.  The universe is one of those perfect infinite/finite cases.

Why on earth am I ranting on infinite and finite?  I’m not a math person at all, and I really mean it!  Therefore, my speaking of infinite and finite must have a reason, right?  Well, I’m not so sure if I call my curiosity of thinking that some higher being has a roadmap for everything that already was set in motion before time as a reason, because it’s rather a conjecture to some people and nonsense to many others.  Let put the argument of common sense aside, and let get crazy.  So, what am I mean by some higher being has a roadmap for everything that already was set in motion before time?  Well, I’m trying to say that perhaps someone or some force very much like the almighty being that people called God had used math to calculate every jittering in every scales of every matter that composed of our universe and possibly other universes too if the theory about many universes in fact is the undeniable truth.  However infinitely small or large the scales of things, it’s possible still for him/her to calculate things before time — as in knowing things before things even happen.  How?  Take a look at software that had been written by programmers in the past decades; from simple to sophisticated software, we can see that things were set in motion before the users actually use the software.  So, I think math can allow calculation of the jittering of energy and matter and of all things within this universe to be drafted before time, and then with a snap of two fingers — he/she commanded all things to begin.  We call that the big bang, I guess!  Everything else happened and happens after will just have to be within the limitation of the calculation of such a being.  This is why we do have the law of nature such as physics.  By saying that, I realize we may have more than one law of physics, because another universe might carry a different law of physics.

Isn’t that a crazy idea?  Well, I’m not a religious zealot!  I can’t say I’m a Christian or Buddhist, because sometimes I feel I need both religions to get my days going.  I’m not a person who hates science and think religions hold all the answers.  In fact, I think religions need science and science needs religions.  OK, to tell the truth, this is the new me, because in the past (i.e., in my very young age) when I was barely able to write a complete English sentence, I was totally into of believing Buddhas and God weren’t real and science was everything.  To tell the truth, the new me believes in anything is possible, and so as long we aren’t sure about something, it’s best to assume there is something and that something is possible.  Of course, the possibility that there isn’t anything is there, and so it’s too possible.  You see?