My New Desktop Setup

Lately I didn’t have much to write on technology, but I had upgraded my own desktop setup.  It was more of like going from I didn’t care to I really did care, and you’ll know what I mean by looking at the pictures below.

The story goes, I had the old desktop setup since a year and half ago or so.  When I first bought my desktop PC, I had no proper table for the monitor.  Instead of buying a proper PC table, I decided to use whatever available.  At first, I was able to place the keyboard and a small monitor on a small dressing table which had been an ad hoc storage space for junks.  Unfortunately, the small monitor I had went bad, and so I bought a 27″ monitor.  The 27″ monitor had a huge base, and so I could not place the keyboard and the monitor on the same dressing table.  As usual, I used whatever was available and so I brought up a removable part of a leather couch downstair into my room, placed the 27″ monitor’s box (i.e., the box which packaged the monitor) on top of it, and lastly the keyboard would go on top of the 27″ monitor’s box.  When playing video games that required me to hammer my keyboard rapidly, the keyboard setup portion would slide a little.  Finally, I had it with a ghetto setup, I decided to shop for a PC table.  I found one on Amazon, and the rest was history.

The table I purchased from Amazon was Modern Glass & Steel Frame Computer Desk.  Amazon delivered it fast, but when I opened it, I did find few scratches on few parts that made up the lower portion of the table.  Luckily, the glass top was fine and had not a single scratch.  All the parts were available, but few screws were already screwed into some parts.  Since few screws had already attached to the some parts I thought the table had missing screws as  the manual told me to look for a bag with part label for such screws.  Luckily, when I took a look at the parts and the screws were all there.  The manual itself was with brief explanation and images were available in each step to demonstrate which part should go with what.  The whole table was easy to put together except for the part where I had to put together the keyboard pull-out attachment.  The manual did not explain how to put together the keyboard pull-out attachment all that well at all, and the pictures were confusing.  Nonetheless, I was able to figure out on my own how to do so.  (The manual has a warning which tells you not to use solvent to clean parts of the table, but you need to use water and soap to clean all parts of the table.)

I have to say, I’m very satisfied with the table since I purchased it for only $120 (i.e., rounding up the number and not to be exact).  The table is cheap but it has the look of being expensive.  I tested my sister and asked her how much she would think I had paid for the table, and she said around $200 or more.  I smiled and said no way, it was only $120.  I loved that my sister thought the table was cost more than its actual value (i.e., being relative since when I bought it was only $120). So to end this blog post, I’m happy to have a new desktop setup which had cost me only around $120.  Oh, you can’t even find the scratches on the lower portion of the table unless you craw under the table and know where to look for them.

Solution To Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Errors

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve found the solution to how Witcher 2 gamers cannot update Witcher 2 to Witcher 2 enhanced edition.  Their problems might be very similar to how I had described in my earlier Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Patch Pack0.dzip Error For PC Version Corrupted Witcher 2 Launcher And Prevented Gamers From Updating Witcher 2 post.  So, the solution is rather simple!  First, make sure you have a legitimate serial key for your regular Witcher 2 edition.  Second, sign up for a free account at  Third, log into with your Gog’s newly account and go to this Gog’s specific link  Fourth, enter the serial key into the product key box.  Fifth, you can either download’s downloader for easier downloading of Witcher 2 enhanced edition game or just download the parts of the game individually.  Sixth, when everything is done downloading, you can install the game by using the .exe file.  I’ve confirmed that Witcher 2 enhanced edition download worked, because I had it installed and got to play with the game right after.  So, in a way, downloading Witcher 2 enhanced edition at allows you to bypass the update process of the regular Witcher 2 altogether.  I hope this method will work for you too.  Enjoy!

FYI:  I had scanned the downloads of Witcher 2 enhanced edition from with Norton 2012 Internet Security Suite and was unable to find anything wrong with the downloads.  Still, I suggest that you do your own virus scanning on your downloads.  Also, I had read online that many people are highly regarded as a reputable online service, therefore I don’t think you will have anything to be worried about when using  Still, you can always do some quick research about through Google yourself.  Good luck!

Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Patch Pack0.dzip Error For PC Version Corrupted Witcher 2 Launcher And Prevented Gamers From Updating Witcher 2

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update:  You might want to check out Solution To Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Errors post which is more recent than this one and has a solution to your Witcher 2 enhanced edition update errors.

If you’re a fan and a PC gamer of Witcher 2, you probably had already tried to update the regular Witcher 2 to Witcher 2 enhanced edition for PC version.  Unfortunately, I’ve found out that there are many people included me who cannot successfully update Witcher 2 to Witcher 2 enhanced edition since there is this error known as pack0.dzip which complains that it’s corrupted.  I’ve looked everywhere on the web, hoping to find the solution to this very update error, but it seems that all the suggestions are for naught.  Manual patch through Witcher 2’s link here ( worked for some people, but many more people had found out that downloaded so called part 2 patch to replace the part 2 patch which came from the 10 GB+ Witcher 2 auto download enhanced edition patches came up with the same pack0.dzip error when one tried to update Witcher 2 to the enhanced edition.  I found this out myself too!  Not only the Witcher 2 enhanced edition patch had failed to update, it also had corrupted the Witcher 2 launcher.  People found this out as they could not relaunch their Witcher 2 game.  For me, I had to reinstall and tried the Witcher 2 enhanced patch again to see if I had any luck, but I found the same pack0.dzip error stared at me as if I was being mocked for the second time.  Licked my wound, I uninstalled Witcher 2 altogether.  I will not install Witcher 2 again and probably will not be able to make another video on Witcher 2 until Witcher 2 rolls out a patch that will allow me to update correctly.  I’m very disappointed of not being able to play Witcher 2 enhanced edition and my regular version for sometimes to come.  Sad face…

Installing Windows On Mac?

Windows 7 on iMac

Windows 7 on iMac (Photo credit: ryaninc)

Although the video right after the break was uploaded for almost a year ago by someone on YouTube, but I think it is still very relevant as the instruction within regarding to how to install Windows 7 on a Mac may still be useable.  Anyhow, I think it’s quite interesting for someone to install Windows on a Mac.  Of course, you can always dual boot a Mac and Windows on a Mac, but you can’t really do so easily with having Mac on Windows (possible but you gotta jump through hoops).  Of course, I think it’s silly to install Windows on a Mac since Mac users are definitely can afford to buy a PC for PC is way cheaper than a Mac.  Nonetheless, the cool factor to have Windows on Mac is just plain cool in my opinion.  If you can do it, why not right?  Having the look of the Mac, and yet you will also be able to play Windows games on a Mac under the guise of using Mac but in hardware only.

Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings Game Play Part 02

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Slow day for tech, but not for gaming in my case I guess.  Anyhow, I had recorded and posted game play part 02 for Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings to my YouTube channel (  I think I had used the right encoder this time, therefore the picture for this video is quite gorgeous if you can stream it with 1080p quality (i.e., your Internet connection is capable of streaming high definition speed).  Anyhow, enjoy and stay tune for the third part…

(Before watching, you have been warned — the video below contains mature content, please stop watching and exit the video if you’re under 18 year of age!)

Bandwidth Cap Is Bad For Data In The Cloud

English: Diagram showing three main types of c...

Image via Wikipedia

We know data in the cloud might be a good idea, but there are few hesitations come to mind that make data in the cloud a good idea but not practical.  We know data in the cloud might be subjected to security risk, losing one’s right to data (you never know), and bandwidth limitation!  The other two are obvious, but let me focus on the last which is even more obvious.  Yes, bandwidth is what making data in the cloud for average users a good idea but not practical.  Home users, not enterprise users, are facing data caps from their ISPs.  Many ISPs are so gung-ho in capping home users’ bandwidth around 100 Gigabyte to 250 Gigabyte range.  Sure, 100 GB to 250 GB range sounds like a lot, but believe me it’s not if home users decide to backup their huge 650 GB to 2 Terabyte worth of data onto the cloud!  It’s now obvious that data in the cloud is simply not a computing tool/solution for everyday folks, isn’t it?