Sold Out Next Gen Gaming Consoles Let Me Found My Sanity Again

I’m a fan of gaming, not of a specific gaming platform!  Furthermore, I’m a sort of gaming fans that require the graphics to be as best as graphics can be.  This means, I expect of nothing less than the next stellar gaming graphics, and I want the next latest games to have better graphics than the last games.  Sure, the plots, gameplay, character empathy, in-game rewarding system, and other major features that many good games should have are all very important, but without good graphics and great arts such games would be mediocre to me.  Of course, you can argue that should the gameplay matter most?  How about a game plot should shine most?  Of course, there will be some addictive elements that will stand out most for a good game, but my preference for a good game is usually graphics first… there will be some exceptions though but those occasions are rare and so it’s safe to say I want great gaming graphics, always.

It’s no surprise that for the reason of great gaming graphics alone that I only see myself playing more of PC games (fyi… even with PS4 and Xbox One, games on these consoles won’t be able to match the great gaming graphics experience with games on PCs that have mid-range to high end graphic cards).  I have had PS3 and Xbox 360 for years, but I’ve rarely touched them.  Safely to say, I had not touched my PS3 and Xbox 360 for months.  Instead of playing games on consoles, I found myself login to Steam, Uplay, and Origin on a daily basis.  Furthermore, Steam has been the gaming platform where I giddily scour for great games on sale, on an alarming, addictive, frequent basis.  Such a behavior has contributed to my spending money on PC games that I may not have time to play at all since finishing a single game is already a time consuming act.  Nonetheless, I’ve to say that I don’t think I will be able to own so many games if I buy games for consoles since the games for consoles don’t easily go on sale.  Also, games for consoles don’t go on sale as frequent as Steam!

Although I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer, but I do play games a lot, therefore I thought the arrivals of the next generation gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One would surely have me running for becoming the first fews to get ’em kind of things.  I usually loved it when I got it right, but this time I felt bad as I saw myself walked into Best Buy and asked if they got PS4 or Xbox One available (even though I’m a PC gamer).  To my relief and anguish at the same time as I swallowed the words “sold out” as the  Best Buy representative proudly let out.  I found a relief in this as I knew I only drooled over PS4 and Xbox One for their novelty, but whenever I got over the novelty of ’em all I probably would not hesitate to allow the consoles to be untouched, unloved and covered in dusts — wasting little money I have had away.  The anguish feeling I found in all of this confirmed that I was too just loving to be materialistic for new toys.  Nonetheless, I have to say thanks to the sold out problem that the new consoles are experiencing, I probably will stay away from ’em next generation consoles for a long long time, because after-all I’m a PC gamer.  Without being able to get my hands on the next generation gaming consoles at a whim of my desires, I found my sanity again!  Perhaps?

Desires and temptations are the fruits of all evils, but I’m only a mortal!  Let’s get the game on!!!

Besides English, You Can Add Keyboard Layouts On Windows 8 So You Can Type In Other Languages

Chinese language tattoo Andy

Chinese language tattoo Andy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this video, I briefly talk of how to configure Windows 8 in a way that it allows you to type in other languages.  For an example, let say you know how to write in Chinese or French or whatever, you can use my tip to turn on this feature which allows you to type in Chinese or French or whatever on Windows 8.  Basically, this tip will use Windows 8’s built-in feature, therefore you don’t have to install any third party software.  Furthermore, for the bonus, I also show you how to make your whole operating system (Windows 8) to appear in another language.  Anyhow, check out this video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Hitman Absolution – Newbie Gameplay Playlist

Instead of jumping around EssayBoard to piece together the whole Hitman Absolution “newbie gameplay” series, I pieced ’em episodes altogether in a YouTube playlist so now you can view ’em episodes with ease.  Enjoy!!!

Tablets And Smartphones Might Not Be So Hot If These Devices Came Out A Decade Or Two Earlier

If tablets had come out a decade or two earlier, I doubt people would care!  How come?  I imagined at that time, tablets would be near useless since modern apps, processors, and plethora of computing options that are now being able to be packaged nicely into a tiny tablet were the stuffs of imagination then.  After all, personal computers back then were still so new and incapable if we are comparing the then personal computers against the current ones.  In a way, I think I’d read somewhere that had mentioned that Steve Jobs might get the tablet idea from Star Trek, whether this piece of information is wrong or not, even if Steve Jobs had come out the tablets then, nobody would care.  With perfect hindsight, now we know why, right?  In fact, I think I’d read that Microsoft had come out with certain tablet form factors way earlier than the first wave of popular iPads, but even though at the time laptops and PCs were the norm Microsoft’s tablet form factors failed to pick up steam.  In fact, nobody had cared about Microsoft’s tablet form factors then!

With hindsight, we now clearly know why tablets are only matter now, but not back then.  Nonetheless, even now, without the hindsight, I think tablets won’t be all that important and cool as to how the current media would like us all to think.  In fact, tablets are something that people want to use in very unique circumstances.  Let say, smartphones are definitely the better device form factors to carry around since the biggest smartphones might still be a lot smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest tablets.  You get the picture!  Smartphones obviously are more convenient and easier to pocket, therefore people feel more personal about their smartphones.  The usage of tablets are for the people who have the patience to carry more than one electronic devices when they are out and about.  I don’t think there are more folks in that camp than the camp of let carry only all in one small but powerful electronic device (such as smartphone).  I can see how awesome a tablet might be as a remote control for a big screen TV.  I can see how awesome a tablet might be for reading electronic books and magazines.  Nonetheless, I still think people prefer to do all of that on smartphones if they’re out and about.

With the current electronic trend, people are buying more tablets than personal computers.  With the current electronic trend, people are definitely buying more smartphones than personal computers.  Does this electronic trend tell us that personal computers are about to die a slow death?  I doubt so!  Nonetheless, I can see why people are buying more smaller electronic device form factors.  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see the benefits of carrying something so small and yet so useful as a smartphone or a tablet.  For an example, to be able to store thousands of electronic books in a smartphone is definitely a big plus over to how things were done traditionally when it comes down to books.  Basically, convenient, useful, and powerful are the three terms that immediately come to mind whenever I think about small electronic device form factors.  Smartphones and tablets allow us to feel the power of being productive while on the go.  In a sense, the productiveness that radiates from today small electronic device form factors is something that the older generations of homo sapiens had never ever seen before.  These small electronic device form factors that set the trend which can be comparable to the older trendsetters such as the bring about of automobiles, planes, and so on.

So, people are buying up more small electronic device form factors, does it mean that the personal computer trend is on a life support system?  No, because people still need to be content creators first before there will be content consumers.  Without personal computers that are powerful enough to churn out creative works, I doubt there will be much of contents to be consumed on small electronic device form factors.  So, I think personal computers are safe for now, because there aren’t any tablet or smartphone out there that can upheave this personal computer reign just yet.

Sure, personal computers are more powerful and come with more choices than ever before, but why people are not thinking or talking about them as much as they used to?  Perhaps, personal computers are so normal that we can only see them when we’re actually using them?  They’re not exotic as tablets and smartphones.  Nonetheless, asking most gamers out there which device or machine they prefer to play latest games on, I would bet personal computer with a humongous display would be the preferable choice, always!

In short, personal computer technology has came a long way and has matured to a point of it’s no longer needing to be talked about constantly in order for it to be attractive.  Plus, as personal computer technology improved, so the lifespan of personal computer machines.  With so many households are already teaming with personal computers and most mid-end to high-end personal computers are more expensive than smartphones and tablets, therefore I don’t think people want to think or buy personal computers in the same light as how they might want to do so for smartphones and tablets.

In conclusion, I think the three terms I describe earlier — convient, useful, and powerful — are some of the most important factors that dictate why people have been buying so much smartphones and tablets.  Nonetheless, if these smartphones and tablets had come out a decade or two earlier, I highly doubt that people would care!  In a sense, people are now finding these small electronic device form factors quite useful thanks to the advance of personal computer technology first.  In a sense, personal computer technology isn’t a trendsetter anymore showing that personal computer technology had been so matured.  Nonetheless, don’t think for a second that personal computer technology is dying, because it’s still the trendsetter when it comes to content producing.  So, until the small electronic device form factors get more capable, actually be as capable or better than personal computers, I don’t see how personal computers will be outdated.  With that being said, technology usually moves at the speed of light, therefore I’m not sure how relevant my saying, in regarding to personal computer popularity, will be in a near future (i.e., five years down the road).

Me Being Frank And On Edge: Can Bitcoin Mining Shame “PC Is Dead” Mantra?

The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I had written about how Bitcoin might overtake the world and change the world economies, and today I wonder about the argument that PC is dead.  It seems to me that PC isn’t dead at all, but it’s even more essential now then ever.  How is that?  As I learn more about Bitcoin, it seems to me that you need a good mining rig to mine BTCs, and a good mining rig requires something as powerful as an average PC.  What PC is great for is that users can definitely modify it to be a Bitcoin mining rig, a gaming machine, an average Desktop, or all of the above.  So, if people are going to be evermore involved with Bitcoin, I believe that PC will become a hot commodity again.  Before, you could only see your money flew into PC makers’ banks and out of your reach, but now who would have thought that through PC modification — adding a great new, powerful graphic card — you can rely on the very PC to churn out BTCs (besides playing games of course).  For your information, BTC is a currency unit in Bitcoin currency platform.

Heard of zombie before?  No, I’m not talking about a walking dead, but I’m talking about a computer zombie.  Hackers are turning computers that they hacked (into) into computer zombies so they can use these computer zombies to mine for BTCs.  What will they do if everyone is going to use a tablet or mobile device and allowing the PC is dead mantra to become a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I imagine hackers might think about how to turn millions of tablets and mobile devices into effective Bitcoin mining zombies.  Nonetheless, if PC is really dead, hackers will not be happy since they are much more effective in generating some doughs from PC zombies.

So, as you can see, both good guys and bad guys want to see PC stays prevalent.  Obviously, PC is not all about Bitcoin mining, and let me rudely make a gesture so I can be amused later on of my own idiotic doing — simply — duh!!!  PC is here to stay until smaller devices can behave like PC or can behave in a more superior manner.  PC is superior (at the moment) for many reasons.  It’s powerful, easy to modify as in modulable, and Bitcoinable.

I think Bitcoin will become something much more prevalent.  If Bitcoin loses steam, something else (more superior than Bitcome) might come along and fill in Bitcoin place.  I think Bitcoin(ish) mining demands will definitely allow PC market to stay relevant if not red hot.  Sure, right now tablets and mobile devices are what driving the technological news mania, but without PC there won’t be any content on these mobile devices.

I don’t see how you can come up with quality contents by using only a tablet or a smartphone.  Perhaps, you can take some great photos and do some great user-generated videos with a tablet or smartphone (i.e., if you’re lucky), but beyond these venues you definitely need a PC.  Of course, this won’t be a definite must, because who would know that something will change this whole configuration altogether in the near future?  It’s that we always want a better change, but PC isn’t dead until we see it!  In a way, Bitcoin mining is definitely helping PC in staying relevant as Bitcoin grows more tentacles.  Will this be the trend?  Nobody knows, but I’m pretty sure if you need a great Bitcoin mining rig today, you definitely cannot do on a tablet.  Even hackers don’t want to hack tablets and mobile devices for mining BTCs (unless I’m wrong of course).

Installing Apps On Windows 8

Windows 8 is a strange beast in a Windows world, because it’s radically different than its predecessors.  Its Start screen alone might be too scary for Windows users who prefer something much more traditional such as Windows XP.  These users have no idea, because Windows 8 not only looks different, it feels so different too.  Nonetheless, strangely enough there is something which Windows 8 might be able to relate to some of these users.  What I’m talking about is installing apps on Windows 8.  Yep, many users who do not dare to venture into another operating system, but these same users are properly switching to more advanced smartphone all the time.  Obviously, smartphones are famous for holding apps.  So, whoever thinks that apps are the absolute things that they must have, I guess installing apps on Windows 8 might not be so alien to them.  Anyhow, within the video right after the break, I introduce you to Windows 8 app world!  You’ll be surprised how easy it’s to install apps on Windows 8.  So, check it out and enjoy!!!