Lumia 920 Failed Me Second Time; Black Screen Problem Returned; Now I’m With HTC 8X

LR4-Retouched-D3200-Lumia920-In-LaundryRoom-1I must be one of those unluckiest Nokia Lumia 920 users out there!  After I got the replacement for Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, the same problem that failed me the first time resurfaced with the replacement one.  The funny thing was that the replacement took just roughly the same amount of time before it failed just like the first one had, and this meant it took only two days for the replacement to go bad.  If you don’t know what on earth I’d just spewed, you can always take a quick hop to my previous post (Lumia 920 Failed To Work After 2 Days; Black Screen And More…) to catchup with my Lumia 920 bad luck.

Nonetheless, I will do a quick recap anyway.  So,it took two days before the replacement failed to turn on its screen.  I think the majority people would know that when a smartphone’s screen isn’t turning on, the smartphone which relies on touchscreen would be rendered as useless.  You would not be able to make a phone call without having a functional screen to start out with.  The funny part with Lumia 920 replacement was that its Bluetooth functionality worked just fine even though its screen was dead.  No amount of hard reset or soft reset would revive the screen as I had tried.  To make a phone call, I had to run into my car, turned the engine on to allow the entertainment system to jolt up, and then Bluetooth would kick in to pair with the Bluetooth system within my car so I could make a phone call through the car’s navigation system.  My car’s navigation system has a (touchscreen) screen — not a multitouch screen — which links to the Bluetooth function that relays the output to the smartphone.  This means I can use the navigation touchscreen as if I use a smartphone, but the smartphone itself has to do the calling.

Perhaps, there are people who find their Lumia 920 to perform just fine without the problem that I encountered twice on mine, but I had enough of Lumia 920 hassle and so I said goodbye to it and joined the HTC 8X crowd.  After all, my intention is to use Windows 8 smartphone ecosystem and stay disconnected from iOS ecosystem since iOS ecosystem was where I had come from.  With HTC 8X, I’m achieving this very objective which Nokia Lumia 920 had failed on me.  Two days had passed, and I’ve yet to experienced any black screen on HTC 8X.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that HTC 8X won’t face the same kind of problem.  I’m betting on HTC 8X for it to be a different brand from a different smartphone maker might just help me put away the black screen problem for good.  If HTC 8X will do this for me, it means Windows 8 OS might not be the big culprit in destroying the Lumia 920s (i.e., the first and the replacement that I had in my possession before).

To tell the truth, I like Lumia 920 better than HTC 8X, but I only like it when it works and not otherwise.  When it works, I love it!  I like the feel of Lumia 920 in the palm even though the registered weight of Lumia 920 does make one’s hand to feel so much more heavier in comparison to the weights of other smartphones.  So when it works it feels great, but when it dies it feels like a brick.  Anyhow, when Lumia 920 works, it does have several nice features that HTC 8X doesn’t possess.  What?  Let see, the Lumia 920 does have wireless charging, Nokia owned navigation software, better camera with Lumia 920 unique camera settings (allowing customizations of ISO, White Balance, etc…), better screen resolution (not by much but still — 1280 x 768 vs 1280 x 720), and you can also use glove with the touchscreen.  With about the same price, I can get more memory space with Lumia 920 since the HTC 8X only gives me 16 GB worth of memory space for the price of 32 GB worth of memory space on Lumia 920.  Unfortunately for us folks who use either Lumia 920 or HTC 8X, because we cannot expand the memory of the device since these two devices do not support microSD memory card.

In conclusion, I wish my encounter with Lumia 920 was a great smartphone experience, but it was bad to the point of rendering itself useless.  It works great when it does work, but when it does not it feels like a heavy brick.  It got all the features that I wish my current smartphone, HTC 8X, would carry.  Anyhow, the point of me writing this piece is to be honest about how I feel of Lumia 920.  Sure, this might not matter to anyone, but it matters to me since I did couple videos on Lumia 920.  I had uploaded these videos on EssayBoard YouTube channel, and I had praised about how awesome some of the features Lumia 920 is carrying.

Lumia 920 Failed To Work After 2 Days; Black Screen And More…

Just a caution for whoever wants to go ahead and spend money on Lumia 920.  This smartphone is brand new, and so it’s rather faulty.  I just had mine replaced in AT&T store.  What is my story on Lumia 920?  I had not restarted or shutdown my Lumia 920 since I had shut it down couple times a day ago.  Anyhow, as I allowed my Lumia 920 to be on for a day or so, then around near evening time of yesterday, my Lumia 920 (black color) suddenly went dark (i.e., turning off by itself).  So, at first I thought the battery was drained completely and so I brought it home and charged it up with a micro USB which connected to the electrical outlet, but this turned out to be not the case at all.  Instead of anything, I found out that Lumia 920 was still partly working and mostly not.  Basically, its Bluetooth functionality was still working as it was automatically allowed my car’s Bluetooth (handfree phone system) to connect to Lumia 920 just fine, but everything else was not working.  Everything else meant the screen was completely black as it was not able to be turned on.  Everything else meant everything else was not accessible and was either failed to work or off for some strange reasons.  I did a hard reset and soft reset on Lumia 920, but those two last resorts failed to bring the smartphone back to life.  Sighed and so I went to AT&T store for a replacement.  Now I got a replacement in hand, but I’m not really feeling confident that it won’t happen again.  Customer representative in AT&T store told me that if I want to switch the color of the phone from black to white or vice versa since I could do so for a replacement, I had to pay a restocking fee as the switch happens to be with a different phone color.  The customer representative in AT&T store told me the restocking fee is $35.  I wanted the color to be switched for Lumia 920 (i.e., from black to white), but I decided it was not wise to spend anymore money on Lumia 920 since I wasn’t sure about the reliability of Lumia 920 any longer.  After all, Lumia 920 failed to work for no apparent reasons (i.e., the smartphone was well taken care off in term of safety and protection).

In conclusion, I like Lumia 920 a lot, because its camera is definitely more capable than other smartphone cameras in term of Megapixel size and settings (i.e., you can manually set ISO, White Balance, and so on) — and I also like Lumia 920 for its wireless charging capability.  I don’t really care much for Lumia 920 Near Field Communication technology since this NFC technology isn’t yet widespread.  Of course, it will be a big deal for me if this NFC technology becomes more popular and useful in the future.  I love how Windows 8 is so responsive on Lumia 920, and I love Windows 8 on smartphones in general.  With all of the advantages of Lumia 920, I think I would be fine with it as long the replacement won’t ever behaved like the original one.  If the replacement of Lumia 920 starts to behave like the original one even once, I definitely will have to rethink about how much I like Lumia 920.  For now, I’m crossing my fingers and hope that everything will be fine with the replacement.  By the way, for your information, the customer representative in AT&T store told me that my case of Lumia 920 faulty behavior (i.e., failed to work) isn’t unique as she had seen couple cases before I brought my Lumia 920 in to her.  Oh, if you check the Internet, couple cases like mine had already been reported.  In the end, I think Lumia 920 has big potential to revive Nokia from the brink of RIM (i.e., Research In Motion has been losing ground in smartphone market for a long time already), but Nokia has to ensure their customers that Lumia 920 doesn’t have any reliability problem (i.e., the smartphone has to perform OK for more than two years at least).  To pour salt on the injury of Lumia 920, my Lumia 920 lasted for exactly 2 days or so.  Let hope the replacement will last for two years, because the contract will end by then.

What About Lumia 920? (My Breakaway from iOS Ecosystem)

Usually, people would rather trade in their whatever brand of smartphone for an iPhone 5, but I did the opposite.  I ran away from iPhone 5 by gave it away to a family member, bought Lumia 920 instead.  What’s the big deal you ask?  Probably not to you, but it’s to me.  I like to think that I had successfully completed a challenge, and the challenge was for me to break away from iOS ecosystem.  Basically, once you’re tied into any digital ecosystem, whether that be iOS ecosystem, it would be super hard to break away from it.  Unless many digital ecosystems begin to have the same amount of apps and features, breaking away from one digital ecosystem for another is like to throw away all the money you had spent in one ecosystem for all that time.  For me, it wasn’t a big deal and I did not break any sweat.  How come?  Well, watch the video right after the break and you will know.  Within the video right after the break, I also make a brief comparison between iPhone 5 and Lumia 920.  So, enjoy!!!

Combination of Luscious Lumia 800 and Refreshing Windows Phone 7.5 Just Feels Appropriate

Windows Phone’s latest OS version is Windows Phone 7.5, nickname as Mango.  Although I’m an iPhone user, for some reasons Windows Phone 7.5 intrigues me with its approach to how a smartphone should be.  Instead of focusing on sea of apps, it seems to me Windows Phone 7.5 focuses more on bringing the best and the most useful features to the forefront so whatever users do on Windows phones will be more natural.

As I said I’m an iPhone  user, and so I do not know about Windows Phone operating system much — this might change in the future!  Thanks to the Internet, I’m able to research, read many comments, opinions, reviews, and video blogs about Windows Phone 7.5 OS.  By researching on Windows Phone 7.5 through the Internet, I’ve to say Windows Phone 7.5 emphasizes what I think I’ll love more than what I’ve seen so far with Android and iPhone platforms.  Albeit, Windows Phone 7.5 does have apps just like Android and iPhone smartphones, but Windows Phone 7.5 does not prioritized apps over activities.  Windows Phone 7.5’s tile (Metro style) welcome screen is the testament to activities centric approach, and this is completely different than how Android and iPhone platforms do things.

Since I do not have a personal experience with a Windows Phone 7.5 OS just yet, therefore I won’t be able to articulate what make Windows Phone 7.5 OS awesome.  Fortunately, I can point you to an article which PCMag had written back in late September, and it’s a great read on Windows Phone 7.5 — the article articulates very well in regarding to what make Windows Phone 7.5 a different beast than others and an interesting one too.  The article’s title is Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’.

The latest excitement of Windows Phone world involves with Nokia.  Nokia releases Lumia 800.  Lumia 800 is the first Windows Phone ever for Nokia.  It’s really pretty.  Many reviewers voice that Lumia 800 looks very similar to Nokia N9 externally (i.e., design), but internally these two types of smartphones are very different.  Even the operating systems for the two are different.  Lumia 800 uses Windows Phone OS, but Nokia N9 uses MeeGo OS.

I think Nokia has made the right choice for its first Windows Phone Lumia 800 in regarding to the external design of the phone.  By sticking to the same design as N9, Lumia 800 is gorgeous.  Especially the many colors Nokia has for Lumia 800 are quite rich and luminous.  In my opinion, I think girls do like the way the colors glisten on Lumia 800 smartphones.

What a combination right?  Lumia 800 looks refreshing and pretty, and yet it comes with Windows Phone 7.5 which is also looking very refreshing and gorgeous.  I think the combination of great external design and intuitive operating system might be enough to convince customers to overlook its average horsepower in term of internal components’ specifications.

Lumia 800’s tech specification isn’t anything but average.  It’s not a dual-core smartphone.  It has 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255.  According to PCMag, Windows Phone 7.5 isn’t supporting dual-core processors just yet, and so there isn’t a surprise here to see the new Lumia 800 has not a dual-core processor.  At least the camera is up to date which has 8 megapixel dual-LED flash.  Unfortunately, it has no front-facing camera.  In term of networking, PCMag suggests that Windows Phone 7.5 isn’t supporting LTE just yet, and so Lumia 800 cannot use LTE which is a faster wireless communication of high speed data.  LTE network is faster than 3G network, and sometimes people refer to LTE as 4G network.  Lumia touts a mediocre RAM size which is 512MB RAM.  In term of staying active, Lumia 800 has 13 hours of talk time and 7 hours of video.

Lumia 800 is surprisingly fast even though its specification is mediocre.  The video right after the break briefly introduces you to Lumia 800, but it also demonstrates Lumia 800’s super fast response.

The video right after the break briefly goes into the details of Lumia 800’s design.

In conclusion, I think Windows Phone 7.5 is an amazing and refreshing smartphone operating system.  It might be a refreshing or even a better choice for users who care not for smartphone operating systems that prioritize applications over activities.  The best thing of all is that Windows Phone 7.5 has the best parts of both world, because Windows Phone 7.5 isn’t doing without apps even though it’s prioritizing activities over apps.  Windows Phone 7.5 shines through on Nokia’s Lumia 800.  Nokia’s Lumia 800 has the look and the feel that speak volume, and the coupling of Lumia 800 and Windows Phone 7.5 just feels appropriate.  Perhaps, style and functionalities are enough to compensate for Lumia 800’s mediocre specification.