No Man’s Sky Gameplay Episode 4 (4K – PC)

In this episode, I use a trick in a space station to make a million units for buying a brand new ship.  Also, I visit an anomaly to get Atlas Pass V1 formula.  I play this game in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Episode 1 (4K – PC)

No Man’s Sky just came out yesterday.  In this video, you see me trying to play this game for the first time.  I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  Anyway, as I play more of this game, I’ll try to make more gameplay videos for it.  For now, please enjoy my very first No Man’s Sky gameplay video.

Perhaps, The Real Universes Are Also No Man’s Sky

This June, No Man’s Sky will be released on the 21st of the month.  This is one of those games that I can’t wait to get my game on.  The game is about an almost infinite galaxies and planets that you can travel to and explore.  From what I’d heard the travel between planets and galaxies is seamless.  An open world where wonders and monsters await, and each trip can be randomly dangerous.  If not prepare ahead, your next trip in No Man’s Sky may be a trip to hell.

Enough about the game, because I want to focus on something else entirely in this blog post.  I mentioned No Man’s Sky, because the game is special and unique since it would almost indefinitely generate new instances of parts of the universe that you travel through in your spaceship.  This means game assets and whatnot are going to be randomly created all the time through an algorithm.  This makes me wonder perhaps our real universe is also infinite.

When we escaped the planet earth, we suddenly realized the surmise of round earth is true.  We see galaxies, but we can’t get there.  We can’t really see the edge of the universe, because a simplest, smallest distance between earth and another planet is already too huge.  Just imagine an ant craws across a hill, and this ant must have thought that the hill is a galaxy.  How would the ant know that there is a universe in which humans are aim to travel across, right?

Imagine the real universe is also being instantly generated indefinitely, thus us humans would probably never be able to see the real edge of the universe.  Because, the edge of the universe would also be expanded farther and farther with no end in sight.  What if there are multiple universes that would never allow one realm to travel to another, but these realms are so different and have infinite generated instances?  Imagine the laws of physics would be so different from one realm to another.

I think as human civilization gets bolder with space, one day we may do No Man’s Sky for real.  Right now I can’t wait to play No Man’s Sky on PC, but our human civilization can’t wait to escape this space region.  I think nuclear power and the likes are progress, but only if us humans can be civilized.  Such technologies can catapult us humans out of this space region and go interstellar.  Nonetheless, we may go extinct if we can’t be civilized among ourselves.

No Man’s Sky “I’ve Seen Things” Trailer (PS4)

I don’t know why but No Man’s Sky makes me think it’s the Elite: Dangerous for PS4.  Of course the two games are totally different in terms of platform and whatnot, but it feels like two versions of the same game to me even though I’ve only seen the trailer for No Man’s Sky.  Still, I may be playing this game on PS4.  Check out No Man’s Sky trailer right after the break.  Enjoy!