New Music Single: “Hungry For Love (Rap)”

Hello everyone, check out my new released single “Hungry for Love” on the streaming services right after this paragraph! A bit of a warning though, my new single isn’t a Pop or Alternative single but it is a rap song! So there you go, if you don’t like rap music I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to check it out. Nonetheless, if you like rap music you may want to see how I rap. For your information, I’m not a true rapper since I don’t really make many rap songs! Still, what harm can it be if I make one right?


Brand New Rock Music Single “Don’t Kill Yourself” Is Now Available

I just released a brand new single “Don’t Kill Yourself,” and this single will be available on various online music stores and services such as iTunes.  You can listen to this single for free on SoundCloud and UShareMix.  For $0.99, you can download it on Epoginis and CDBaby.  Check this single out on my music blog


New Music Single “Dangerous” by Vinh Nguyen

Check out my new music single “Dangerous.”  This soundtrack will be available soon on iTunes and elsewhere.  For limited time, you can listen to this new soundtrack for free on my music blog (  You can also listen to “Dangerous” on Soundcloud.


New Music Single “Courage & Hope” By Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new single “Courage & Hope,” and you can check it out on my music blog (  This song will also be available on various music stores and services such as Spotify.  You can also download this song on  For limited time, you can listen to this song for free on my music blog.


Dance Revolution (Music Single by Vinh Nguyen)

I just released a new single known as “Dance Revolution,” and it’s now available for downloading at  As always, it’s $0.99 a download.  In the upcoming days and weeks, this new single will also be available for online music services such as Spotify.  You can also listen to “Dance Revolution” at my music blog for free (for a limited time).  Enjoy!!!

Dance Revolution Music Cover Art