Ambitious China Launched Largest Building In The World Since July 1st Of 2013

Is this how the architects of the future will be?  Historically, China got grand historic landmarks such as the Great Wall, but since modernization China is once again ambitiously building monstrous architectural things.  Just recently, since July 1st of 2013, China opened up its New Century Global Center.  Currently, this newly building boasts to be the biggest in the world.  According to Associated Press, this building has around 19 million square feet of floor space, making it equates to about 329 football fields.  It got artificial beach, artificial sun, 2 five star hotels, office spaces, 14 IMAX theaters, restaurants, shopping center, largest LED screen in the world which gives backdrop atmosphere to 1,300 foot long wave pool, and much more.  Basically, it is a well thought out landmark as it is being placed in a well thought out network of roads and highways and public transportation systems.  I’m impressed by the sheer scale and ambition of this building.  It reminds me the same ambition of the ancient Egyptians when they had built their pyramids.  The video right after the break describes this building in details.  I think the video was made before the building was completed, therefore many clips within the video were animated.  Nonetheless, enjoy it!!!