Nevada Passed Law For Driverless Cars

Somewhat an exciting news for the state of Nevada, but to us all it’s probably a really cool news even though many of us obviously from other states — it’s about Nevada passed a new law which sets forth how might its Department of Transportation regulates driverless cars.  Yes, you heard me right, driverless cars are probably in the making somewhere in automakers’ test labs or Google’s test labs of all things, but Nevada is preparing for such technology which prompts me to think that Nevada knows something that we don’t.

Are they?  The folks in Nevada are ready themselves for a future which will be here soon where cars are driving themselves?  We know this is so doable since Google in the past years or last year has demonstrated such capability by having successful driverless car demonstrations (i.e., if my memory serves me well).  Cheers!

I think this technology is very awesome since we don’t really have to fly in order for us to munch on snacks and doze off carelessly!  In fact, you can text messages to your heart’s content on any road trip, wether that be cross country adventure or a dash to a local mall.  I don’t know how safe driverless cars will be, but I hope this technology will allow less accidents and safer road and highway traveling.  Until then, I guess I’m crossing my fingers and hope my state too will prepare for such a future as how Nevada has done so!