From One Tree To 480 Million Trees, A Beautiful Feat!

I’m living in an area where greenery isn’t lacking, and so I don’t have to think much about what if there isn’t much greenery around.  Probably, somewhere there are places that have gotten so desolated, and so greenery would probably be out of reach.

In China, there are places that either desert sands would eat up greenery or the neglect of environment that would turn greenery area into a dry, desolated man-made scenery.

Would you prefer more trees and lakes and cleaner air than dry, dirty, desolated scenery?  I know I would want greenery over a desert for my daily scenery.  Unless, of course, from time to time, I want to be in awe and become a tourist, I would love to travel to a desert, but other than such a moment of spark I would love to bathe myself in greenery for sure.  After all, more trees would be able to suck out the pollutions that we are creating every day from our vehicles and whatnot.  Basically, a healthy dose of greenery each day is a healthy day for a person to live for.

Anyhow, I think China has done something amazing.  China is continuing to make progress on creating forests in the most desolated places in China.  For an example, Saihanba, North of Beijing was once a beautiful, greenery area where royal family members in Qing dynasty would use as a hunting area, but after Qing dynasty had gotten weak the place got deteriorated for letting people chopping trees down for lumber as a way of making money.  Then one day the Chinese people found out the whole place got only one tree left standing.  That was when the Chinese were mustered up to recreate the greenery for the place.

Nowadays, Saihanba got 480 million trees standing to let whoever wants to visit the place to take in a beautiful, majestic greenery scene.  From one tree to 480 million trees, I think it’s a beautiful thing!  What do you think?


Giant Panda Breeding Center, Chengdu, China in 4K (Ultra HD)

Something about pandas that make you think of serenity and cuteness.  Check out cute pandas in glorious 4K resolution in the video right after the break.  Meanwhile, if you like the video, you can subscribe to the video’s YouTube channel.  I think the owner of “Amazing Places on our Planet” YouTube channel got a lot more awesome 4K videos to share with you.

Glorious 4K Time-lapse Video Of North America

Got a 4K display?  If not, you can watch 4K time-lapse video of North America in a less than 4K glorious resolution.  I’m sure it will be just as stunning as in 4K display.  This video brought to you by 3motion user on Vimeo, and I have no affiliation to this person or Vimeo whatsoever.  Nonetheless, it’s a cool video to share, and so check it out right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Just took some more photos of Lake Lanier, but this time I took them photos from different vantage point of Lake Lanier.  This time, I like to emphasize the drought condition in Georgia by taking photos that show part of Lake Lanier is now only puddles of water.  The irony is that, on the other side of the road, Lake Lanier is still looking gorgeous as ever.  Anyhow, you should check out them photos at my EndlessBit photoblog.  Feeling lazy?  You don’t have to hop over to EndlessBit, because you can just check out the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Winter Night In Summer Heat Under Christmas Spirit (December 9, 2012)

Winter Night In Summer Heat Under Christmas Spirit (December 9, 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

Winter Night In Summer Heat Under Christmas Spirit (December 9, 2012) Sneak Peek Photo

I just link EndlessBit to new set of photos on Flickr which I took on December 9, 2012.  It was a warm night for a winter.  Without a coat and just a regular shirt, I ventured in the night from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM for a low light photography session.  The end result was some nice night photos.  Check ’em photos out by clicking on the sneak peek photo within this blog post or on this link.  You can also just watch the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – A Walk With Man Made Nature (November 7 2012)

Check out my new Lightroom 4 Photo fun session on  This time it’s about a walk with man made nature!  Enjoy!!!  Link: