What Is Cue Sheets And Why Is It Important?

For the moment, all of my tracks are with ASCAP — an organization which collects royalties for music producers, composers, artists, and songwriters — and so I would usually receive an email or two from them quite frequently.  Just in, one of the videos is about Cue Sheets which allows you to get paid through your music.  I think it’s rather interesting and so here I share it with you.  Before you take a look at the video right after the break, I want to introduce you to my brand new single “Shattered Reflection” which will be released broadly soon.  When it’s out, you can totally listen to it on Spotify and iTunes.


New Music Single “Smiling With You” by Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new music single “Smiling with you,” and you can check it out on SoundCloud.  You can start downloading it on Epoginis.  Soon, this new single will be available in stores and music subscription services such as Spotify.  Hopefully, you’ll like my new music single.


New Music Single “Jaguar In The Night” by Vinh Nguyen

Just letting everyone knows I’m releasing a new music single “Jaguar In The Night.”  This music single will be available in various places such as iTunes soon.  If you’re a subscriber to Spotify and similar services, you’ll be able to listen to “Jaguar In The Night” soon.  Also, you can check out this song on SoundCloud.  You can also download this song on Epoginis.

Jaguar In The Night Music Cover Art JPG 70per

10 Year Old Chinese Guitar Genius

If all 10 year old girls play as good as her, who would need adult bands, right?  All I can say is wow!  She’s only 10 years of age or so, a little bit younger or older I’ve no idea, but she plays like she is a professional adult guitarist.  I can’t imagine how good she could be even more when she grows older.  I mean, at her level and age, I can only say wow.  I think her nickname is Yoyo, but her real name is Liu Pinxi.  She’s from China.  Check out her video right after the break and be amazed!