New Music Single “A Brand New Me” By Vinh Nguyen

Update: I just fixed the master of this single to make it even better.  I hope you like the latest version of this song.  Thanks for supporting me!

Check out my brand new music single “A Brand New Me” on SoundCloud.  If you like it, you can download it on Epoginis.  This song will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services in coming days.  Thanks for supporting me!



Check out my new Dance track “I Don’t Need Your Sympathy!”

After 3 tries in mastering track I Don’t Need Your Sympathy, I’m confident now that it’s correct and good enough for everyone to listen.  When I first mastered this track, I uploaded to SoundCloud, but for some strange reasons, they bug me that the track wasn’t good enough.  After second mastering, also uploaded to SoundCloud, my aunt said my voice wasn’t cut through the music.  She is now approving my third master of this track.  Now I’m happy and feeling a bit good that at least my aunt likes this track now.  Anyway, you can listen to the goodness of this track (after 3 tries in mastering it) on SoundCloud.  In few more days, hopefully, sooner than later, this track would also be available for you to stream on Spotify, iTunes and elsewhere.



What Is Cue Sheets And Why Is It Important?

For the moment, all of my tracks are with ASCAP — an organization which collects royalties for music producers, composers, artists, and songwriters — and so I would usually receive an email or two from them quite frequently.  Just in, one of the videos is about Cue Sheets which allows you to get paid through your music.  I think it’s rather interesting and so here I share it with you.  Before you take a look at the video right after the break, I want to introduce you to my brand new single “Shattered Reflection” which will be released broadly soon.  When it’s out, you can totally listen to it on Spotify and iTunes.