Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Me Goofing Off 01

This is the very first episode of me trying out “Battlefield 4” (multiplayer game mode).  I’ve to say I’m pretty suck at it, but I like it!  I think it’s similar to “Counter-Strike:  Global Offensive,” but “Battlefield 4” got better graphics and sounds.  I know I can do a lot better in Counter-Strike than Battlefield, but as long I play Battlefield more I don’t see why I can’t get better in multiplayer sessions.  Anyhow, watch me goofing off in “Battlefield 4” (multiplayer game mode) in the video right after the break.

Afterthought:  With first person shooter games, I think it’s very important to know the maps.  Figuring out the best spots to be unseen and to have advantage of seeing others before they can see you are crucial elements in winning multiplayer struggles.  I’m so new to all the maps that are being played in “Battlefield 4” (multiplayer game mode), and this is why I’m very bad at “Battlefield 4” (multiplayer game mode) so far.  Plus, my shooting sucks.  LOL!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 08 (Ending)

This is the last episode of Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode gameplay.  It reveals the ending of the campaign for Battlefield 4.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 07

Just another episode of Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode gameplay.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 01

I’ve heard many good things about Battlefield series, but I’ve never ever played a Battlefield title ever.  “Battlefield 4” has convinced me to join the Battlefield’s fervent gamers.  I’m glad I had decided to play “Battlefield 4.”  Although I’ve only played Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, and I’ve to say that it has impressed me a lot.  Gamers have been religiously professed that Battlefield series’ multiplayer mode is the best, and so I definitely have got to finish up Battlefield 4’s campaign mode fast so I can begin to meddle with Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode.

Talking about Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, I love it.  Although the story isn’t uniquely glorious, it’s not shabby either.  The graphics are very very good, and I’m not even playing “Battlefield 4” in all high graphics settings.  If you have a very very good graphic card, you can actually turn graphics settings up to ultra settings.  If I’m not wrong, the maximum graphics settings for this game are ultra settings.  Anyhow, the sounds and the graphics for “Battlefield 4” in campaign mode come together very well.  Not a shabby story, great voice acting, great sounds, and extremely good graphics have allowed “Battlefield 4” to push the immersive scale for first person shooter game genre up many many notches.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling about “Battlefield 4,” just check out my Battlefield 4 campaign mode gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

FYI:  I’m playing Battlefield 4 on a PC, hence I’d mentioned about a very very good graphic card for ultra graphics settings.

X-Rebirth’s YouTube First Trailer Video

Okie, I know Eve Online is unique as it isn’t yet being outdone in term of space game economy and overall space multiplayer gameplay, and so it’s exciting to see just about any game dares to outshine Eve Online.  X-Rebirth is what I’m thinking.  Well, I don’t think there is any space game out there that can yet outshine Eve Online in term of multiplayer space gameplay, and X-Rebirth isn’t there to do so either since it’s not a multiplayer space game.  Nonetheless, X-Rebirth is a huge space game that might just outshine Eve Online in other space game expectations!  How huge?  Well, according to “X Rebirth Is Finally (Almost) Ready” forum post by The Escapist, X-Rebirth is a game that got 7 years in the making and counting.  The open space world is super large and ships are super huge if you like as in let me have one of this ginormous ship please, and can you make it in kilometers length?  Furthermore, it seems that you can also visit various unique unexplored planets and meet the inhabitants of such planets.  Of course, you can trade and go to war too.  Space game without space war would spell doom in my opinion, but you don’t have to worry about something like this with X-Rebirth.  They (just people who are in the know I guess) say that X-Rebirth is huge but not complex in term of gameplay as you can play the game with a console controller if you like.  Anyhow, I don’t know much about X series and X-Rebirth to tell the truth, but I’m already so exciting to know of its existence.  I can’t wait to get my hand on it.  I’m not sure about the release dates for the game, but according to The Escapist this game will be released on November 19th this year for North America.  This game will be released earlier for Europe though.  For now, let us just enjoy X-Rebirth trailer right after the break.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Newbie Gameplay Episode 01

Feeling like watching me playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?  Check out the newbie gameplay episode 01 of COD Black Ops 2 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!