Predestination Movie Review (Time Travel Science Fiction)

Just finished watching “Predestination” (2014 Australian science fiction film), and I have to say this movie is a time travel gem in science fiction.  We all love the idea of time travel, because it allows us to imagine that we can go back in time to fix our mistakes or to change something for the better and so forth.  Nonetheless, “Predestination” isn’t similar to other time travel movies I’d seen.  “Predestination” is unique in a way that it puts way more limitation on time travel mechanism than any other time travel movies I’d seen.

The script in “Predestination” weaves the order of interwoven plots together quite nicely, and only by watching the whole film closely that I could be so amused by the ending of the movie.  Nonetheless, as the movie had gone through 75% of its timeline, I already figured out the essence of the main plot, but I was still amazed how the ending created even more interest about the whole movie for me.

The actors in “Predestination” are amazing in the movie.  They are quite believable in their roles.  Nonetheless, if you had watched the movie already you would probably know why it’s even more amazing to see these actors pull through since the main plot of the movie depends on them to surprise you as the viewer to the very end.  Is it hard for these actors to surprise you with the movie’s main plot in the end?  I don’t know, but at least in the movie you can see these actors pull you in throughout the movie to very end, even after the essence of the main plot was revealed.

While watching, at first the movie feels like a low budget movie, but after you sink deeper into the movie the low budget feeling is no longer there but the other feeling creeps in which is as if how you would praise how intelligent the plot is.  After finishing watching the film I had to go online to get more clarification on the main plot, because the ending does leave you feel like something is missing — in a good way.  You would question how would the whole main plot of the movie is even possible in the first place.  Especially at the end of the movie you probably would wonder what’s the point of time travel after all.  You would know what I meant by that if you had already watched the movie.

According to Wikipedia, “Predestination” was directed by The Spierig Brothers.  The screenplay is based on “All You Zombies” (1959) short story by Robert A. Heinlein.  The main stars in the movie are Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor.  I definitely recommend this movie for viewers who like to read books and watch movies on Time Travel.  It’s a science fiction for sure, and so I think the science fiction people will like it too.

Netflix Isn’t Desperate, But Will It Be So?

Netflix has been scarred with mistakes lately, and mostly they had done it to themselves.  By now you probably had heard how Netflix raised prices, tried to split Netflix into two then reverted to one service again, and then decidedly kept prices high as it had intended all along.  Customers were furious, and some of them still do.  Many shareholders bailed Netflix’s stock, gave way to a stock that once was neared $300 but now it’s hovering around $117.

Has Netflix forever destroyed itself?  This question is quite important in this period of time for Netflix, because so many other players are willing to spend huge amount of money to build something that might be fit to compete against Netflix.  Just to name a few, Vdio, Amazon, Google, Dish’s Blockbuster, and Apple.

I don’t think Netflix is yet to be desperate, because it has several advantages that the competitors aren’t yet capable in matching or surpassing.  Let see, Netflix is still considering to be the best service.  It has more film titles than anyone else for instant streaming, and its CD/DVD by mail is still intact — has huge collections of films.  Although Netflix has raised prices higher, it’s considerably cheap, still.  People can instantly stream Netflix’s films on most devices and gadgets in the markets — this hasn’t been the case for the competitors.

I do think that by giving enough time, anyone can catch up to Netflix as long somebody is willing to spend enough cash to play the catch-up game and the customers are willing to switch to try out newer services so they can compare the formers versus the newcomers.  This is why I do think Netflix has to innovate more than just being the service which has acquired more film titles for instant streaming than anyone else.  Why?  Some customers might be contented with just enough film titles, because not everyone is able to sit down and watch all of them titles.  Nonetheless, good titles are very important, because only the titles people want to watch most will be able to promote the charm of the service.

How Netflix should innovate?  Netflix needs to add features and whistles and bells to its instant streaming service!  Let see, when I watch a TV show, I do not want to switch manually one episode to another, because I hate to get out of my couch or bed just to switch to the next episode of the series.  What can I say, people like me are born to be lazy, and I’m afraid there are tons of us out there!  Let see, Netflix might want to try incorporate social network features similar to Facebook and Google Plus into its own service, because it’s logical to allow users to communicate better.  Perhaps friends on Netflix might want to share favorite movies with each other and so on.  Let see, Netflix might want to bring live shows to users/customers.  Live shows have the potential to be game changer, because some people just want to be able to watch news the way they have been doing for ages on regular TVs.  There are so many things that Netflix can enhance its service, and by doing so I think Netflix can basically mute its competitors in way that it’s not even funny!  Let not forget to be simplistic and yet at the same time appearing to be capable!

In summary, Netflix isn’t that desperate yet, but it will be if it allows the competitors to catch up!  Netflix can enhance its service by tweaking its service in ways that appeal to customers more.  Netflix can dominate even more by controlling more popular film titles and TV shows.  Keeping the prices affordable, Netflix will be able to ensure its longevity.  Happy customers in the end will make things very costly for Netflix’s competitors.