Snowden Official Movie Trailer

By now, I think everybody pretty much knows who is Snowden and why the United States is chasing after him.  Still, Hollywood is going to release a brand new movie about Snowden which will come to theater near you in September 16th of this year (i.e., 2016).  Is he a hero or a traitor to you?  How Snowden movie will depict him?  Will the movie depict him as a hero or a traitor?  Anyhow, check out the trailer of this brand new Snowden movie right after the break.  Enjoy!

Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

I’m a fan of Hitman video game series, and so I’m looking forward to see the new Hitman: Agent 47 movie as it’s coming out this year.  According to Wikipedia, Hitman: Agent 47 will get release in August 28th of 2015.  Before the movie comes out and I get to watch it, I can’t really judge how good a movie will be by just watching the trailer, but it’s funny how the trailer shows the authorities have a fully loaded sniper weapon sits right in front of the Hitman just so he can use it to break out.  Anyway, check out the trailer right after the break.  Enjoy!!!