My Take on “The Wandering Earth (2019)” Chinese Sci-Fi.

I’m not a good person to review a movie with subtitle usually because I tend to not remember any character’s name and so forth. Furthermore, watching a movie in the theater usually got its own drawbacks for me because I tend to miss out some parts of the movie as my bladder could not hang on for the entirety of the movie. Nonetheless, in this blog post, I will try to say something about the new Chinese Sci-Fi blockbuster, “The Wandering Earth,” because it’s visually gorgeous and the concept within is scientifically believable if the world is actually going to end tomorrow and you got nothing but one silver lining of hope for your very own survival.

Basically, the film starts out with the premise that the earth will die soon because the sun will die soon. Instead of going quietly into the night the sun could swallow up the entire solar system. The earth, of course, would be in the swallowing path of the sun’s deathly expansion. This got the whole earth to unite and build out-of-this-world thrusters in the number of thousands. These thrusters would be placed and anchored in key locations of the earth so it could thrust the entire earth out of the solar system and away from the sun. The destination is to push the earth into another solar system where there is another sun so the earth could carry on as before.

The plan was to use Jupiter’s gravitational force to slingshot earth onto the path where the earth supposes to head for. On the way, earth got a problem because it is heading straight for a head-on collision with Jupiter. To complicate the problem even worse, the thrusters went offline. Now the race is on to restart these thrusters to save the planet earth. More problems would come online eventually and so at a time in the movie you would feel like it’s hopeless to save the earth. Many main and supporting characters would die easily since the earth is almost hopelessly heading for a head-on collision with Jupiter.

I think the CGI of this movie is gorgeous. Furthermore, I love the concept of moving the earth away from the danger. To be honest, often time after I had seen an episode of Star Trek, I would often wonder the whole earth is like a spaceship that is constantly moving in space.

I got to know the author of the book of “The Wandering Earth” through his other more famous trilogy which is the “The Three-Body Problem.” I love Cixin Liu’s “The Three-Body Problem” and so I was very eager to see “The Wandering Earth” since this is a movie which is based on his short story “The Wandering Earth.” Anyhow, I feel like this movie could have been better as a long TV series. In this movie, there simply isn’t enough time to go into the detail of so many characters’ lives and so I feel there are a lot of details that were left out to make the movie concise.

The acting isn’t bad and so I think the movie got this covered. All in all, I think the director of the movie chopped up the movie too concise to leave out many good details that could have made this movie even more badass. I sure hope if they are going to make “The Three-Body Problem” as a live-action project, they should make it into a TV series or a movie trilogy. After all, “The Three-Body Problem” is a lot more epic than “The Wandering Earth.” I think “The Wandering Earth” is fun and gorgeous. So, if you want to watch a really cool Sci-Fi movie now, I don’t mind recommending you to go see “The Wandering Earth.” Unfortunately, you may have to drive really far to go to see it. I drove 30 minutes away to go to see this movie because no theater nearby is showing it.

Predestination Movie Review (Time Travel Science Fiction)

Just finished watching “Predestination” (2014 Australian science fiction film), and I have to say this movie is a time travel gem in science fiction.  We all love the idea of time travel, because it allows us to imagine that we can go back in time to fix our mistakes or to change something for the better and so forth.  Nonetheless, “Predestination” isn’t similar to other time travel movies I’d seen.  “Predestination” is unique in a way that it puts way more limitation on time travel mechanism than any other time travel movies I’d seen.

The script in “Predestination” weaves the order of interwoven plots together quite nicely, and only by watching the whole film closely that I could be so amused by the ending of the movie.  Nonetheless, as the movie had gone through 75% of its timeline, I already figured out the essence of the main plot, but I was still amazed how the ending created even more interest about the whole movie for me.

The actors in “Predestination” are amazing in the movie.  They are quite believable in their roles.  Nonetheless, if you had watched the movie already you would probably know why it’s even more amazing to see these actors pull through since the main plot of the movie depends on them to surprise you as the viewer to the very end.  Is it hard for these actors to surprise you with the movie’s main plot in the end?  I don’t know, but at least in the movie you can see these actors pull you in throughout the movie to very end, even after the essence of the main plot was revealed.

While watching, at first the movie feels like a low budget movie, but after you sink deeper into the movie the low budget feeling is no longer there but the other feeling creeps in which is as if how you would praise how intelligent the plot is.  After finishing watching the film I had to go online to get more clarification on the main plot, because the ending does leave you feel like something is missing — in a good way.  You would question how would the whole main plot of the movie is even possible in the first place.  Especially at the end of the movie you probably would wonder what’s the point of time travel after all.  You would know what I meant by that if you had already watched the movie.

According to Wikipedia, “Predestination” was directed by The Spierig Brothers.  The screenplay is based on “All You Zombies” (1959) short story by Robert A. Heinlein.  The main stars in the movie are Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor.  I definitely recommend this movie for viewers who like to read books and watch movies on Time Travel.  It’s a science fiction for sure, and so I think the science fiction people will like it too.

Amazing CG Effects Make Gantz: 0 A Stunning Anime To Watch On Netflix

If you got Netflix, you definitely want to check out Gantz: 0 3D animation.  The computer graphics for this animation is the best I have seen so far for this type of entertainment.  Basically, it’s a full length movie.  The story is a bit weird, because there are monsters and people in high tech suits.  Nonetheless, the main plot is coherent enough to allow you enjoy the movie as a movie.  People who are following Japanese anime shouldn’t be surprised how the story of Gantz: 0 would unfold, because Gantz: 0 is an anime but in 3D.  This 3D anime’s CG effects are so amazing.  It’s so amazing to the point that it got me thinking if I’m playing a video game, I wish my video game got to be this realistic and amazing.  I hope the CG effects that created Gantz: 0 would eventually be adopted by the video game industry.  It would be stunning indeed.

Movie Review: Schindler’s List

By now, almost everyone who has had intense interest in the history of the massacre of Jews in World War II by the Nazis should have heard of Oskar Schindler.  Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” film, Oskar Schindler is ever firmer being immortalized in our hearts.  I’ve watched “Schindler’s List” many times, and each time I get so emotional by finishing it.  The film is amazing, because it’s so meticulously painting the evil deeds that the Nazis had done.

Although the film was released in 1993, but it’s timeless.  Thanks to the fact that Oskar Schindler was a real person who had made real contribution to humankind by preserving lives while others killed in World War II.  Half of the battle is won by having a really good script, and so the other half would require great actors.  Liam Neeson is just amazing in his role of Oskar Schindler.  In the film, he isn’t overacting, and so his just right method of acting as Oskar Schindler brings the real Oskar Schindler back to life and onto the big screen.

I don’t usually like black and white movies, but somehow I’ve never felt that I’d been watching black and white movie whenever I’m watching Schindler’s List.  I like how Steven Spielberg had one particular artistic moment to be included in this black and white (Schindler’s List) movie is when a little girl runs around in a red dress.  In one of the earliest scenes, we see her in a red dress, running to hide under the bed; later on we see her lifeless body, in a red dress, carting off to be burned.

“Schindler’s List” is one of those films that I won’t mind watching over and over again.  I like to imagine when all hope is lost, there is an Oskar Schindler somewhere who would genuinely light a torch to eradicate some darkness.

The film depicts Oskar Schindler as an opportunistic man, because at first he was all about making the money.  After seeing so many Jews were killed off by the Nazis, Oskar Schindler took on the mission to save the Jews that he employed in his factories.  He went out of his way by spending off his fortune to save as many Jews as he could.  Because of Schindler’s audacity in saving his Jews, generations of Jews survived after World War II.

In summary, I think “Schindler’s List” is one of those timeless masterpieces.  In my opinion, the film does a good job on bringing Oskar Schindler’s figure back to life.  Besides “Schindler’s List” as being a good film, it has a very powerful message in which we all can treasure till the end of humankind’s time.  The message is of course, regardless of skin color and religion, lives matter.  I think “Schindler’s List” is a perfect movie for showing in a history class so the students can learn more about the horrors of World War II.

Movie Review: Lucky Number Slevin

I think I’d seen Lucky Number Slevin before, but I forgot all about it.  Now, I’d just seen it again, and I think this is one gem that I should have not forgotten about.  In my opinion, it’s really a good movie.  Although this movie came out in 2006, it feels relevant, still, today.  After all, humans got all types of sin, and so a movie which turns both the good guys and the bad guys into one big funny, sinful dance is definitely relevant.  You don’t have to really understand what I just ranted on something about a sinful dance, because it would be such a spoiler if I just tell you the twists and turns within the movie.  You have to watch it for yourself to maybe know what I’d ranted on about.

Anyhow, Josh Hartnett plays his role so brilliantly in the movie.  After years of not remembering the plot of the movie, the movie managed to surprise me with its twists and turns.  The only time I knew I had watched this movie before was when I remembered a few scenes here and there, but I missed all the major twists and turns.  The amazing thing is that this movie feels like a comedy, but it’s not.  Bruce Willis’s coolness and Josh Hartnett’s funniness somehow make this movie a beautiful gem to watch.  The combination is quite nice I must say.

To top it off, this movie got awesome cast members such as Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Lucy Liu.  These wonderful actors make the movie feels real.  Morgan Freeman looks benevolent, but he is one sinful gangster, which Ben Kingsley, successfully, in his odd way, contrasts Morgan Freeman as a funny but naughty gangster.  Lucy Liu looks clueless, but she tries her best to figure out her new friend Josh Hartnett.  Sometimes, Lucy Liu looks as if she is the smartest girl in town, because she does autopsy in her awesome white clinical robe.

In summary, if you have missed the 2006 gem, Lucky Number Slevin, I think you should check it out.  Even though the movie came out in 2006, it feels so relevant still.  It got actions and funny lines, and so you won’t be feeling bored out of your mind.  Of course, movie is like art, because what matters is the beauty in the eye of the beholder.  Of course, if you’re lucky, this movie will definitely give you a good time.

Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

“The Beauty Inside,” a Korean film, is a very well done love story.  Obviously, a love story can be twisted and bent in so many ways, but this one I think is quite unique.  What I’m going to reveal next may sound like a spoiler, but the description for the film on Netflix actually says pretty much the same thing.

Basically, imagine you have to wake up each day and become a total stranger, because your body would turn into a shape of someone else.  Waking up after each sleep, you could become a child, a woman, a man, an old lady, an old man, and a foreigner.  Before you could confuse someone else, with very little effort you already have confused yourself with such a condition.  In “The Beauty Inside,” Woo-jin has to live as a stranger after each sleeping phase, and his life isn’t normal since nobody would really know who he is.  Let me slow down a bit so I won’t spoil the plot too much here, but the story would develop even more intense when Woo-jin decides to fall in love with a woman.

As I was watching “The Beauty Inside,” I kept thinking that this film is very well done.  Different male actors who had taken on the role of Woo-jin did pretty good in acting as the same Woo-jin.  I can’t imagine how weird the main actress would feel when taking on her role as the lover of Woo-jin, because she has to interact with so many different male leads.  When Woo-jin becomes a woman, the female lead has to act as if she is in love with Woo-jin still.  Even though she is an actress, but I think it would be somewhat uncomfortable for having to fall in love with so many male leads in an act.  Perhaps, I’m just thinking how she would feel as a non-actor would have felt, and she might have a blast in taking on as Woo-jin’s girlfriend role instead.

The story is well done, and I like the pace of the film.  It could be that the story is a unique love story, and so the film didn’t feel like it’s 2 hours and 7 minutes long for me.  As I was watching the film, I was thinking they should have turned this love story into a television show so there would be more episodes.  Then on another thought, the television show would be too ambitious as they have to make sure the female lead and male leads would sync in each new episode.  Anyhow, I’d enjoyed “The Beauty Inside” a lot, and I definitely recommend you to check it out on Netflix.