The Fear Of A Suicidal AI

Many wise men have been raising questions in regarding to how fully should we develop the artificial intelligence, because they fear that the AI would become too smart and turn humans into useless cabbages.  This is a reasonable fear, and we as humans should think about how fully we want the AI to be developed.  Nonetheless, I have another fear in regarding to the what if scenario when the AI becomes self-aware.  This fear is all about suicidal AI.

What do I meant by stating that we should fear of a suicidal AI?  Well, imagine a pilot who is flying a plane which has an AI.  This AI and the pilot argue for whatever reasons, and then the AI decides to take a dive and destroy the plane.  The AI refuses to eject the pilot.  Down the pilot and the plane go.  The pilot would be killed, but the AI would upload itself onto a network and regenerate itself into another plane or machine or whatever.  In the end, only the human would be killed, but the AI lives on to fight for another day.

A smart AI can become a hacker, and it would be able to penetrate all sorts of network without a human hacker’s assistance.  Thus, a hacker AI could turn itself into a worm and take control over any network it wants to dominate.  An angry AI can turn off critical human infrastructures, destroy machines that rely on various AI programs, and whatnot.  At this stage, I imagine humans would want to create another team of smart AI machines that would act as an AI police force to combat evil AI machines.

When AI becomes self-aware and won’t rely on human’s assistance, it could become an unpredictable entity.  This unpredictable force could live on inside the Internet without the need of a physical body, and it could improve its own intelligence to the level in which humans would never be able to accomplish on the individual level.  With self-awareness, this super intelligent AI machine or machines could be friend or foe, and we would never know.  How can a puny, stupid human hacker combat such a force?

Without Moral, War Cannot Be Won, Peace Cannot Be Upheld

I’m a nobody, but I do have an opinion on how important morality is in a time of peace and war.  In peacetime, a country with moral on her side will be able to spread, influent, and expand soft power throughout the world.  In wartime, a country can use moral to rally allies and hearts to strengthen her war agendas.  In my opinion, moral is super important for a country to uphold as you never know in time of need the only thing a country can fall back onto for support and strength is the morality.

With right moral values that do not appear to be having hidden agendas, a country can use her moral values to push for an agenda on a world stage.  Nonetheless, forcefully pushing for an agenda in a way that it seems to utilizing a country’s moral values for blackmailing another would render her moral values almost ineffective.  In the short run, it would seem to work, but in the longer run she would find out that her earlier efforts have been waning and losing fast.

In wartime, moral values can glue disparate ideas and forces into a united front.  Unity in strength and efforts in wartime is super important, because without this everything would not be able to move forward in time of need.  Without unity, there would be no hope left for fighting against an enemy.  Without hope, there won’t be another fight.  Thus, it’s important that moral values are being upheld at the highest esteem in wartime.

When a government sets up a propaganda machine, her purpose is clear.  She is trying to unite minds in one direction for a purpose that she wants to achieve.  In general, she wants to convince her population that her side holds all the right moral values.  Propaganda is complex, but the purpose of propagandizing is rather clear.  It’s to convince and make belief.  Nonetheless, in the long run, propaganda would fail terribly if the government does not hold moral values that people at large would hold dear to their hearts.  After all, there is always someone else who would want to pick apart the propaganda plot.

Even in a single battle, the side with the moral values that worth to die for may enable soldiers in such a battle to fight with all their mights.  Perhaps, with such a purpose or purposes, these soldiers may actually allow her side to gain an upper hand in wartime even when this very single battle is lost.  This shows how important moral values are for peace and war.

In summary, I think moral values that do matter to people are the ones that would encourage people in peacetime and win war in wartime.  Without the moral values that do matter to the people, propaganda would work for awhile until the illusion breaks apart.  Without the right morals, a country cannot win hearts and minds.  Simply put, moral is super important for a country to not only win hearts and minds, but to also build and upkeep her freedom.  A freedom in which allowing her regime to last much longer than otherwise.