Eve Online Gameplay: Taking Your Mining To The Next Level With Mining Barges

Mining in Eve Online does take patience, but it does feel very rewarding in unexplainable way.  So, gamers who like to get serious with mining in Eve Online definitely want to go beyond basic mining level.  Within the video right after the break, I briefly talk of how to take your mining to the next level with mining barges.  If you are new to Eve Online and wanting to start a mining career within Eve Online, please enjoy the video right after the break as I think it might be helpful to you.

Some Tips To Start Your Mining Career In Eve Online

I just got back on playing Eve Online for about 2 weeks or so, and at the moment I’m trying to get a mining career going on within the Eve Online world.  I’m not doing too bad as I’ve learned a few tricks here and there on mining.  Since I’ve learned a few tricks here and there, I think these tricks might be great for someone who just starts out playing Eve Online and wants to know more about mining.  Anyhow, the good stuffs are in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Me Being Frank And On Edge: Can Bitcoin Mining Shame “PC Is Dead” Mantra?

The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I had written about how Bitcoin might overtake the world and change the world economies, and today I wonder about the argument that PC is dead.  It seems to me that PC isn’t dead at all, but it’s even more essential now then ever.  How is that?  As I learn more about Bitcoin, it seems to me that you need a good mining rig to mine BTCs, and a good mining rig requires something as powerful as an average PC.  What PC is great for is that users can definitely modify it to be a Bitcoin mining rig, a gaming machine, an average Desktop, or all of the above.  So, if people are going to be evermore involved with Bitcoin, I believe that PC will become a hot commodity again.  Before, you could only see your money flew into PC makers’ banks and out of your reach, but now who would have thought that through PC modification — adding a great new, powerful graphic card — you can rely on the very PC to churn out BTCs (besides playing games of course).  For your information, BTC is a currency unit in Bitcoin currency platform.

Heard of zombie before?  No, I’m not talking about a walking dead, but I’m talking about a computer zombie.  Hackers are turning computers that they hacked (into) into computer zombies so they can use these computer zombies to mine for BTCs.  What will they do if everyone is going to use a tablet or mobile device and allowing the PC is dead mantra to become a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I imagine hackers might think about how to turn millions of tablets and mobile devices into effective Bitcoin mining zombies.  Nonetheless, if PC is really dead, hackers will not be happy since they are much more effective in generating some doughs from PC zombies.

So, as you can see, both good guys and bad guys want to see PC stays prevalent.  Obviously, PC is not all about Bitcoin mining, and let me rudely make a gesture so I can be amused later on of my own idiotic doing — simply — duh!!!  PC is here to stay until smaller devices can behave like PC or can behave in a more superior manner.  PC is superior (at the moment) for many reasons.  It’s powerful, easy to modify as in modulable, and Bitcoinable.

I think Bitcoin will become something much more prevalent.  If Bitcoin loses steam, something else (more superior than Bitcome) might come along and fill in Bitcoin place.  I think Bitcoin(ish) mining demands will definitely allow PC market to stay relevant if not red hot.  Sure, right now tablets and mobile devices are what driving the technological news mania, but without PC there won’t be any content on these mobile devices.

I don’t see how you can come up with quality contents by using only a tablet or a smartphone.  Perhaps, you can take some great photos and do some great user-generated videos with a tablet or smartphone (i.e., if you’re lucky), but beyond these venues you definitely need a PC.  Of course, this won’t be a definite must, because who would know that something will change this whole configuration altogether in the near future?  It’s that we always want a better change, but PC isn’t dead until we see it!  In a way, Bitcoin mining is definitely helping PC in staying relevant as Bitcoin grows more tentacles.  Will this be the trend?  Nobody knows, but I’m pretty sure if you need a great Bitcoin mining rig today, you definitely cannot do on a tablet.  Even hackers don’t want to hack tablets and mobile devices for mining BTCs (unless I’m wrong of course).