HTC 8X Locked Up, Screen Died, But Soft Reset Brought It Back To Life

By now, I’m not sure which is the main culprit that causes both Lumia 920 and HTC 8X to lock up itself.  It might be the hardware, software, or both!  Anyhow, but at least with HTC 8X, soft reset does help bringing back the smartphone to life.

The story goes, I replaced Lumia 920 twice (the second time was swapping out Lumia 920 for HTC 8X) as soft reset or hard reset could not jolt the smartphone back to life.  For no reasons at all, Lumia 920 just turned off itself even though its battery was fully charged.  The turned off part was partly true since its Bluetooth function was working still, but everything else just went off the grid.  Today, HTC 8X locked up the same way, and I was not able to bring the touchscreen to life even though I did not shy away from using the power button at the top of the smartphone to its full potential.  Luckily, the soft reset for HTC 8X does work!

How did I soft reset HTC 8X?  What I had done was holding down the volume button before holding down the power button until I see the HTC welcome screen came up, and then I released both buttons altogether (doing all of this while HTC 8X was hooked to the micro USB and being charged by the USB port from a PC).  AT&T is the mobile carrier I’m with, therefore after HTC welcome screen went away AT&T logo would show up.  I thought I had erased all the data and reseted HTC 8X back to the manufacturer settings, but I was glad that HTC 8X just rebooted itself and retained everything I had before (i.e., apps, data, etc…).  Usually, if you had done a hard reset, you would see the same HTC welcome screen and AT&T logo, but apparently soft reset is doing the same thing.  So don’t panic about your data if you have to do a soft reset on your HTC 8X, OK?  Obviously, if you haven’t allowed HTC 8X to back up your data frequently to the cloud, I’m afraid a hard reset would just wipe everything you got on the smartphone away.  It will be a hassle if this is going to happen, because you have to reinstall everything you got before.

I really do hope Microsoft and their Windows 8 phone partners get the act together.  They need to release either a software update or do a recall on the smartphones that they know are affected by this problem, because it’s a frustration for smartphone users like me to experience frequent smartphone lockup.  So far, I only experienced one lockup with HTC 8X, but it had only been three days since I got it.  If you had read about my experience with Lumia 920 on previous posts, Lumia 920 original and the replacement would lockup after two days of normal activities.  Worse, I got no luck with hard reset and soft reset when using Lumia 920.  I’m going to hang onto HTC 8X for a little longer unless soft and hard reset refuse to work when HTC 8X locks itself up again.  If you’re using HTC 8X or Lumia 920 or any other Windows 8 smartphone and experiencing the same thing as I do, please feel free to comment.  You can also share good experience about Windows 8 smartphone in the comment section, because people deserve to hear both sides of the story.


Smartphone Translator App Translates Foreign Texts From Pictures, Walls, Newspapers, And Whatever.

I think the Translator app on Windows 8 App Store is awesome.  It allows me to point the camera of Lumia 920 smartphone at whatever foreign texts on whatever (e.g., pictures, wall, newspapers, etc…) and it translates such texts into my preferable language that I can understand.  Cool?  Well, check out the video which I had posted right after the break for brief demonstrations and a brief talk on it.   Enjoy!!!

Let Multitasking With Toolbox (Windows 8 App)

Toolbox is a very cool Windows 8 app which allows you to multitask various things.  For an example, I can browse the web, check the weather, use the calculator, and so on at the same time.  Although the idea isn’t new at all, but the execution of the app is beautifully done within Windows 8 environment.  Nonetheless, I think the developer of Toolbox app can totally improve it by enabling more tools within the app.  Anyhow, check out the video above and you’ll know what I mean.  Enjoy!!!

Let Create Windows 8 Image So You Can Refresh Your Windows 8 System And Recover Files, Software, Personal Data, Settings, And Windows 8 System Files

Watch the video above, and I’ll walk you through how to create a Windows 8 image.  Basically, what Windows 8 image does is to allow you to restore your Windows 8 system back to the time that you had created the image for Windows 8.  So, let say couple months after you had created Windows 8 image your Windows 8 system acts abnormally, you can just do a Refresh (a recovery feature within Windows 8) with the Windows 8 image and your Windows 8 system should be back to how it was when you started to create the Windows 8 image.  This means your Windows 8 file systems, personal data, software that came with Windows 8 and software that you installed from various sources, and the settings of Windows 8 will all be restored.  Just remember though, before you do a refresh, you might want to backup your abnormal Windows 8 system so you can actually restore the files and software that you had created/installed right after the creation of the Windows 8 image.  Anyhow, enjoy the video!!!

(Problem Solved!) This is an update: Camtasia Studio 8.0.3 Refuses To Launch On Windows 8, What Am I Supposed To Do?

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio (Photo credit: adria.richards)

Update:  OK, so I was a bit too harsh on TechSmith.  After talking a lot more to them, a tech support guy at TechSmith was able to point out why Camtasia 8.0.3 would not launch on Windows 8.  It turned out that the upgrade for Windows 7 to Windows 8 would definitely prevent Camtasia 8.0.3 to work correctly, because to have it worked one needed to install Windows 8 from scratch.  That meant I had to reformat the computer, re-installed Windows 8 as if it was brand new, and then Camtasia 8.0.3 would work correctly when installed onto Windows 8.  I was able to confirm this as I had done exactly what they told me, which was to re-install Windows 8 from scratch.  You guys can read the rest of my original blog post, but only part of the old paragraphs are still meaningful now, because this paragraph right here is the solution to my complaint in the title.  I’m smiling at the moment, please share the joy with me!   Read the rest of the old post so you get what I’m saying in this post!