Eve Online Gameplay: Mining Multiple Asteroids At Once And Using Mining Drones

Within the video right after the break, I talk of how to mine more than one asteroids at once in Eve Online video game.  For the bonus, I touch very briefly on mining with mining drones.  Enjoy!!!

Some Tips To Start Your Mining Career In Eve Online

I just got back on playing Eve Online for about 2 weeks or so, and at the moment I’m trying to get a mining career going on within the Eve Online world.  I’m not doing too bad as I’ve learned a few tricks here and there on mining.  Since I’ve learned a few tricks here and there, I think these tricks might be great for someone who just starts out playing Eve Online and wants to know more about mining.  Anyhow, the good stuffs are in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Eve Online Odyssey Gameplay – After the Seven (2 of 5) Company Mission

In this video, I’m doing a short mission which is obtainable from the AI.  This mission is known as After the Seven (2 of 5) Company.  Anyhow, I was away from Eve Online for a year or so, plus I was not a dedicated Eve Online player before, and so I’m still very new to Eve Online.  Now I’m back with Eve Online, but this time I get to play Eve Online Odyssey since this is the latest version/iteration of Eve Online.  I hope you will enjoy my short Eve Online mission in this video.  Perhaps, only this video that I will go over few basic mechanics of Eve Online, because new Eve players might watch this very video.  In the future, I will not go over the basic mechanics at all and just play the game.

TERA Rising Introduction And Gameplay

Since World of Warcraft, plethora of MMORPG games had came out and tried to mimic WoW success.  Some made it and others failed terribly.  Nonetheless, the “MMORPG” game genre became something more when WoW was first made known.  Since the time I had quit played WoW, I bet there have been many good MMORPGs that got made.  Nonetheless, I got tired of the MMORPG genre, and I bet some people too had also got bored of this type of games.  Lately though, I had the itch for MMORPG again.  Recently, I’ve been playing The Secret World, but this doesn’t stop me from glancing around for just another MMORPG.  Out of the blue, I’d read an article on my mobile phone, and it mentioned TERA Rising.  Don’t ask me what article I’d read of, because now I can’t recall even the article’s title or who had wrote it or which organization the article belonged to.  Anyhow, I went and downloaded TERA Rising and tried it out.  The video right after the break is the result of me trying out TERA Rising.  For your information, TERA Rising is a free to play game.

Eve Online Game Play: Mine And Refine Veldspar Asteroid

Photos from Gen Con Indy 2007.

Photos from Gen Con Indy 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got 30 minutes to waste?  I had mine!  Played Eve Online to kill some time.  Mined and refined Veldspar asteroid.  Anyhow, rather than doodle and waste half an hour that way, let me convince you to watch my wasteful 30 minutes of Eve Online game play where I mine for Veldspar from Veldspar asteroid.  Oh, I don’t mean to sound dreadful about playing Eve Online, because I love it.  Certainly, it feels good to do so.  Nonetheless, I want to make it sounds dreadful since I know there are more productive things to do rather than playing game all day.  Perhaps, it’s my confession that I do sometimes be rather wasteful with my time.  Still, I must say I have noticed that I have less time to doodle than usual.  Don’t know  why.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Guild Wars 2 – World Versus World Game Play

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guild Wars 2 came out in August 28 of 2012, and so it is still very fresh.  I really have a lot of fun with it.  Anyhow, my last blog post on Guild Wars 2, A Quick Touch On Guild Wars 2, I had promised you guy that I would release a Guild Wars 2 game play video.  Promise is a promise, therefore you can check out the Guild Wars 2 World vs World game play video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!