My New Music Single “Take Me Away.”

Marrying Jazz’s Bebop tune with pop/rock feel, and the result is a brand new single “Take Me Away.”  This will be released onto Spotify, iTunes and elsewhere very soon.  For now, you can check it out on SoundCloud.  Get this track on Epoginis.


New Music Single “Smiling With You” by Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new music single “Smiling with you,” and you can check it out on SoundCloud.  You can start downloading it on Epoginis.  Soon, this new single will be available in stores and music subscription services such as Spotify.  Hopefully, you’ll like my new music single.


Just Releasing A Brand New Music Single “Fly High”

My brand new music single, “Fly High” is coming soon to various digital music stores such as iTunes.  This music single is melodramatic in meaning but upbeat in rock beats.  You can download it on, or you can listen to it for free on UShareMix and SoundCloud.  Don’t forget to share the single with your friends if you like it.


Brand New Pop Rock Music Single “Knife’s Edge” Is Now Available

I just released a brand new single “Knife’s Edge,” and you can listen to it freely on SoundCloud.  For now, you can also download it on CDBaby.  Very soon though, this single will be available to you on iTunes and elsewhere.  If you like the single, I love to have you spread the love about the single on social networks and spread the words about it to the people you love.  Thanks.  Don’t forget to check out my music blog (