Todd Weaver’s Ivy To Fight For Live TV Over The Internet In Court

Watching live TV over the Internet is definitely an ultimate experience for many people of the 21st century.  Why?  The Internet isn’t the same as traditional cable and other traditional media, because the Internet encourages freedom.  What freedom?  The Internet is even worse than radio in a way that it tends to be promoted on every device as possible; it really doesn’t matter what device as long it has the mean to be connected to the Internet — even radio is on the Internet nowadays.  So, the freedom of the Internet is all about users will have more choices to experience the Internet however they please.  Consequently, anything has to do with the Internet will give users more choices to experience it!  Be it TV or radio or whatever!

Unfortunately, bringing live TV to the Internet isn’t easy as Todd Weaver has found.  According to Forbes, Todd Weaver is trying to keep his company, Ivi, alive, but he has to win court battle against the people who are suing him for trying to bring live TV to the Internet.  Todd Weaver uses examples of how cable and satellite providers established their footholds back in the days when these types of providers were still fairly young — as how the Internet is today.  He argues that the cable and satellite providers had won cases in courts, because the courts had agreed that these providers had not violated copyright law as long the content creators got paid fairly.  Tod Weaver is trying to tell the court that his company Ivy is just doing the same thing as cable and satellite providers had done in the past, and so his company should be able to air live TV programs over the Internet as long he is willing to pay the content providers.

Personally, I love the idea, and I’m all for Todd Weaver’s victory in trying to bring live TV to the Internet.  Why?  His victory can set a standard court battle for whoever wants to bring live contents to the Internet.  The most important thing is that when live TV programs and similar types of media air over the Internet, it can only mean that any device with compatible technology (i.e., HD resolution and so on) which supports Internet will be able to play live TV programs.  More people are going to be able to tap into live TV programs on the go or wherever they are with Internet connection.  Of course, live TV programs can also bring side effects such as pushing the Internet Service Providers to upgrade their networks to support constant streaming of live TV programs to gazillion devices.  Of course, we won’t be able to know what benefits or calamities that the side effects of live TV will bring to the industries that involve with Internet.  Industries such as marketing, Internet Service Providers, and many more will probably have to change how they will interact with their customers once the Pandora box of live TV over the Internet is opened.