Amazing YouTube User, Laoshu505000, Can Speak So Many Languages

A Youtube user, Laoshu505000, is able to speak so many languages.  He surprised me when I watched his very first episode of “How to speak & Practice a Language in Real Life with Native Speakers ((LEVELING-UP))” playlist series, and I was amazed that he could speak Vietnamese.  Well, in the episode he was apparently practiced some Vietnamese, and I could understand 95% of what he’s saying.  The most important thing is that his accent in the episode isn’t too bad.  I speak Vietnamese fluently, and so I know he speaks Vietnamese quite well.  Perhaps, he needs to know more words in Vietnamese vocabulary, but I think his accent is quite good.  So far, I also found out he speaks Mandarin, French, Korean, some Turkish, and so on.  He’s an American by the way, and so his English is obviously fluent.  Anyhow, he got a YouTube channel in which he uploads videos of him traveling around, striking conversation with people who are from different ethnicity backgrounds.  He surprises people around him when he speaks in their language.  In one of his recent videos, in a coffee shop, he speaks in Mandarin to a Chinese couple to his right, and he speaks Turkish to the people on his left.  It’s quite amusing to see him doing that.  I like it.  Check out couple videos of his right after the break.  The guy deserves more subscription from whoever likes to learn foreign languages.  I think he can inspire many people who want to learn foreign languages.  Maybe the CIA should hire him since he knows so many languages. LOL.

Unrecordable! (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  In this poem, I’d strung ten Haiku poems together into one massive string Haiku poem.  Of course, this isn’t Haiku if one thinks of a real Haiku, but I like it this way.  I hope you will be able to enjoy this string Haiku poem of mine.

  • Gone, long gone, those words,
  • never be spoken again,
  • an extinct language.
  • How had this become?
  • A lame future with a shame,
  • for losing a tongue.
  • Couldn’t speak it no more,
  • writing would be hard to come,
  • gone, long gone, one’s root!
  • No root, gone a past,
  • no past, gone identity,
  • unrecordable!
  • Unlike a dino,
  • extinct tongue couldn’t be dug up,
  • unrecordable!
  • Unlike a treasure,
  • lost writing couldn’t be dug up,
  • unrecordable!
  • A moment in time,
  • forever lost in motion,
  • losing in real time.
  • Gone a history,
  • history was historic,
  • unrecordable!
  • Who was the culprit?
  • Men, women, nature, and all!
  • We are the culprit!
  • We raped a language,
  • we raped an identity,
  • gone, long gone, those words!

Besides English, You Can Add Keyboard Layouts On Windows 8 So You Can Type In Other Languages

Chinese language tattoo Andy

Chinese language tattoo Andy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this video, I briefly talk of how to configure Windows 8 in a way that it allows you to type in other languages.  For an example, let say you know how to write in Chinese or French or whatever, you can use my tip to turn on this feature which allows you to type in Chinese or French or whatever on Windows 8.  Basically, this tip will use Windows 8’s built-in feature, therefore you don’t have to install any third party software.  Furthermore, for the bonus, I also show you how to make your whole operating system (Windows 8) to appear in another language.  Anyhow, check out this video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

How To Switch Mac OS X 10.6.7’s Keyboard’s Language Software?

Sometimes, you want to write your document in another language using the same keyboard on Mac OS X 10.6.7, but how?  Simple really, you need to switch your keyboard’s language software!  In the video below, I’ll show you how to switch your keyboard’s language software so you can write your document in the language that you want.  Of course, each language has special keys that map to the keyboard’s language software by default, and so you need to Google how to use each keyboard’s language software on Mac OS X.