Street Fighter V: Cammy’s Story (4K, Ultra HD – PC)

Check out Cammy’s character story in Street Fighter V.  The gameplay is in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

Swordsman Gameplay Episode 1 (Open Beta)

I’m testing out a new game known as Swordsman.  This game is still in beta, and so there are many things about this game will be different and changed when the game becomes available for official release.  Anyhow, this game is based on a Chinese fiction written by Louis Cha.  It’s a fantasy world where people strive to be the best in kung-fu and so forth.  If you had watched the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” movie starring by Chow Yun-fat and Michelle Yeoh, then this game won’t be so out of this world to you.  With different story, but this game is basically set in a fantasy world that is similar to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”  Anyhow, please check out the first episode of Swordsman gameplay right after the break.  Enjoy!!!