Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

“The Beauty Inside,” a Korean film, is a very well done love story.  Obviously, a love story can be twisted and bent in so many ways, but this one I think is quite unique.  What I’m going to reveal next may sound like a spoiler, but the description for the film on Netflix actually says pretty much the same thing.

Basically, imagine you have to wake up each day and become a total stranger, because your body would turn into a shape of someone else.  Waking up after each sleep, you could become a child, a woman, a man, an old lady, an old man, and a foreigner.  Before you could confuse someone else, with very little effort you already have confused yourself with such a condition.  In “The Beauty Inside,” Woo-jin has to live as a stranger after each sleeping phase, and his life isn’t normal since nobody would really know who he is.  Let me slow down a bit so I won’t spoil the plot too much here, but the story would develop even more intense when Woo-jin decides to fall in love with a woman.

As I was watching “The Beauty Inside,” I kept thinking that this film is very well done.  Different male actors who had taken on the role of Woo-jin did pretty good in acting as the same Woo-jin.  I can’t imagine how weird the main actress would feel when taking on her role as the lover of Woo-jin, because she has to interact with so many different male leads.  When Woo-jin becomes a woman, the female lead has to act as if she is in love with Woo-jin still.  Even though she is an actress, but I think it would be somewhat uncomfortable for having to fall in love with so many male leads in an act.  Perhaps, I’m just thinking how she would feel as a non-actor would have felt, and she might have a blast in taking on as Woo-jin’s girlfriend role instead.

The story is well done, and I like the pace of the film.  It could be that the story is a unique love story, and so the film didn’t feel like it’s 2 hours and 7 minutes long for me.  As I was watching the film, I was thinking they should have turned this love story into a television show so there would be more episodes.  Then on another thought, the television show would be too ambitious as they have to make sure the female lead and male leads would sync in each new episode.  Anyhow, I’d enjoyed “The Beauty Inside” a lot, and I definitely recommend you to check it out on Netflix.

Amazing YouTube User, Laoshu505000, Can Speak So Many Languages

A Youtube user, Laoshu505000, is able to speak so many languages.  He surprised me when I watched his very first episode of “How to speak & Practice a Language in Real Life with Native Speakers ((LEVELING-UP))” playlist series, and I was amazed that he could speak Vietnamese.  Well, in the episode he was apparently practiced some Vietnamese, and I could understand 95% of what he’s saying.  The most important thing is that his accent in the episode isn’t too bad.  I speak Vietnamese fluently, and so I know he speaks Vietnamese quite well.  Perhaps, he needs to know more words in Vietnamese vocabulary, but I think his accent is quite good.  So far, I also found out he speaks Mandarin, French, Korean, some Turkish, and so on.  He’s an American by the way, and so his English is obviously fluent.  Anyhow, he got a YouTube channel in which he uploads videos of him traveling around, striking conversation with people who are from different ethnicity backgrounds.  He surprises people around him when he speaks in their language.  In one of his recent videos, in a coffee shop, he speaks in Mandarin to a Chinese couple to his right, and he speaks Turkish to the people on his left.  It’s quite amusing to see him doing that.  I like it.  Check out couple videos of his right after the break.  The guy deserves more subscription from whoever likes to learn foreign languages.  I think he can inspire many people who want to learn foreign languages.  Maybe the CIA should hire him since he knows so many languages. LOL.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Korean Buffet, Grilled Style

Couple friends and I went to a Korean restaurant which served buffet grilled foods.  I know, we were not supposed to eat sushi in a Korean restaurant as these sushi weren’t authentic as the ones that we could eat in any authentic Japanese restaurant, but we tried them out anyway.  I took few pictures of the foods with my iPhone 4, and I used Lightroom 4 to retouch the pictures.  Check these pictures out right after the break.

The images above were taken and created by Vinh Nguyen.  You can reuse the images for all purposes, but you have to credit Vinh Nguyen for the images.  The images above contain the traditional copyright license which credits to Vinh Nguyen only, therefore you cannot redistribute the images above under creative common licenses.

Korea’s MMORPG ArcheAge Allows Massive PvP (100+ People) With Persistent World And Naval Warfare

I’ve played many MMORPG games before, but none looks so promising as ArcheAge which is still a work in progress.  ArcheAge has been in the development since 2006.  It’s a game which Wikipedia has that it is the second largest deal recorded in Korean gaming exports, because XL Games has partnered up with Tencent to publish ArcheAge in China.  XL Games is the developer of ArcheAge.

ArcheAge has caught my attention since it promises every action within the game can potentially change the course of the entire game forever.  How?  Each player can do almost anything in ArcheAge as in real life, but in a world of fantasy where clans and magic and monsters come to life.  Basically, when a player chooses to destroy an object or a location within ArcheAge world, if I’m not wrong on the assumption, ArcheAge will allow the object or location to be forever destroyed.

According to Wikipedia, ArcheAge allows massive PvP (100+ people).  PvP stands for player versus player.  It means players take on players in combats, starting many virtual wars.  It also means real human players are behind the motivations and desires that dictate the characters’ actions.

Besides the normal MMORPG stuffs, amazing naval warfare is a plus for ArcheAge gamers.  It reminds gamers who love the idea of becoming Blackbeard in the world of ArcheAge.

Besides features, ArcheAge needs to have great graphic to attract modern gamers.  I’m not sure how ArcheAge’s graphic will pane out, but so far I heard the developers will use quality graphic engines to develop this game (e.g., CryEngine 3).  Also, by watching YouTube videos on ArcheAge, these videos confirm my belief that ArcheAge will be a beautiful game in terms of art style.  Check out the YouTube videos of ArcheAge that I’d found on YouTube right after the break.

There are a whole lot more of ArcheAge videos on YouTube, so check YouTube out for more of the same or better.

For your information, ArcheAge is still in beta.  Therefore, I’m not sure when this game will be available for USA.  Nonetheless, according to Wikipedia, ArcheAge will be released in 2012.  This is somewhat unclear, because it does not tell me if ArcheAge will be released in USA in 2012, for all we know this game might be released in Korea and China in 2012 and not in USA — perhaps USA might get to see this game even later.  Basically, the release date is still up in the air for USA gamers, I think!