Never Miss A Single Trashcan Shot Again?

Exquisite trashcan recolored

Exquisite trashcan recolored (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Impressive Japanese man who had coded the software and produced his own hardware parts to create a moving trashcan which will never miss from catching your flying trashes.  He also incorporated Microsoft Kinect into his moving trashcan project, lending the moving trashcan the eyes to see the movements and positions of flying trashes.  My sarcastic question is, can this moving trashcan catch two objects flying in opposite direction at the same time without missing from catching a thing?  In such a scenario, I wonder how will this moving trashcan prioritize which object to catch first.  Anyhow, check the video of the moving trashcan right after the break and be amazed.


Walking With A Real Life Holographic Girlfriend Would Be Best, But This Technology Is Not Yet Possible. For Now, A Japanese Man Rather Takes A Stroll In The Park With His Virtual Augment Reality Girlfriend.

Imagine one day you can actually take a walk in the park with a girlfriend who only appears next to you in a holographic form, but people who take a glance at you both won’t notice that the girlfriend’s appearance is only of a hologram.  Nonetheless, the girlfriend is real but she just projects herself in a holographic form so she can be with you even though she is miles away from your physical location.  Will it be cool?  Sure, but will we be able to accomplish something like that in the future?  Probably, but we won’t know unless the future is already here, right?

Anyhow, for now, I guess it’s fun and challenging enough just to walk in the park with a fake girlfriend whose form is of augment reality.  Obviously, augment reality will not allow normal people to see the same thing as you, because they too have to wear such augment reality gadgets and even then their augment realities may not be the same as yours.  Now, I think having fun with your augment reality girlfriend is fun and naughty, but don’t go overboard or else you may live in your fantasy forever and won’t be able to make it back to the reality.  Check out the video right after the break to see a man who takes a walk in the park with his virtual augment reality girlfriend.  Enjoy!!!


What About Xbox Smartglass?

English: Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. Vid...

English: Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. Video Kinect: Make live video chats with your Xbox LIVE users under the Standard kinect camera. Video Kinect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just like you, I’m just hearing about Xbox Smartglass.  Microsoft promises to change how you watch your media, play video games, and surf the web evermore with Xbox Smartglass.  From watching the YouTube video which had been uploaded by YouTube user, WMPowerUser, it appears that Xbox Smartglass allows users to push media from a mobile device, whether that be an Android or iPhone or iPad or Windows Phone, onto the living room TV which connects to an Xbox 360.  This means you can watch whatever on your mobile device halfway and then push the media onto the TV which resides in your living room so you can finish watching or playing the rest of the media.  It’s unclear that users will be able to do this for movies and songs only, because if users can also push video games, web browsing materials, and much more from one device onto another using Xbox Smartglass, it will be truly awesome as users get to be evermore immersive with their media through the devices that they’ve already owned and loved.

The genius of Xbox Smartglass is a step beyond Kinect.  It does not require users to buy specific device to make it works, because Xbox Smartglass is an application which will be released by Microsoft for many popular devices that people might have already owned.  Nonetheless, the combination of Xbox Smartglass and Kinect is truly remarkable as it allows users to be able to use not only their mobile devices as the coolest remote controls but in conjunction with Kinect they can also rely on their other human sensors such as hand gesture and voice to fully satisfy how one would go about communicating with their media devices.  Xbox 360 combines Kinect and Smartglass to allow users to be able to surf the web on their TV like never before, because mobile devices will be able to control the web surfing activity on the TV and Kinect will allow users to use voice and gesture to navigate the web even further.  Obviously though, without Xbox 360 neatly dictates the wishes and wants from the mobile devices and the TVs, there won’t be the amazing feat of expanding the media experience.  Even the Kinect itself is just an accessory to Xbox 360.

Perhaps, the next generation of Xbox video game console might make the living room media experience even better than what we have seen so far with Xbox 360.  One thing though, I dislike how I’ve to pay an annual fee for Xbox Live so I can stream Netflix videos and other similar streaming contents.  After all, I’m already a Netflix subscriber, why would I want to go pay Microsoft for something that I already have a subscription to?  In fact, I can just hook my PC or PS3 to a TV and get to watch Netflix for free!  I think Xbox Live is a big mistake, because it’s something that might make users who do not like the idea of having too many annual fee this and that on the top of other monthly fees from various media services.  When adding all the monthly and annual fees up, users will see that each year their media pleasure might be rather expensive than they would have thought!!!  I think Microsoft might be able to convince more people to adopt Xbox 360 and future Xbox console iterations in the living room by letting go the Xbox Live annual fee.

Skyrim On XBox 360 Will Get Kinect Integration Update For Free

Lighting in Skyrim

Lighting in Skyrim (Photo credit: John "Pathfinder" Lester)

How awesome will it be if you can use Kinect to play Skyrim?  Well, how about casting a spell by yelling out the name of the spell?  Check out the video on Skyrim Kinect Integration right after the break, enjoy!


Touchscreen Technology Are Only Meant To Be Used With Smartphones And Tablets?

English: Touchscreen

Image via Wikipedia

Whenever I refer to touchscreen technology in this article/post, I mean to include multi-touch and other touchscreen technologies (whether that be hardware or software).

Ah, touchscreen, my newfound love… Not so much if you’re making me touching you vertically!  Giggle!  You see, touch technology is great when you use it horizontally.  By that I mean holding it horizontally or lying it flat down on a table or so, but you have to breathe over it!  It does feel super awkward to touch a screen vertically, and even if the screen such as laptop screen is close enough to your face.

One thing I do know, to reach for a touchscreen vertically, you have to put your one or two fingers that do the touching in vertical position which might not feel so comfy to some people.  I know I won’t like it!  It sure feels like you have to overwork your whole arm just to make your fingers position in vertical position, right?

With that observation, I think besides tablets and smartphones, I don’t see how other hardware or software can convince people to popularize touchscreen.  Of course, I don’t have a magical crystal ball, therefore I won’t know my suspicion will come true or not.  Still, I feel compelling enough that I might be right!

So, is there any hope for touchscreen technology that aren’t fit into the types of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones (not laptops — unless laptops can be fold into tablet-like shape)?  Not from my suspicion, but I think vertical screen displays will have better luck with gesture recognition technology.  Kinect anyone?

Nonetheless, even with gesture recognition technology, it still feels as if there is something missing.  We know gesture recognition technology is a step-up for computing technology in general, but as now it feels sluggish and not so natural to use — after all when using regular keyboard and mouse and trackpad can be more efficient and faster.  I guess when they improve the gesture recognition technology even more in the near future, maybe then people might prefer to use gesture recognition technology over the traditional means.

In conclusion, my personal experiences with touchscreen technology (i.e., multi-touch) and gesture recognition technology (i.e., Kinect) tell me that these technology might be only useful when they are specialized.  So, in a way touchscreen technology can be used best with tablets and smartphones and the likes, but not otherwise.  Vertical displays might be best with the traditional means such as keyboards and mouse, but special circumstances such as using super huge displays from a distance might be perfect for gesture recognition technology.  This is why I don’t think mouse, keyboard, and trackpad will go away anytime soon.

Microsoft’s Technology Allows The Manipulation Of Digital Objects Behind A Transparent Monitor

Amusing, but I’m not impressed!  Folks at Microsoft have came up with a technology where you can manipulate digital 3D objects behind transparent monitor.  I don’t know much about this technology by watching the video right after the break, but I do know that it’s uncomfortable for anyone to reach behind a monitor for typing and manipulating their digital belongings.  I guess, no matter how cool a technology might be, to me the comfort of using such technology comes first.