Swiftkey Neural – Better At Predicting What You Want To Type Away On Android Devices

Got a smartphone which uses Android OS?  Well, something good just happens for it!  Swiftkey Neural is a beta version of a well known Swiftkey keyboard software for Android devices, and the people behind this new software boast about how much better this software would be able to predict what you want to type away on an Android device.  You can download this software in Google Play store.  Check out the video right after the break to get a better glimpse at this software before you go and install it onto your smartphone.  Enjoy!!!

Typing The Right Way Ensures PC Era! Can The Future Forgo Typing?

As iPads and iPhones are being bought up like candies, but these things aren’t cheap!  This has encouraged many people to predict that laptops and PCs are dinosaurs!  Unfortunately, I feel it’s a mistake to make such a prediction!

As long people cannot type documents and coding programs and searching the web for long hours the way they have been doing on laptops’ keyboards, I don’t think laptops and PCs are going the way of the dinosaurs!  I never have enjoyed typing anything on my iPad!  Bringing a separate keyboard for iPad defeats the purpose of having to carry iPad around in the first place.  Having an iPad case that has keyboard also won’t work out as well since many people have big fingers and they might still somehow feel that typing on the laptops are the closest feeling they have when they’re typing on normal PCs’ keyboards.

My point is that laptops and PCs will not go away for a long time to come.  Of course, if someone can invent something that allows people to type — even better than using keyboards — on devices that are thinners and lighter than iPad (i.e., without the need of a separate keyboard or having something that works as well as keyboard), then laptops and PCs might have to go the way of the dinosaurs.  In fact, if someone can come up with a way that is more effective than requiring to have people to type at all, then laptops and PCs will definitely go the way of the dinosaurs.  Until then, I think many people such as I still prefer the use of laptops and sometimes PCs so we can actually do some real works.  Of course, more often than not, I’ll be checking my iPhone and iPad from time to time for quick moments of fun times (e.g., gaming, weather app, stock app, read and reply the messages, phone, etc…).

Afterthought:  After saying all of that, I think in the future, we may not even have to type at all.  Imagine if machines can allow humans to communicate with them through mind effectively as if we’re actually able to describe the details down to every vivid bit that there is, then it will be pointless for the use of the keyboards.  If that future comes sooner enough, then laptops and PCs will be history.

Even now, we already have something that allows humans to communicate with machines through mind only, and this is Focus Pocus.  Check out the article “Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action” to know more about Focus Pocus.  We’re making some headways into the field of brain and machine communication, and so I don’t see why the future that I’d described isn’t going to happen, right?

We don’t really have to use brain to machine communication to actually forgo typing!  If Siri of Apple’s iPhone 4S can become even smarter, then we can have Siri does all the guesswork.  Nonetheless, the guesswork better be damn good, because people really hate to repeat themselves as if they have to hit the backspace or delete key for the hundred times!

Belkin Releases iPad 2 Cases With Keyboards

Why you want to use an iPad as a laptop is beyond me, because iPad isn’t meant to be a laptop or replacing a laptop.  Although it will be nice if iPad can replace a laptop without sacrificing laptop’s feels and features.  After all, iPad is way more portable than laptop in terms of weight and size.

For the people who want to turn their iPad 2s into laptops, they now can be happy that Belkin has released iPad 2 cases that come with keyboards to allow users to have the feeling of using real laptops.  From the video below, a representative for Belkin describes that Belkin’s Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 has a solid keyboard feel than most keyboards for iPad 2 in the market as we speak.

Furthermore, the keyboard can be tucked inside the case, and so Belkin’s Keyboard Folio seems to be a solid accessory product for iPad 2.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break to see Belkin’s Keyboard Folio in action.

Logitech K750 Keyboard Review

In March, I’d touch on K750 keyboard which uses solar power to charge itself.  Now, I’ve the actual keyboard, and so I made a video to review it!  Just so you know, I don’t really know how reliable this keyboard will be since I just got it, but so far I love the look and feel of it.  Also, I like the fact that it’s wireless!  Watch a video on K750 keyboard right after the break.

Now, don’t you wish they’ve also invented the PC itself and the monitor and the external hard drive to use solar power?  How about the smart phones to use solar power?  I think it’s about time to push the solar power technology to the next level!

Not Exactly A Review, But What About Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750?

When I was still a teenager, I remembered I had a calculator that used solar power.  The unfortunate thing about that calculator was you could not use it in the dark.  I remembered how that calculator went dark when I had my hand over it solar cells.  That was almost two decades ago, and it was the technology of the past.  Nowadays we are much more sophisticated in our way of harnessing solar power.  Sadly, we have not been dedicated enough to make solar power affordable or efficient enough for everything, but I’m glad at the least there are products out there starting to use solar power as primary power source.

One solar product in particular that I like to talk about is Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.  I like to talk about it, because it’s a solar product and I probably had seen it inside Best Buy.  Not beating around the bushes, I’ve not used Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 or have ever owned one myself.  Nonetheless, the idea of never again of having to switch batteries or recharge them batteries for a wireless keyboard is just so attractive.  How about saving money from not buying batteries?  After seeing it, I went online and searched for any review such as whether people loved it or hated it.

As I dug around the web, I found many favorable reviews about Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.   Here is one of the favorable review I landed on as I dug around the web.  If this keyboard is actually working the way the many people have described, then this is one awesome solar keyboard.  It’s thin and convenient as you never need to worry about changing battery.  It could be charged by any light source and stay powered for three months in total darkness.  I think product such as Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is an inspiration for futuristic products, because it harnesses the power of the sun.  Now we can dream on about solar car, solar house, solar this and solar that for the mass.  The solar car part, I think they have it, it just not yet ready for you and I!