Undying Chinese YouTube Video

I had never watched his show ever and have never knew him until he allowed his segment of killing all Chinese to air on ABC TV.  Obviously, Jimmy Kimmel probably did not want the kid in his show to speak such nonsense, but he is the adult and yet allowed the segment to air.  People have claimed that Jimmy Kimmel’s “Kid’s Table” program isn’t live, and if this is true then Jimmy Kimmel has to be held accountable for allowing such nonsense to air on his show.  Nonetheless, like I said, I don’t know the dude and his show and have not yet watched a whole segment of “Kid’s Table” where the kid had said something about killing all Chinese so America doesn’t have to pay back the debts that she owes to China.

I’m not Chinese, and I’m a Vietnamese American.  Nonetheless, I do find it’s rather offensive to hear someone wants to kill all Chinese.  Perhaps, the thought of it can definitely give me the chill that if we think it’s acceptable to kill all Chinese, does it mean it will be acceptable to kill all Vietnamese next?  I find such a thought rather senseless and Nazi-like no matter who says it.  Kid or not!  Parents of the kid who had said such a thing need to tell that kid that it’s not OK to even joke about killing 1/5th of the world population!  Furthermore, if Americans start to think that it’s OK to think like that, then everybody around the world, including our allies, will think that lending money to the United States will only be killed off by the United States.

Jimmy Kimmel should be fired or not isn’t my saying, but his decision to allow “Kid’s Table” (Kill all the Chinese) segment to air is simply tasteless and harking back to the time when the Nazis ruled the world.  Check out the video right after the break to see why it’s basically stupid and idiotic to think that it’s OK to think of killing all the Chinese.