Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Around The House

Not knowing where to go for capturing some awesome pictures, I resorted to things that laid around the house.  Hopefully, these things aren’t too boring for you all.  Check them out in the forms of iPhone 5 and Lightroom 4 retouched photos right after the break.


Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Purple Halo iPhone 5 Camera Glitch Of Parking Lot Near Gas Station Photo

Previously, I’d posted “iPhone 5 Purple Halo Camera Glitch.”  This time, I like to post a Lightroom 4 Photo Fun session in which I had used Lightroom 4 to fix the purple halo iPhone 5 camera glitch for one of the photos that I had took with iPhone 5 glitchy camera.  Anyhow, to add a finished touch, I changed the tone of this very photo.  The result is right after the break.  I hope you like it.  Enjoy!!!

To tell the truth, it was not easy at all to fix the purple halo iPhone 5 camera glitch for one of the affected photos.  It was time consuming even though I used awesome Lightroom 4 software.  I think Apple has to fix this issue fast or else it will be a huge time waster for people who actually use iPhone 5 camera to take lot of photos.  Nonetheless, one can easily avoid the purple halo iPhone 5 camera glitch by not pointing the iPhone 5 camera at any light source.  With that being said, Apple should not relax and work harder to fix the glitchy iPhone 5 camera.  After all, this is not the first iPhone, but it’s the 6th iPhone iteration (i.e., iPhone 4S is the 5th iPhone iteration).

iPhone 5 AT&T LTE Network Speed Test

I have a mixed bag of a personal customer satisfaction for iPhone 5 really!  On one hand, it’s a more powerful device than the older iPhone iterations, but on the other hand iPhone 5 does have few quirks that are really bothering me.  Such quirks are Wi-Fi slowness occurs from time to time (i.e., sometimes it’s fine) and purple halo camera glitch.  Nonetheless, with that being said, I find iPhone 5’s adoption of true LTE (i.e., real 4G speed) is quite pleasing.  Please check out the video right after the break to see the speed test of iPhone 5 LTE on AT&T LTE network.

iPhone 5 Purple Halo Camera Glitch

Techradar’s “iPhone 5 users report ‘purple halo‘ camera glitch” article reported that iPhone 5’s camera injects purple halo into photos, and this only happens when a light source gets captured near the edge of the photos.  I tested this problem out myself and found the same purple halo glitch for iPhone 5 camera.  Perhaps, I have to go to Genius Bar (Apple store customer service) to see if they can help me out on resolving this issue, because taking error free picture means a lot to me.  Sure, I can totally correct the purple halo issue in any photo with Lightroom 4 software, but having to know that iPhone 5’s camera can inject incorrect tint color into my photos is really bothering me somehow.  Anyhow, I took two photos in my room just to prove that even artificial source of light can trigger the purple halo glitch for iPhone 5 camera, and you can check these photos out right after the break.


Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – iPhone 5 Unboxing

Just got iPhone 5!  Unboxing it with Sony DSC-TX10 still images.  Using Lightroom 4 to retouch these still images.  The results are right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

What About Straight Talk Wireless? Unlimited Talk, Data, Text, 411? For Real?

TracFone Wireless

TracFone Wireless (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know about you, but I do feel owning a smart phone is very expensive.  Nonetheless, at the moment I can handle a smart phone expense.  If I ever get to the point of saying screw this, I guess I have Straight Talk Wireless to back me up.  Yep, I had no idea that there is such a wireless service such as Straight Talk Wireless, but I had found out about it from a friend.  In reality, I bet he had heard about this on the Internet or from another friend too, because he told me he is thinking about wanting to try this service out.  Anyway, it seems too good to be true as he told me that Straight Talk Wireless service is unlimited.  Unlimited?  It seems Straight Talk Wireless service advertises that you only have to pay $45 a month to have an unlimited wireless service which encompasses talk, data, text, 411, and more.  The cool thing is that there is no contract for any of their services.  OK, so I got interested and wanted to know more.  As I dug deeper, I found out that Straight Talk Wireless allows you to use any GSM compatible smart phone with their services as long the smart phone is unlocked.  This means you can totally buy just the SIM card from Straight Talk Wireless to get going.  At the moment, Straight Talk Wireless SIM card costs $14.99.

Too good to be true?  Not to be naive, I decidedly that I should dig even deeper into knowing more about Straight Talk Wireless.  I found out that technically, Straight Talk Wireless is unlimited, but as one of the videos I will post near the end of this blog post testifies that as users use up their 3G speed data worth around 2GB to 2.5GB, Straight Talk Wireless will throttle the users data speed to 2G speed.  So, with 2G speed, you can’t really stream videos and so on from the Internet, but you can still technically surf the web, check email, read news, and so on.  So, technically, it’s unlimited, but the catch is that you can’t go over 2GB or 2.5GB data worth for 3G speed.  I’m not exactly sure it would be 2GB or 2.5GB data worth of 3G speed being used up before Straight Talk Wireless would begin the throttling.

In summary, I have never ever used Straight Talk Wireless before, and I probably may not be able to try out Straight Talk Wireless for some time to come.  Why?  I had already pre-ordered iPhone 5 and signed up with another 2 year contract with AT&T.  If I had known about Straight Talk Wireless before I pre-ordered iPhone 5, I think I would have done it differently.  One example might be that I would probably wait for iPhone 5 to hit retail stores and buy the unlocked model of iPhone 5, and in this way I might be able to try out Straight Talk Wireless unlimited with a new favorite phone.  Then, I would know if it’s true that Straight Talk Wireless actually provides a great wireless service which comes with no contract wireless service (encompassing talk, data, text, 411, and more for only $45/month).  Since I have never had tried out Straight Talk Wireless service personally, I can’t really recommend it to you.  I’m still wondering how good is Straight Talk Wireless in terms of talk signal strength and data speed.  I guess, there is one assurance that Straight Talk Wireless can be resilient against wireless competition pressure from big wireless providers such as AT&T, because Straight Talk Wireless was launched by the partnership of Walmart and TracFone.  I don’t know how big TracFone is, but I do know Walmart has a lot of muscle in term of spending power.  This means, don’t expect to see Straight Talk Wireless to fold its business easily!