Today, Google And Major Internet Companies Are Turning On Their IPv6 Tap

An illustration of an example IPv6 address

Google and other major Internet companies are going to turn on their IPv6 capability on June 6th of 2012.  They all agree and think that IPv4 will be running out of IP addresses very soon.  When IPv4 runs out of IP addresses, the Internet will be limited to only 4 billions, roughly around this number, Internet connected devices.  Nonetheless, we should know that IPv4 can only run out of IP addresses for real if only if all IPv4 IP addresses are online at the same time.  Still, the human population is already 7 billion plus, therefore when enough people out there want to have their own mobile devices — and at home they all want smart home devices that may carry IP addresses — the Internet will definitely choke when IPv4 has no IP address left to distribute.  Instead of limiting to only 4 billion plus IP addresses, IPv6 is capable of distributing 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses.  This is some gigantic number that I don’t think I will ever get my head to wrap around it, but the computers won’t mind!!!  Anyhow, IPv6 ensures that the Internet will be able to handle just about any device that wants to connect to the Internet, because it has so much IP addresses to give out at any one time.  Even if everyone of us on the planet earth will have at least one Internet connected device, IPv6 is still going to chuck along as if it is eating a Sundae Ice Cream.  Nonetheless, we are prophetically sure that the future, each and everyone of us will have not only one but many more Internet connected devices.  Check out the video right after the break to see one of the Internet founding fathers, Vint Cerf, talks about why we are desperately needed to use IPv6.


Awesome YouTube Video Explains Why PIPA And SOPA Are Bad For The Internet Users; You Should Be Watching

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Protect IP (PIPA) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) might have gain more attentions recently since the White House had declared a subtle stance against the two acts, but most likely the majority people who use the Internet everyday might still have not yet heard of PIPA and SOPA.  In addition to the statement above, many people argue the White House actually did not really declare a real stance against PIPA and SOPA, but the White House has rather warned the lawmakers to watch out by not write PIPA and SOPA in ways that can hurt businesses and innovations that are really depending on the vibrance of the Internet.  Since PIPA and SOPA are so dangerous in regarding to having the potentials to destroy the Internet as we know it, I think people need to have a clear understanding of why PIPA and SOPA need to be stopped at all cost.  Luckily, I’ve found a very good video on YouTube which explains why the Internet doesn’t need PIPA and SOPA to be awesome!  If you haven’t yet heard or know of PIPA and SOPA, please check out the video right after the break!