Imagining The TV Of The Future, Don’t Laugh!

One can imagine the future, TV might not require a physical display!  Instead, the future might have TV lovers install some sort of devices/gadgets in very small sizes along the corner of the walls.  I would like to think each space within the house or an area just needs a few of such tiny devices/gadgets to be adequately performed its tasks.  These devices/gadgets might not have to be bolted to the wall, but these could be sat on shelves and so on.  These devices/gadgets will basically litter the house through out.  These devices will be wireless.

Whenever users want to watch something, users just speak out loud in natural manners, and the devices/gadgets will project videos and information and so on in the midair.  The users might be able to adjust the positions of the projections through voice.  When pause the videos, users can just step right into the projections and see the projections almost as the real things — but make sure the things that look so real stay digital.  Even when the projections run the courses, users might be able to feel as if they’re inside the projections.  Users move up and down throughout the levels of the houses, the projections should follow but stay right infront of the users; this way, the users will not miss a single moment of actions.

Let imagining some more!  Imagining that the users might be able to interact with the projections and create personalized on-the-go projection moments such as he or she will be able to insert oneself into the projections through the use of a digital clone/avatar; he or she could just reach out and deflect digital objects within the projections such as a bullet so the new personalized on-the-go projection moment would have a different ending (i.e., the new hero — an avatar of oneself — will not meet his/her end when a bullet makes its mark).  Users might be able to change individual color of the objects within the projection moments.  Users can play God by manipulating everything within the projection moments.  It might be possible since we’re talking about digital and holographical things.

TV will no longer be TV, but it will be much more!  TV will be super computer, intricate telecommunication devices with holographical capability, personal assistant with super smart artificial intelligence, and a lot more.  Furthermore, users might be able to use various mobile devices to smoothly get update and feedback and seamlessly communicate with the TV-will-no-longer-be-TV devices (i.e., the things this article describes so far) — might also be able to tap into the processing power of these tiny intricate devices to make the mobile devices super powerful and smart even though the mobile devices are meant to be used for on-the-go purposes.

In the end, this is our imagination!  We will never know how and what the future engineers will use to bring about such technology.  The materials that will be used to build this imagination might be exotic.  Might require quantum computing?  I’m clueless, but I so wish this sort of imagination will come true!