Using Kinect To Play World Of Warcraft, And Other Computer Games

Kinect sensor as shown at the 2010 Electronic ...

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The talented researchers and developers at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies are in the process of developing a software known as FAAST.  This amazing software acts as an interpreter of sort for Kinect(s) and computers so any body movement can be translated into the signals that the computers can understand.  This means you can play any game that is not yet compatible with Kinect on your computer but using the Kinect to translate your body movements — that’s your body is a controller for any game.

They’ve tested the FAAST software with a very popular MMORPG (i.e., Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) known as World of Warcraft (i.e., WOW).  In my opinion, it may be too much of a workout to use Kinect with WOW since WOW gamers usually play the game for hours on end.  Nonetheless, whoever wants a really good workout and have fun at the same time, FAAST will be perfect for such a purpose.

Watch the YouTube‘s video which demonstrates how FAAST works when playing WOW after the break.  A speaker in this video also suggests that you can download FAAST for free!