You Like Imaginary Phone?

Why need to have your smartphone out in plain sight when you can remember all of  its features on the palm of your hand as if you’re a chess savant who could remember all the chess pieces’ positions during a blindfold chess game, right?  Wrong, I think it’s rather silly!  It’s cool that the technology exists just to prove humans are innovative, but this very innovation can only make you look silly.

Why?  Carrying a smartphone so one could hide it inside a pocket and use imaginary smartphone on a palm to prove one’s super muscle memory capability or plain memory tells me that carrying a smartphone in itself is a redundancy.  On the other hand, if they can forgo the smartphone altogether and squeeze all that power into a cool fashionable glasses, it won’t be so silly.  Even a famous celebrity who has to do crazy hand gestures to open emails on a red carpet day and in front of dozens of cameras using a smartphone glasses, it probably be OK and cool and fashionable and futuristic.

Why?  Because we know there is no need to carry a redundant physical smartphone in pocket so we could prove our might in muscle memory capability.  In fact, one knows that the smartphone glasses won’t be so invisible if one wears it; all that 3D visuals and what not will all appear virtually in front of the wearer.  Let hope the glasses/invisible smartphone will bear fruit, and I have to say no thanks to the invisible smartphone/palm.