Without Latest iPhoto Version, Mac Users Won’t Be Able To Use iCloud’s Photo Stream On Mac

I just notice that to use Photo Stream for iCloud on Mac, you have to buy and upgrade to the latest iPhoto.  The latest iPhoto is now at version 9.2.  The previous iPhoto (i.e., iPhoto 2009) is of version 8.2.  It’s quite a big download for the update of iPhoto 9.2.  The download size is 762.06 MB.

What About iCloud?

Steve Jobs at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) gave talk of iCloud.  iCloud is more than just a hard-drive on the sky as somewhat how Steve Jobs phrased it.  Instead of just being that simple notion of hard-drive in the cloud, Steve Jobs and Apple assured to Apple fans that iCloud isn’t something new for anyone to learn, because it just works and it will automatically sync everything to all devices that you’ve ever owned.  Which means whatever you do with your iPhone on the go, it will automatically sync with the cloud, and the cloud will automatically sync with many other devices of yours such as Mac.

So, now we know iCloud is more than just a music locker in the cloud.  Yes, iCloud is designed to store your songs in the cloud.  Yes, we know Amazon and Google have something similar.  So, why Apple’s iCloud is better than the rest?  Steve Jobs think iCloud is better as it allows users to latch on a service call iTune Match.  Instead of worrying about getting that many Gigabytes of MP3 onto the cloud, iTune Match will compare your songs with whatever Apple has in iTune Match and just let you have the same songs in the cloud in minutes, not in weeks.  It means you don’t have to upload the songs that iTune Match finds in its own database.  Unfortunately, you still have to pay roughly around $25 per year for iTune Match service.  Furthermore, iCloud will auto sync all your songs to all devices, and the songs inside iCloud will be encoded in 256Kbps AAC files.

iCloud users will get roughly around FREE 5 Gigabyte of storage in addition to whatever storage sizes they already have.  In a way, free storage of iCloud is similar to Dropbox.  Even better, iCloud allows users to sync music, email, calendar, photos, documents, ebooks, and whatever else.  Purchased items such as MP3 will not count toward the allotted storage (i.e., your FREE 5 GB of storage).

To sum it all up, iCloud is going to transform how Apple users handling data in a big way, but it’s more of a benefit to users since many things most likely get sync automatically across arrays of devices.  iCloud with iTune Match is a powerful combination where users don’t have to upload the songs that they already have, saving time to do something else instead.  Steve Jobs assured Apple users that iCloud isn’t something users have to learn, but it just works.  For an instance, Photo Stream, a new feature in Photos app in iOS 5, utilizes iCloud so it can automatically sync all of your photos on all devices.

I’ve found couple videos on YouTube that have great information on iCloud.  You can check them out right after the break.

Source:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2011/06/06/137005359/apple-announces-icloud-streaming-music-service