This poem depicts the feeling that I had when I got to read the grueling content therein of “THAILAND: Muslims in the South are slaughtering Buddhists in order to ethnically cleanse the area (WARNING: Graphic Images)” blog post.  I condemn (although I’m a nobody) all violences!!!  I don’t see how any violence would solve anything, because violences in general only breeds more violences.  Of course, the argument goes that if one side would do enough terrors, more so than the other side, then the other side will give up in terror.  I doubt that will be the case if the other side doesn’t have a choice in defending themselves.  Plus, violence such as killing is so uncivilized, and here I thought we humans are better than this.  Aren’t we nowadays have easier access to education than centuries ago?  Aren’t we humans know what peace mean?  If peace mean peace, why on earth peace has to let violence leads the way?  Sure, you can say violence first, peace after, but I refute such a thought.  To me, violence first means hatred can be spread farther…  there is no guaranty that violence first can solve anything.  Nonetheless, if all sides use peace first, only peace can derive from peace.  It is almost, if not 100%, a guaranty that peace will always derive from peace.  I think killing is the worst of the worst that there is for being human.  Killing will never be justified for anything.  If a God wants someone to kill another human being, he/she doesn’t deserve to be my God!  Period!!!  Us humans face tough life from the day we born, certainly we don’t really need violence to be the additional bit to the tough life equation.  Survival of day to day life is already so tough, because not everyone is lucky to be born into a wealthy family or meeting the best opportunity in life.  Most likely, many people will be sweating their ass off just to make ends meet.  The unfortunates might have to face terminal diseases.  Yet here we have senseless killing in the name of God.  It’s just plain wrong!  Isn’t a spiritual belief supposed to be peaceful?  I think I should rephrase that!  Aren’t all spiritual beliefs supposed to be peaceful?  Anyhow, if you like, please enjoy the poem right after the break!

  • Rumor had it,
  • or the truth had it,
  • whatever had it.
  • Nonetheless, I had read it.
  • Got disgusted!
  • I cringed at it!
  • Feeling ill just to picture it!
  • Got disgusted!
  • I cringed at it!
  • Such sadistic!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Idiotic!
  • Only animals would do it!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Speechless!!!
  • Not a single word can define it.
  • Sadistic!
  • Animalistic!
  • And yet I just know about it.
  • Shaking my fist at this animalistic shit!
  • Idiots!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Only animals would do it.
  • I got mad as hell at this animalistic shit!
  • Nonetheless, one thinks of it,
  • what goes around comes around, isn’t it?

We Shall Plant These Humanity Seeds

Just another poetry I had written.  Enjoy!!!

  • In space there is time
  • In time there is space
  • One can never forget the other
  • For that will be strange and weird
  • This time and space won’t have it
  • Then there are countless strangers
  • For one that is gravity
  • For two that is stardust
  • For three as you keep counting
  • Countless strangers come to the party
  • They know they are all party stars
  • So we invite them all
  • To join a humankind exploration
  • A kind that explores
  • That vast loneliness
  • Existing just to exist
  • Existing just to mock
  • Mocking time and space and else
  • The stretching of nothingness
  • Mimicking what hell we like to imagine
  • Yet in nothingness there are wonders
  • They sprinkle themselves throughout
  • Mocking that irony of nothingness
  • With light that brightens everyone’s day
  • With wonders that awe us into infinity
  • We agree and nod
  • On the surface the illusion has it
  • Nothing could live out there
  • Nonetheless, here we are
  • Nonetheless, there they are
  • We got stars that shine bright to blind
  • We got a star that keeps on giving warmth
  • The warmth that heats up our lifeblood
  • So we be studious while having fun
  • Let learn and let live
  • We take note of them
  • So one day we will
  • We will the will to be this tiny frog
  • That leaps out of a tall well
  • To learn what is out there
  • We dare to dream what we want
  • We say we go to Mars
  • Although Mars does not know us
  • We call it Mars as if we’d always knew it
  • Mars we shall go to
  • From Mars we shall look back
  • To view a beautiful marble
  • A marble with earthly colored senses
  • It’s white and blue
  • It’s something else
  • Extremely beautiful it is
  • Although we might never know its beauty
  • Till we leave its nest
  • Suddenly we know then
  • We have missed it much
  • We shall stand on Mars
  • Sing and dance our earthly songs
  • Light up an earthly fire
  • Yet we will breathe in Mars
  • Let Mars be Mars
  • We shall have a new beginning
  • One among the many
  • Not to set out to plant a flag
  • Just so we can brag
  • It’s me not you who knows Mars first
  • Instead of anything we are
  • We shall go far
  • Not to brag but to learn
  • Not to brag but to explore
  • Spreading the humankind seeds
  • We spread these seeds far
  • To all corners of our mysterious space
  • To all corners of our forever resilient time
  • Gravity will forever present
  • Nonetheless, we shall defy it
  • As long as we humans live
  • We shall defy gravity
  • So we not to brag but to live
  • Living to explore and plant
  • We shall plant these humanity seeds

Fiction Now, But Humans Tend To Realize Dreams! Androidize The Planet Earth And Beyond?

Imagine one day, the animation that is being depicted within YouTube’s “Kara: a PS3 new technology” video becomes real, what will be of such a future?  Out it leaps into reality where the line between a human and android becomes really blurry!  Of course, humans, the master of the planet earth with ambition to colonize the universe, will fear of androids’ potentials.  The obvious fear of them all would be the androids enslave the former masters of theirs.  Of course, at the moment, we humans do not have such fears yet since our computers, robots, and all do not know the difference between what make life bitter and what make life sweeter.  What if the automatons to become so self-aware?  Will their enlightenment drive the current planet earth master to the brink of The Matrix (the movie)?

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to...

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to see it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps, the humans will get very lucky for awhile as all androids will obediently be subservient to their masters even though they know what it means to be a slave.  Perhaps, humans are so inventive to a point of having androids bear seeds so fruits can come to life to continue the long line of planet earth master?  Seeds and fruits? Imagine android, smart or not, self-aware or not, be able to carry a female productive system at all time as female eggs (in relation to human reproductive system) were preemptively prepared for a human creation.  Imagine humans will go as far as to prepare the sperms inside so called male android just so it would be able to copulate with so called female android that has eggs in order for a human creation process to begin.  Perhaps, humans become so lazy to a point that they will prefer androids to make babies altogether.  Sex acts will only be reserved for entertainment purpose.  Since sex acts become for entertainment only, it might not matter a human will copulate with an android or just another human.

Then there is this question, what if scenario… with advance android surrogate reproductive system, will the human reproduction process becomes evermore perfect (less of a hassle and painless in relation of a human mother has to go through to bear a child) and healthier?  What if it is, what will be the side effects in term of soul searching?  Will religions be against this?  Can abortion be questionable when androids become the surrogate mothers and fathers?

The conclusion is, everything about this is very intriguing to us all.  We will never know android fiction will ever come true.  If this sort of fiction to become the reality of tomorrow, human society will transform beyond our current imagination.  Perhaps, whatever humans choose to believe and take action for, fiction will eventually materialize.  Few examples are, the moon landing, nuclear power and weapons, and computing.  In the end, I think we all should be very careful about what we wish for and what actions we want to take upon according to our wishes and imagination.  Once the Pandora’s box is opened, it’s really hard to close if not impossible!

Human Arrogance May Cost Us Our Dear Civilizations; To Not Explore Is To Stem A Growth Of Any Sort!

Description: Trees were knocked down and burne...

Description: Trees were knocked down and burned over hundreds of square km by the Tunguska meteoroid impact. Note: This image is public domain, from the Leonid Kulik expedition in 1927 Source: http://www.astro.uwo.ca/~jlandstr/planets/webfigs/impacts/slide1.html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Story like the report of Huge Asteroid to Fly by Earth Thursday: How to Watch Online reminds us that complacency can be a death knell of humankind civilizations.  What might be worse would be that us so called modern humans may have the ingenuity to come up with methods to evade a space rock that might end all humankind civilizations, but a solution might never come about until too late!  It will happen if us humans tend to be complacent and think that the invincibility of humanity would always prevail.

Perhaps we thought we had survived few events where space rocks actually had entered our earth atmospheres, therefore we should be evermore complacent and moot about this sort of events.  Remember the Tunguska event?  Many of us who are busied with making a living and make way in society, therefore we might never allow ourselves the time to think about something that might end us all.  Nonetheless, have we ever wondered a scenario of a space rock that is big and dangerous enough which might threaten the survival of all earthly civilizations is heading this way?  Have we thought about if this space rock is so big to a point that we cannot use any of our weapons and tools to deflect it?

I fear that we humans might not be able to come up with a solution that is capable of pushing a space rock with the size of a city out of earth’s orbit, therefore we humans must think up ways to ensure the survival of humankind.  Let not be too arrogant and think that our innovations can solve all problems, because there might be problems that just too big and too ugly for humans to take on.  Don’t wait till at the very late stage when we finally realize that the space rock that might end us all won’t budge even if we use all our tools and weapons to deny its earthly collision course, because then it would be too late, too too late to do anything about it… all because of human arrogance?  This is why it’s crucial for space programs to be expanded and not to be scuttle away.

Expanding space programs might allow humans to be able to cultivate another space body to the point that humans can settle there, and this will too allow humankind to have an insurance of sort — an insurance of which to protect human civilizations from humankind extinction.  We see animal kingdom’s extinctions all the time, and don’t think for a second that humans are immune to this sort of extinction.  Another advantage of expanding space programs is to allow a future where prosperity can only grow but not shrink, because within deep space we might find plenty of resources that we need and other exotic resources that we may need.  Us humans never know there might be some types of resources that lay in space, waiting to be discovered, and such resources might be potent enough to drive human innovations even further than our very own hopes and imaginations.  Thus too our civilizations will prosper and grow like we have never seen before!!!

Without explorations of the past, we would not have been where we are today.  Within space, uncharted territories are countless, and by promoting and cultivating bolder, bigger, better, and gutsier kind of space programs — we humans might see humankind civilizations to have an almost eternal lifespan.  Sure, nothing will last forever, but why not let us dare to hope and try to cultivate our humankind civilizations to last as long as we can, right?

The Curiosity Of The First Man

Was a woman the first prototype of homo-sapiens to appear on this special planet known as earth?  Or was such a prototype of homo-sapiens a man?  Of course, religions have their own answers to this ancient riddle, but none would be the one true answer to this ancient riddle.  Why?  Only the believers of the specific religions would believe and accept such answers.  Therefore, we would not be able to know for sure, right?  Instead of relying on the religions to give answers to this ancient riddle and in the process we might invoke unnecessary hatreds, and so we should look toward science for a more concrete answer to this ancient riddle.

Unfortunately, as now science isn’t yet being able to actually solve this ancient riddle.  Nonetheless, we know science is very methodically and scientifically at solving problems.  This is why science might come up with a more concrete answer for this ancient riddle.  Still, we have to wonder how much longer would science have to take to be able to solve this ancient riddle of ours.  In fact, this ancient riddle has been a mystery for ages, as far back as the first body of homo-sapiens walked the planet earth.  It’s just fascinating to ask ourselves was the first body of homo-sapiens who walked the planet earth a man or a woman, right?

As now, we can’t really come up with an answer to finally demystify this ancient riddle of ours, but we can at least take a look at the clues we have.  OK, before I go any further on this subject, I must confess that I’m not a biologist or even have a good enough understanding of biology or microbiology, therefore my understanding of the microbe world might not pan out entirely correct.  With that being said, let us take a look at the clues we have so we might move in the direction in which perhaps someone might come up with the answer to our ancient riddle soon enough.

We know first prototype of homo-sapiens was probably not just sprung into the existence out of the thin air.  In fact, it might be the evolution of single cell organisms.  I believe single cell organisms would divide itself fast enough which gave them a lucky chance where an error in the cell division would occur and produce multi-organisms, but of course we might not know for certain how long was it took for single cell organisms to actually, randomly produce error which led to an evolution of single cell organisms, and the end result was the very first multicell organisms had sprung into the existence.  To cut short, I believe from the evolution of multicell organisms, the very first homo-sapiens would spring into the existence.

Let us digress at this point and take on another angle.  We know man or woman must born out of a woman belly, because it’s the truth as we observe it everyday!  Perhaps, every single second we take notice, a baby is born?  Don’t scrutinize me on this, because I don’t actually have the math of how many babies are born in a second in the world, but anyway let us go on.  So, it’s unthinkable for us not to realize that our ancient riddle is in fact might be too difficult to solve.  Why?  Because we have to wonder how could a woman impregnate in the first place if every prototype child must be born from a woman belly.  You see, there must be an entity which had impregnated a very first female body of homo-sapiens in the first place so that prototype of first child of homo-sapiens would come into existence.  After all, everybody of homo-sapiens had always been born from a woman belly!

Of course, someone might argue confidently that there must be a very first male prototype (singular as in a man) of male homo-sapiens to go about and impregnate the very first female prototype (singular as in a woman) of homo-sapiens, otherwise how would we explain the existence of female wombs (i.e., how female homo-sapiens would bear the responsibility of giving birth), right?  Nonetheless, how could we satisfy our ancient riddle if the mystery is still pointing to that everybody of homo-sapiens must come from a woman belly?  The mystery points out that a very first male prototype of homo-sapiens must had been still first come into existence inside a belly of a very first female prototype of homo-sapiens.

Of course, we can always surmise that single cell organisms might evolve into a prototype of homo-sapiens which could be both male and female at the same time.  Through times, such a culture of a bi-special prototype of homo-sapiens might choose to develop in a way which each member would choose a specialty of their own.  This way, a group of bi-special prototype of homo-sapiens might specialize in only hunting, therefore had no need in bearing children — slowly moving away from developing wombs and evolving away from female-hood.  This might explain how we arrive to have male and female homo-sapiens, right?

Nonetheless, evolution of developing specialties for certain needs doesn’t seem to be satisfactory.  After all, it will take ages to do so if it’s even possible.  This is why I think it was the freak accidents that actually gave way to the existence of female and male homo-sapiens.  Freak accidents?  In this context, it’s a good thing.  It’s Darwinism!  It’s an evolution of how single cell organisms evolved into multicell organisms; multicell organisms evolved into bi-special prototype of homo-sapiens; bi-special prototype of homo-sapiens evolved into specializations of prototypes of homo-sapiens (i.e., female and male homo-sapiens).  This evolution template branch might be a  mere blueprint for all living things, I think.  Why a mere blueprint?  Perhaps, each living thing might evolve quite similarly but each also might take each own unique timeline to arrive at specific point where a clear distinction between female and male prototypes of living things would occur.  Anyhow, we have digressed at this point as I try to go into the matter of all living things.

In conclusion, our ancient riddle stands unsolved, because there is not a scientific proof of how man had come into the existence.  I guess, the existence of a woman was and is always a given.  After all, all offsprings must come from women’ bellies.  Of course, as where this stands, the mystery of a very first man doesn’t belittle the role of men at all.  After all, before the existence of the science of in vitro fertilization, women could not be impregnated without men.  This is why the mystery is deepening, and so our ancient riddle is too!  Isn’t this fascinating?

Note:  Links to the original photo in this blog post is http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6023/5987360973_ff481cb2df_o.jpg and http://www.flickr.com/photos/kozyphotos/5987360973/sizes/o/in/photostream/.

(What About Artificial Intelligence?) Free ebook: The Quest for Artificial Intelligence – A History of Ideas and Achievements

Kismet, a robot with rudimentary social skills

Image via Wikipedia

Artificial intelligence most likely may never come up as a topic for a family dinner, acquaintances gathering, and so on, but it’s probably at work behind the scenes most of the time and constantly changing the level of comprehension when the next best formula of improving artificial intelligence comes about.  (By saying the level of comprehension of artificial intelligence, I mean it in a sense of how smart artificial intelligence can be.)  If you don’t think artificial intelligence is involving in your daily activities, you might be wrong.  Why?  Just think how many times you have to interact with certain smart technologies in a day.

One such technology comes to mind easily is a computer.  Another one would be a search engine!  Anyway, our today computing technology such as computer hardware and software are somewhat inherit the past results of dreaming to automate tasks as if the creations of things that aren’t humans yet capable of automating tasks.  In a way, the striving for creating automation is on a path of trying to achieve better artificial intelligence.  We want something else to help, aid, or even automate things for us so we don’t have to do things for ourselves.  Computing technology is great at doing these mundane chores.

As we looking forward for a better future, a near future I suppose, many of us think about how to develop, design, and create technology that will aid humans better in many more advanced tasks.  For an instance, pilots would want smarter technology to help them in navigating the skies.  Furthermore, on the ground, car drivers want to be able to have cars with smarter artificial intelligence so they can avoid traffic accidents, not getting lost, and so much more.  Even furthermore, manufacturers want to acquire smarter machines so they can produce even more products with even greater efficiency.  The list goes on really.  This is why artificial intelligence is complicate, since it’s a topic where everyone wants to know more and achieve more but yet could not define or confine it to a specific field since it’s almost as if striving for artificial intelligence as in duplicating smart human brains.  I don’t think we humans have yet to understand our brains well enough, therefore we may not achieve the ultimate level of comprehension for artificial intelligence unless we can understand ours fully.

Artificial intelligence is indeed a topic which not a lot of people want to really chat about since it’s rather subtle and complex.  Nonetheless, I think there are enough people out there have interests for artificial intelligence.  Luckily for these people!  I had stumbled upon a free ebook bears the title The Quest for Artificial Intelligence – A History of Ideas and Achievements.  I think this free ebook which can be downloaded freely is a great book to read on the matter of artificial intelligence.  I have yet to finish it, but I thought such a great book is great for sharing to whoever wants to read up on anything which deals with the topic of artificial intelligence.  When I finish the book, I hope that I will be able to write a review for it.  Until then folks!

Source:  The Quest for Artificial Intelligence – A History of Ideas and Achievements