HitBliss Is So Familiar But Yet So Strange, Because You Can Watch Ads To Earn Cash To Pay For Digital Contents

Digital contents are cheap, because everywhere you look there are some more.  This is why some people are cutting their traditional TV cord and opting for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the likes.  Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that everyone can afford any digital content whenever.  Let say, subscribing to too many cheap services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, or other similar type of services can push up the monthly spending by a lot.  Perhaps, this is why HitBliss is here to alleviate some of us from spending too much on digital contents.

What?  According to Forbes “Watch Ads, Get Paid: Is This The Future Of Ad-Supported Content?” article, you and I can easily watch a new movie — that is available for online rental — for free if you and I are willing to watch few ads here and there.  Perhaps, you insist that this is nothing new, because you can just do the same thing on Hulu.  Nonetheless, I think HitBliss is onto something new.  Basically, if I’m not wrong you can earn HitBliss cash by watching video ads, and the cash you earned can be accrued to pay for digital contents.  I’m not sure if this is HitBliss virtual currency or real cash.  Nonetheless, since HitBliss allows you to earn cash to pay for digital contents, it’s different from Hulu in many ways.  Let see, if I’m not wrong, with HitBliss cash you might be able to pay for digital contents other than just movies.

How would HitBliss operate?  A guess work on my part, I think HitBliss shakes hand with digital content partners to license those hot digital contents, streams or distributes digital contents to end users, collects the digital content costs from advertisers who got their commercials aired to the end users, and eventually separates the digital content license fees from profits to make sure there would be money to pay up to digital content partners.  In a way, it feels like HitBliss just modernizes the traditional TV/ads model and more.  And more in a sense that HitBliss allows the end users to pay for whatever digital contents with the money they earn from HitBliss.  And more in a sense that advertisers now will know that they will always have the right audiences for their advertisements.  How?  According to Forbes, HitBliss will annoy end users with frequent interruptions to make sure that the end users are actually watching the advertisements and not just turning on the display and walk away.  Furthermore, HitBliss might personalize the advertisements to tailor the advertisements that fit the taste of each end user.  How might HitBliss going about to do that?  I guess HitBliss can collect end user data such as digital content purchasing behavior, digital surveys, and so on.  If HitBliss is able to tailor such ads for different groups, I can see that the advertisers will love to see how their ads perform specifically for specific audiences to maximize their advertising effectiveness and minimize the advertising budget (i.e., save costs).

Will HitBliss business model work?  I think it’s a guess work since nobody has yet seen how this business model performs ever before.  Nonetheless, I’ve a feeling that HitBliss is onto something quite interesting.  Let say, if HitBliss is able to license enough digital contents to distribute to end users and executing superbly in delivering core services, I can see that HitBliss might be making it big.  Then there is also a question about will today, online end users want to expose themselves to online ads so they can get free digital contents such as free movies?  So far, Hulu Plus is doing OK with forcefully showing ads even though end users are already paid up for the service.  Maybe, HitBliss will find its business model will be OK too.  Anyhow, I think HitBliss might be something big and people like us will have another choice to go to for consuming awesome digital contents, affordably.  So let see folks, because time will tell.


Rumor Or Not? Hulu May Become Pay Service!

Hulu is facing a dilemma of how best to monetize their service.  Apparently, Hulu Plus isn’t bringing in enough money to make Hulu’s interested parties stay happy.  They are talking of thinking about to make Hulu as a pay service.

I have something to say since I’ve used Hulu Plus once.  I was one of those people who rushed to get Hulu Plus.  To my disappointment and feeling ill about paying for something that tortured me through every TV episode with commercial after commercial.  I’d to abandon Hulu Plus for good, because I prefer paying for premium contents without the commercials.  In this regard, one of Hulu’s competitor, Netflix, has done this very well.

Hulu seems to not know what it wants to be.  Is it want to be a premium service or just a free service?  Free Hulu with commercials would be perfectly OK, and you could say this model is a free TV model.  With a free TV model, Hulu’s advertising department has to overwork in getting enough advertisers to pay for Hulu’s advertising plans.  In contrast to free TV model, Hulu can go with being just a premium service where everyone has to pay to access Hulu’s contents.  With a premium model, Hulu can forgo its advertising department, and concentrate on sale department.  Sale department brings in more customers, and Hulu has to advertise itself heavily.  Hybrid model which Hulu has now (i.e., free Hulu and Hulu Plus) is a contradiction.  Paying to watch but still have to sit through commercials isn’t the ideal approach in my opinion.  What do you think?

Source:  http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/hulu-on-verge-of-losing-more-free-shows/

Boxee, Another Hulu?

By now some people may have heard of Boxee and others may have heard of Hulu.  The two services are somewhat similar, but Boxee is a little bit different for it has a hardware version.  Buying a Boxee box, you can watch TV shows and movies on your big screen TV.  Not everyone wants to spend some money for a Boxee box, and so Boxee allows you to download a software version onto your computer, install Boxee software, and connect your computer to a big screen TV to watch TV shows and movies.  Unless you don’t feel like taking the extra steps such as acquiring an HDMI cable and connecting your computer to a big screen TV, you can use Boxee right on your computer to watch TV shows and movies.  Many TV shows are free, and most movies are for rental on demand.

Boxee works with Mac, Windows PC, and Linux.  Installing Boxee on Windows PC and Mac is pretty straight forward, but I haven’t yet installed Boxee on Linux so I haven’t had a clue how easy it would be for installing Boxee on Linux.  Even better if you have a Facebook account, because you can connect Boxee with a Facebook account.  Boxee also allows you to connect itself with Twitter and Netflix.  OK, let get back onto the topic of installing Boxee.  Installing Boxee on Mac and Windows PC is simple as downloading Boxee onto your computer, double click on the download package, and following clear step by step instruction.  At one point, Boxee will ask you to create a username and a password for Boxee account, just do it so you can log into Boxee after the installation.  Don’t forget to check your email address to validate the Boxee account that you had signed up for.

I’m scratching my head now and wonder why I need cable or satellite any longer!  Unfortunately for me as my family requires an International channel which Boxee and Hulu and other similar services do not yet carry, otherwise I would have ditched cable or satellite altogether.  The point is to save money, and services such as Boxee allow we to do just that.  Even Internet radio services such as Last.fm are a blessing for us all.  The more accessible these services have become, I can see the doom day for cable and satellite is just over there.  What you think of Boxee?