How To Live Stream To Twitch

In the video right after the break, I walk you through how to use Open Broadcaster software to live stream your videos and live gameplay to Twitch.  Enjoy!!!

Using Playstation 3 Controller With PC Games

Want to know how to use a Playstation 3 controller with PC games?  Actually, in the video right after the break, I show you how to use a PS3 controller as a PS3 controller and how to use PS3 controller to emulate XBox 360 controller for PC games.  By following my tutorial, you can only use the controllers with PC games that are specifically supporting PS3 and XBox 360 controllers.  Enjoy!!!

Removing An App Which Appears Twice In Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad

Screenshot of Launchpad was taken from Vinh Nguyen's Macbook Pro!

Screenshot of Launchpad was taken from Vinh Nguyen's Macbook Pro!

Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad sometimes can be very buggy.  In my case, I saw an app appears twice in my Launchpad.  Nonetheless, this app could not be removed from Launchpad since it was downloaded and installed outside of the App Store.  So, even I had tried to refresh the Launchpad, the app refused to be removed from the Launchpad.  The whole idea of removing the app from Launchpad is to stop the app to appear twice in the Launchpad.  Once the app is removed from the Launchpad, one can always drag the same app back into Launchpad, but this time it won’t appear twice!  For those who are worrying that removing an app from Launchpad might actually uninstall the app, it’s not so!

Anyhow, enough with my ranting, and here is the solution.  You need to enter the command line (sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db “DELETE from apps WHERE title=’APPNAME’;” && killall Dock) and replace the parameter where it says title=’APPNAME’ with the name of the app that you’ve wanted to remove.  So for an example, if you want to remove Spotify from Launchpad, you type in (sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db “DELETE from apps WHERE title=’Spotify’;” && killall Dock).  Once you have done the removing of the app from the Launchpad, you might want to go back into Finder > Applications and drag the app you have removed from Launchpad back into Launchpad (i.e., appearing on the Dock).  Remember, doing this correctly, the same app won’t appear twice again inside your Launchpad.


Linux Tutorial Series’ Part 07

Hello folks, I’d uploaded part 07 of Linux Tutorial Series to YouTube.  Nonetheless, you can take a hop to “Linux Tutorial Series” to watch the video.

Synopsis of the video mentioned above:  Ubuntu is great at recognizing what type of graphic card you have and enabling the right driver for it.  Unfortunately, some graphic cards use proprietary drivers, and so Ubuntu might not activate them by default (i.e., right after the installation).  Therefore, some of you have to activate the drivers for graphic cards manually.  This tutorial will show you how to do just that!

Linux Tutorial Series’ Part 06

Hello folks, I’d uploaded Linux Tutorial Series Part 06 (Permissions for Files and Directories) to YouTube.  You can take a hop over to Linux Tutorial Series to watch Part 06 of the series.  Enjoy the tutorial!

Synopsis for the video mentioned above:  Linux was designed to be secure from very beginning.  This is why it’s so important for me to briefly introduce you to Linux’s permission system for files and directories.  Simply say, half of the battle for securing your Linux system is won by having correct permissions for files and directories!