iPhone 5 AT&T LTE Network Speed Test

I have a mixed bag of a personal customer satisfaction for iPhone 5 really!  On one hand, it’s a more powerful device than the older iPhone iterations, but on the other hand iPhone 5 does have few quirks that are really bothering me.  Such quirks are Wi-Fi slowness occurs from time to time (i.e., sometimes it’s fine) and purple halo camera glitch.  Nonetheless, with that being said, I find iPhone 5’s adoption of true LTE (i.e., real 4G speed) is quite pleasing.  Please check out the video right after the break to see the speed test of iPhone 5 LTE on AT&T LTE network.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Rabbit Meat

Just another trip to an Asian supermarket, Hong Kong 2, and I was surprised to see they sold rabbit meat.  When I saw this, I thought of the cute rabbits that I often found in my back or front yard.

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Sleeping Dogs Gameplay: Winston’s Bride To Be

So, this time in Sleeping Dogs gameplay video, I have to take care a woman who soon to become a wife of a gangster boss.  I’ll drive her around in expensive car, let her choose the wedding dress, steal back the wedding cake for her, and beat up some monks just to make her happy.  Anyhow, watch the gameplay and enjoy OK?

Sleeping Dogs Brief Review And Gameplay

Sleeping Dogs came out yesterday, and so I took the opportunity to do a short review.  Also, I recorded a short clumsy — I think I need to sleep adequately — gameplay for Sleeping Dogs.  You can totally watch the brief review and the gameplay of Sleeping Dogs in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!