Atlas Brings Virtual Reality Cheaply To Gamers

U.S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer

U.S. Navy personnel using a VR parachute trainer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Atlas is the new video gaming system (using Oculus Rift gaming headset) which brings the virtual reality world to the common gamers.  The technology had been existed for some time.  Nonetheless, before Atlas’ existence, experiencing awesome virtual reality required one to visit a location that rigged with stationary virtual reality equipments, and these virtual reality equipments had not come cheap at all.  Now, Atlas boasts that it can bring the awesomeness of virtual reality to a common gamer like me at an itty-bitty fraction of the cost of the traditional virtual reality equipments.  The Atlas app would be on your smartphone too.

So, with Atlas, you get to walk around in the virtual reality world as if you’re in a real environment.  Experiencing games in a virtual reality world would be awesome indeed.  Nonetheless, just like Xbox’s Kinect, one has to be physical when interacting with the game environment, therefore the whole process can be rather strenuous to the gamers.  A good workout I guess!  Furthermore, what if a game in the virtual reality world requires you to physically run really fast, will you do that and hurt yourself in a real world?

On a fun note, a lazy person like me like to come up with lazy idea as usual.  Imagining this, sitting in a virtual reality world playing another video game inside it.  Perhaps, this way you don’t really to have to physically do anything to hurt yourself in the real world.  Or not?  Check out the video right after the break to get to know more about Atlas.